This is what happens when you don't build your team from the trenches out

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by AmberBeer, Aug 28, 2013.

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    ? Why not?
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    Should have. Dez has bust written all over him. LOL.
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    After 2 injuries to our top 3 defensive tackles and another to our strong side defensive end I'm sure that we wish we would have drafted Damontre Moore, Bennie Logan or Everett Dawkins in the last draft. But if Miles had a high ankle sprain or a hamstring pull or Hanna had a broken hand, then they would be in trouble at outside wide receiver or te 2. They probably could get by at wide out, but probably would not at tight end.

    NFL rosters are whack a mole. Having more than one good backup at any position other than running back is really rare. We have honestly been pretty fortunate at tackle and safety because on paper those were the thinnest spots on the roster.
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    Everyone knows I think the angst over the OGs on this roster is mostly-silly, but it definitely has been a troublesome position for us the last few years. Much of the problem is that we've for 4 of the interior OL positions tied up with one player (Arkin) who was not going to develop and who probably got a longer look than he deserved and three players (Livings, Bernardeau, and Kowalski) who have really struggled with staying healthy enough to play. Sprinkle in the similar problems we had with Bill Nagy, and the fact that both Costa and, now, Leary, have had injury problems of their own, and you get a recipe for really inconsistent play.

    I'd be perfectly ok with any of our top 3 OGs playing if they weren't constantly hobbled. We can win games with all of them (and probably win games sliding Free over, to boot). It's just maddening watching the constant carousel, and that gets magnified when the guys on the carousel are guys a lot of fans really didn't like to begin with. The result is you get way too much collective frustration at one position that, in the scheme of things, is ordinarily really not all that difficult to fill.

    For the week-one roster, I'd go light on OGs, keep 9 and look closely at castoffs from Texas and maybe NO that we might put on the roster for a few weeks to see what they've got. If we can just find a guy with LG/RG position flex, the durability of Arkin who can play like Mack or Kowalski, we'd be ok with that depth spot. We probably won't find that, and we'll be stuck with either Killer or Arkin one more season yet.
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    counting on Livings and Bernie as anything other than depth was always a mistake. Arkin apparently showed just enough to make them keep hoping. There are the problems. Killer K is just Meh. Costa is not a guard. Astonishingly Free actually might be the best of all of them. Bottom line is that between false expectation and too much hopeful thinking we are in a bind.
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    I've seen it mentioned many times during this thread that in the salary cap era you just can't go out and throw money at a troubled area of the team. That is correct, so now that means that you have to gain advantages in other areas such as scouting (both pro and college), salary cap management, head coach and his staff, and etc. In other words the smartest, most efficiently run organization will tend to stay in the hunt longer. I just don't believe that we are in that upper echelon of organizations at this point.

    In recent comments by JJ, it seems as though he's trying to take the "catching lightning in a bottle" approach to winning a SB. He mentioned the Raven's and the Giant's (2) runs to the SB, when they got hot and won it all, every time I here that I kinda cringe because I have hope that he's trying to build a team that will be competitive for years to come and in the SB hunt most years.
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    cool story bro...
    except the last OL taken in round 2 came 10 picks in.
    There were ZERO guards taken in round 2. ZERO Centers taken in rounds 2 or 3.

    So Dallas could have FORCED an OL pick in r2 or they could have taken the player they liked most that matched the board.

    They already tilted the board with the trade down in 1 to find an OL they liked at the spot.

    Two defensive lineman came off the board between our pick in r2 and the end of the round.
    Margus Hunt and Johnathon Hankins.
    I wouldn't argue for taking either.

    Could agree about the r3 pick instead of Williams. Gave yourself a free crack in r3 so maybe force that on Demontre Moore or an OL... but we all know Miles is almost certainly cut next year. And thus Williams is here to save us 5+ mil next year. Not a bad use of a 3rd rounder is it?
  11. CowboyFan74

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    I love pick #3 but I'm still feeling #2. Hopefully we get a serviceable castoff but good O-line is typically taken a tad early because it's a major need. So far T-Fred looks like a TOP 20 pick even though he was slotted mid 2nd.

    Escobar has really good hands but that's about it. Right now I'm hoping we take advantage of that in the redzone and I can see him making about 5 TD's this year. Does that justify a 2nd pick? You tell me bro...

    Warfield, Hunt, or Hankins would have been my choice and there were a few others but my memory escapes me at the moment, but its done....
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    Everett Dawkins was cut by the Vikings and is available if the Cowboys want him.

    Damontre Moore dropped in the draft due to character issues. Those are not normally a problem in a player's 1st training camp. He'll have to avoid any character related problems for a couple of years before you can really say that any team should have drafted him earlier.

    Bennie Logan was drafted with the 5th pick in the 3rd round. For the Cowboys to have drafted him, they would have had to use their 2nd round pick (#47) which would have been a reach for a player that was drafted at #67.

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