this is why Jim Mora is stupid

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by dbair1967, Sep 9, 2004.

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    I'm just going to leave this I said, after he sux this yr we can have this discussion again

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    Not sure why anyone could have a debate over Vick and Henson right now but you're right. I bet you there would be a lot of noise over who was the future of the team and whatever.

    Hope the school is going well and I can't believe your daughter is three. I still remember when she was born from "that other board".

    Glad you are here. And glad you're raising that kid up right! She'll be wanting your keys before you know it so enjoy the next few years. :D
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    Where is Rush Limbaugh? I wonder what he thinks of Vick?
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    Let me throw some coals on the fire. :D

    Vick won't get quick hook, Mora says By MATT WINKELJOHN
    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
    Published on: 9/8/04

    Flowery Branch -- Michael Vick didn't look much like himself in the Falcons' preseason, but even if he's sub-par when Atlanta opens the regular season Sunday at San Francisco, he's not going anywhere other than back on the field.

    Coach Jim Mora said No. 7 will not get the hook. The coach, in fact, seemed surprised by the question.

    "Absolutely, there is zero percent chance of that happening. Zero," Mora said, chuckling while forming a "0" with his thumb and forefinger. "Let me ask you this, would you pull Michael Jordan? Well, I won't pull Mike Vick. I absolutely will not pull Mike Vick. He could be 0-for-100, and he's going to throw pass number 101."

    In 29 snaps, Vick rarely appeared comfortable in a new offensive system, completing five of 12 passes for 35 yards and an interception, also losing a fumble.

    In a league where two-time MVP Kurt Warner can lose his job to former Falcons practice squad quarterback Marc Bulger, how crazy can this question be after Vick mustered a preseason passer rating of 14.6 to backup Matt Schaub's 99.7?

    His shortage of playing time and lack of effectiveness have created a buzz, and a national football reporter said on the radio Tuesday that Vick would be the NFL's least-prepared starting quarterback this week.

    He and his best friend, injured safety Keion Carpenter, chatted about this.

    "We just laugh at that, use it as motivation," Vick said. "It fuels my fire, and I like to show and prove. I know what I can do. Why shouldn't people be confident? Last year, I did everything I could to come back [from a broken right fibula] . . . and I come out this year and don't play [much] in the preseason, and people start dogging me."

    A few things have driven the chatter, including the feeling that Vick and his coaches have been pre-occupied, even obsessed, by the prospect of re-injury.

    "I thought about avoiding injury [in the preseason]," Vick said. "I had a bad experience last year, and I was just trying to protect myself. I guess I just got my mind set [that] preseason games don't count. It's hard for me to get up for a preseason game."

    Offensive coordinator Greg Knapp said, "Our first priority [this summer] was making sure Mike stayed healthy."

    Mora's apparently tired of being asked if Vick fits in a West Coast offensive scheme. Wednesday, he tried to put some distance between that question, or even change it.

    "We don't run the West Coast offense," Mora said. "We're going to put an end to that right now. It's not the West Coast offense because we're not in the West, and it's a completely different scheme than what you would think of a West Coast scheme. Now, maybe the verbiage is the same, but . . . the running game is completely different.

    "The play-action pass game is completely different. The movement game [where Vick throws on the run] is completely different. There are some elements of the dropback game that are the same, but other than that, it's not the West Coast offense."
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    It's been to weeks.

    Matt Schaub still looks like a solid back-up ;)
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    Well its been 3 months and some change. Vick has suxed his way to a 11-3 record.

    How'd you like that crow served?

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