This is what happens when we fill all our holes in FA

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by whcarm, Apr 29, 2006.

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    Many people seem to hate this draft because we skipped on some name guys, especially on the offensive line and at free safety.

    However, if you look at it, the Cowboys feel pretty comfortable about those positions. We have Beariult, Williams, Davis, and Coleman at safety. Williams is the star and we just need Davis or Coleman to be solid.

    On the line, the Cowboys obviously have a ton of faith in Kosier and think Petitti, Fabini and/or Colombu can take care of the RT spot.

    So, Jones and Parcells didn't consider those areas of need in this draft. Thus, we went after the Best Player Available.

    Everyone always calls for the Cowboys to do that, but now that they have done it everyone is upset.

    Why are you guys upset? Simply because YOU didn't know about Fasano and Hatcher doesn't mean they are bums.

    Look at Rick Gosselin's top 100 player rankings (which most people agree is one of the best available)...

    He had Carpenter ranked 18, right where we took him.

    He had Fasano ranked at 54 and we took him at 53.

    He had Hatcher ranked at 88 and we took him at 92.

    That is pretty good value. We went by our draft boards and we took the player we thought was the best player available when we selected. If we saw a couple guys we liked then we traded down and then picked up one of them.

    We have 6 picks tomorrow!

    I must admit, this draft wasn't sexy. I was hoping for a guy like Ko Simpson (until I heard he is dumb as dirt) or Brodie Croyle (OK, I dated a girl from Alabama once) or some other guy that I had heard talked about and that I thought we needed to fill a need. But hey, that isn't what happened.

    These guys spend a heck of a lot more time scouting these players than any of us do. They watch countless hours of tape instead of buying a few magazines and discussing players on message boards.

    We had a good, solid draft and we are in a position to pick up several good players tomorrow. Nothing sexy, but meat and potatoes works in the NFL more often then sexy.
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    Good post whcarm. I agree, and I can't understand why people don't like this draft.

    Carpenter is a hell of a pick and is exactly what we needed opposite Ware. He's a big, smart athlete who loves to play football. He's tough as nails and mean as hell. He will help give us one of the best LB corps in the NFL.

    Fasano is a very good TE. He'll be a great player for years to come. Why are people complaining. Because everyone wanted a safety? Because people wanted to draft OL? Gimme a break. Parcells and company know our needs and who he likes at what position. Fasano is a damn good player who will add toughness and youth to our offense. H-back, TE, fullback... it doesn't matter... he's a good football player who works hard, loves the game and is tough as hell. He makes Dallas harder to beat.

    Hatcher may be new to us on the forum, but he's well known to scouts and he was supposed to go about where we took him. Do you guys think Parcells took him instead of Simpson or Watkins because he wanted to piss you off? Because he just didn't want to help the team? Of course not. He wanted to get a good, athletic prospect to help out on the DL. We have our starters in Spears and Canty and Ferguson and now we have very good depth and youth behind them with Hatcher, Pepper, and Ratliff. We'll have a heck of a rotation. Hatcher could turn out to be a monster. Again, he's known for being an extremely hard worker who loves the game. It's what we need.

    That is three very good football players who will definately help this team. Hard workers. They love the game of football. Smart. That's three more players added to the team who will add terrific intangibles. Those guys added to the free agents we got and the draftees from last year, are going to make Dallas a team that is hard to beat. Teams won't like to play Dallas because they'll be dicsiplined, tough, mean and athletic. I couldn't ask for a better team.

    Don't be upset because it isn't the big name players that we've been reading about since January. Don't be upset because you wanted a safety or an OL and we didn't go in that direction.

    We have the much needed compliment to Ware that we had to have. We have probably the best TE tandem in the NFL, or close to it. And we have a terrific rotation on the DL that will wear down opposing offensive lines.

    It was a wonderful first day unless you think we had to have big name players at safety and OL.
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    good post u took the words out of my mouth...i bet next year same time we will look at this draft diffrently. you can't have all stars in every draft ..they might not be names everyone talking about but mybe they will be a good fit for us time will till...I have a good feeling about this draft
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    I would like to see us draft some OL depth. But we haven't had much success with drafting OL since Parcells has been here.

    Jacob Rogers, Stephen Peterman, Al Johnson. Johnson is the only one that's halfway decent.
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    Oh and Rob Pettiti we'll see. I thought he was decent for a rookie.

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