This Next Game is a Real Test

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CowboyMcCoy, Oct 23, 2013.

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    To correct things change has to happen, this BS of well it is the same problems no it is not they have made some substantial changes to correct what has happened they have put in an entire new defense to correct things they have made changes in the offense to make things run smoother. Yes in the end it is the results that matter but part of changing the results is to change what you are doing and from that stand point the Cowboys are doing just that.
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    Yeah, but it's also BS when you say every game is a test. But you have to get what I'm saying. For this team, since we're actually coming along... This is a test--to beat a real team, a team with some talent.
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    I agree.
    Plus, Dallas made some key changes in how they mix it up in the secondary after being undressed in the San Diego and Denver games.

    Stafford does have a far stronger arm that either of those QBs, and he is also very, very smart. But they are more clever and experienced QBs, without a doubt.
  4. Doomsday101

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    Every game is a test for this team. Washington is a real team and beat Chicago last week that was not a real win vs a team with good talent? Det has some talent but they have not been winning they are not some great playoff team. Heck some of the comment around here you would think Det is SB bound they are not. Dallas test is to go out every week and play to their ability
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    Dallas is a good team. Thats never been the issue.

    The issue has always been consistency,self inflicted mistakes, and not knowing how to attack a defense.

    I think we've found something in this empy set formation. It hasn't been stopped yet.
  6. the_h0wey

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    Seems like a very Maddenesque comment. If the Cowboys can be good on Offense and Defense they will be a good team...
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    This is the kind of a game I think this team would lose in recent years, and in week 17 when we're getting ready for a do or die game we'd look back and say "if only we had won this one..if only we had won that won.". We'll see how different this team really is if they go out there and get a W.
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    We will see if we are the same ole cowboys or maybe sometjing different Sunday. Next 3 games will be telling. I still dont know if this team is better than the last 2 years or not.
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    His point was that the Cowboys to date have been erratic in their execution in all three phases. If they can execute well in all three phases they will be a very good team.

    By the way, if the sun comes up tomorrow it will be a a new day. ;)
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    CM, personally I like you, and i can chat with you, This is a good post, one some things i kinda gotta kick in my opinion. Opinion, not *shove it down your throat as fact*

    I hate having the lead this early, dallas has to stop playing hot early and learn how to play for the post season, Ala Giants style.

    Im with you on Romo, but his time is near, lets not change facts. I liked Romo day one, end of story.

    Personally, this is how this game goes. If we win, great, the stories of our awesomeness know no bounds. If we lost, well this isnt the big test, the next game is the real test. And thats sadily becoming the mantra of htis organization "next years champs" Its getting tiring. If this team cant consistent;y win in a league designed for teams that suck today to be wonder teams tomorrow, you suck plain and simple. You are the eagles, you are the Lions, and lately you are the Falcons sans Chargers as well. Get consistent or get out.

    Its abysmal Garrett has not shook Jones hand, tipped his hat and left the organization, but here we are in a mess with talent being lost in a sea of average. Its not the fans fault, its not other peoples fault, most of the people know who the blame lands at, and some people want to talk like they work for ESPN, but the sun will come up tomorrow, who knows which Dallas team shows up in Detriot and all we can do as fans is cheer our hearts out and await the inevitable, one of the faces of Romo will show up.
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    I'm not sure I agree with that, We've already seen that Dallas can lose even when Romo has outplayed or matched the opposing QB. It definitely does increase our odds when Romo outplays the opposing QB, but IMO our defense HAS to show up.

    So far against good QBs our defense has gotten burnt, come sunday they need to finally show up against them. I understand last week the Eagles had one of top offenses, but their QB was Nick Foles(below avg QB), he couldn't even hit wide open targets.
  12. CowboyMcCoy

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    I'm talking about beating a team that isn't considered a loser like all the NFCE teams we've beaten. But I'm also talking about turning a corner and dominating the division, for once, and not angling for a wild card or a 16th game playoff birth.
  13. Doomsday101

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    I think it is one of many test in front of this team.

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