This is the player that I bet Jerry has fallen in love with... Ted Ginn

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by STSINAZ, Apr 23, 2007.


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    I bet he thinks this guy should go in the top 10 and when he sees him at 10 he is going to pull the trigger...You guys are all looking at this the wrong way. None of you are looking at this the way Jerry does. You are hoping for something that is not possible. That Jerry Jones knows football. He doesnt.

    19. Tennessee Titans - Ted Ginn Jr., WR, Ohio State
    This is that pick that gets up to the podium in about 2.2 seconds. The Commissioner might not even be done reading the Bengals' selection when the Titans fly up to the podium and hand in their card. Ginn fits a big need for a kick returner and gives Vince Young a playmaker to go to now that Drew Bennett and Bobby Wade have taken their high-flying, thrill-a-minute skills elsewhere.
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    Titans are taking a corner i bet we pass on ginn @22
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    :rolleyes: here we go again .....
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    Large sigh. Audible in the next room. Exit stage right.
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    looks like someone forgot to take their pills today
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    Jerry emphasized "safest player available." Ginn is one of the riskiest picks in the first round of the draft.
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    They dont have Drew Bennett anymore..He signed with the Rams
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    I hope you are right-Ginn would help us a great deal!
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    Ginn is the only guy we could get without moving up a lot that would have an immediate impact (KR, PR).
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    Man, you put alot of peanut butter on that sandwich.
  12. ConcordCowboy

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    Did someone mention Ginn?

    If He's there Jerry's going to pick him.:D

  13. SDogo

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    Good Grief

    I guess we missed the part about him being a starter as well. I don't think he had a returner on his mind.
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  15. BrAinPaiNt

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    From Jerry's words I did not think WR would be what he would like. May be a smoke screen or not I don't know but it seems like WR is not one he would like.


    When talking about starters he did have a few things to say that would not be just we need a starter like you imply.

    1. They do not have to start at their prospective positions. A CB could be just as a Nickle CB not a full time starter was an example he gave.

    With that logic a PR or a WR that could come in during 3-4 WR sets could apply as well.

    2. He said that with the level of players on the team now the pick should go in and be able to be in a head to head competition. From what I gather that means the best man wins even if it is not the rookie.

    3. He also said they could be FUTURE starters.

    Don't fall into the trap that anyone picked MUST BE A STARTER from the get go because that is not always the case and Jerry gave different views on that topic.
  16. Shuttemdown41

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    To add one more point on top of that, Jerry couldn't stop talking about a "WOW player", and there's no doubt that Ginn fits that description as far as the return game goes and also as far as bringing a deep threat onto the field the moment he crosses that white line.
  17. SDogo

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    Speaking of Jerry and I was going to say something yesterday but despite all this talking he did was I the only one who got the feeling he really still has no idea what he wants to do.

    For some reason I could just not buy into anything he was saying. It's like he was advertising the $4.99 buffett in hopes of getting someone to buy the $20 prime rib when they came looking.
  18. BrAinPaiNt

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    Well he even made the point that teams who pick after the first so many draft picks don't really know what is going to happen because they can not predict who will fall or who will be there so yes I agree with your takes.

    Basically over the years IMO Jerry has gone out of his way to make sure not to back himself into a corner when he does these kinds of talks.

    He will say something along the lines of...Well we probably won't do that but there COULD be a possibility.

    This is kind of what I got from him during this PC. He is just trying to cover all of his basis and give himself an out if something unexpected pops up.

    The only thing I seen him say with conviction and no out was the idea of trading players during the draft. Other than that he pretty much left himself outs as far as trading up or down and taking this player or that.

    One thing of note that I found interesting that seemed to be glossed over yesterday.

    He said there are already two scenarios where they could trade down and one could be before the draft so it would appear he already has two offers from now and possibly one during the draft.
  19. Shuttemdown41

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    That's the part that caught my attention the most. I know there are some who will have flashbacks to the Jones/Spears vs. Jackson debate and who believe we screwed the pooch with that trade but with the right team (Oakland, Houston, etc.) whom you don't believe are going to be world-beaters next year, a trade like that could land Dallas a high first round pick next year to go along with their own #32 pick. :D
  20. dboyz

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    I wouldn't mock this opinion at all... as a matter of fact I was thinking the same thing. When asked how many offensive players Jones would move up for, he said 4.

    I'm guessing that that number does not include QB's, because we wouldn't take one that high and we wouldn't bundle picks for a QB.

    The obvious three are:

    1. Adrian Peterson
    2. Calvin Johnson
    3. Joe Thomas

    Now I wouldn't say Thomas is a "wow factor" guy but certainly an elite prospect. But anyway, who is the 4th. A guy that fits "wow factor" perfectly is Ted Ginn. He has a highlight reel like no one in the draft. Plus it would allow Jerry to spread his wings a little because it is a move Parcells would never make. What do you think. If it's not Ginn, who is the fourth.

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