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Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by vta, Jun 14, 2008.

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    Does it seem likely that people in position to be privy to state secrets are relegated to taking mass transit, let alone being dumb enough to leave this sort of information behind?


    LONDON, England (CNN) -- A second set of confidential papers on British terrorism policies were found on a train, The Independent reported on Sunday.

    A member of the public found a set of papers on British terrorism policies at the Waterloo station in London.

    A member of the public found the documents at the Waterloo station in central London and turned them over to the London-based newspaper, Simon Evans, a journalist at The Independent, told CNN.

    The paper gave them to the Treasury Cabinet on Friday evening, Evans said.

    The documents outline how trade and banking systems "can be manipulated to finance illicit weapons of mass destruction in Iran," The Independent reported.

    The papers also describe methods to fund terrorists and address "potential fraud of commercial Web sites and international Internet payment systems."

    The documents also include notes and draft speeches prepared for a week-long international financial crime conference in London, The Independent reported.

    "There are some serious issues that shouldn't be left on a train," Evans said.

    A spokeswoman from the UK's Treasury Cabinet, which handled inquiries about the incident, said the department is "extremely concerned about what has happened, and we will be taking steps to ensure that it doesn't happen in the future."

    Al Qaeda assessment left on UK train
    It's the second set of secret documents from the British government to be left on a train in less than a week.

    Last week, a senior civil servant in the UK's Cabinet Office left two top-secret reports on al Qaeda and Iraq on a commuter train, the British Broadcasting Corp. reported.

    A fellow passenger picked up the documents and gave them to the BBC on Wednesday. Police collected them from BBC Television Center that evening, the BBC said

    One of the reports, on Iraq's security forces, was commissioned by the Ministry of Defense. It included a top-secret and in some places "damning" assessment of Iraq's security forces, BBC Security Correspondent Frank Gardner reported.

    The other document, entitled "Al-Qaeda Vulnerabilities." was commissioned jointly by the Foreign Office and the Home Office.

    It is just seven pages long but classified as "UK Top Secret," and is apparently so sensitive that every page is numbered and marked, "Australian/Canadian/UK/US Eyes Only," Gardner said.

    Scotland Yard and Prime Minister Gordon Brown's office are investigating the security breach.

    In November, the British government said it lost banking and personal information belonging to 25 million people.

    The government said a junior employee at the Finance Ministry sent two computer discs containing the information to the National Audit Office by internal mail, which was unregistered, unrecorded and unencrypted
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    transit is the only decent way to get around London so no surprise.
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    You don't think people, in confidence of state secrets, have anything better than Mass Transit? I'll admit my ignorance of UK policies, but if they let such people in position to be privy to strategic intelligence ride Mass Transit, with nothing better than Xerox copies, our allies are in deep sh*t. :laugh2:

    You don't think our secrets are curried along on the D.C. Metrorail, do you?
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    We just had a federal cabinet minister leave important documents at his girlfriend's apartment. She had previous ties to the Hell's Angels and other organized criminals. He was canned from his job, but who knows how much info was shared?
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    yeah but she had amazing breasts so he gets a pass ;)
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    I think it was the "pass" that got him in trouble in the first place.
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    Here is Julie Couillard... the "former girlfriend"...


    Maxime Bernier resigns as foreign affairs minister ~ Updated Mon. May. 26 2008 11:16 PM ET

    Harper said Bernier's resignation has nothing to do with his former girlfriend Julie Couillard, who has been linked with Hells Angels members.

    "Let me be very clear: this is not to do with the minister's life or the life of a private citizen, 99 per cent of which I think is completely off bounds," said Harper.

    However, Couillard told Quebec broadcaster TVA that the sensitive document had been left at her home in mid-April.

    "Maxime came to my house and the document in question was left at my house," she said. "For now, what I can tell you is that the document made me feel very uncomfortable. I was referred to a top lawyer in that field, who told me ... what was the proper legal procedure (to return it)."

    She added that she did not read the document, but that it was clearly addressed to Bernier.

    "I was panicked by the fact that I had it," she said.

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