This offseason: ILB is our GREATEST need

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by AMERICAS_FAN, Feb 10, 2006.


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    I still maintain that our biggest offseason need is at ILB. With Dat Nguyin scheduled to retire we only have backups right now manning those defensive slots. ILB is our greatest need. Yes, this need is even greater than at OT, because the quickest way to lose a football game is to give up huge yardage to opposing RBs up the middle, and Dallas' divisional opponents are sporting some pretty damn-hard-to-stop RBs in Portis, Westbrook and Barber.

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    I would not be suprised to see our 1st pick in the draft being an ILB and I agree with Gibbs and Coughlin you know your going to see 2 teams that believe firmly in the running game and not stopping the run aginst the Skins and Giants pretty much ended our season. If I had to say the 3 biggest areas that need improvement it would be OT,ILB and FS. This is not to say that we could not use some other upgrades but at least in my opinion I think those 3 areas are the in need the most.
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    I would agree OT is just as important as ILB, you have to be able run and pass protect, but you have to be able to stop the run also. So I would put ILB right there with OT.
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    Teams attacked us at the edges for the most part, and mainly on the strongside when Singleton went down.

    I agree that ILB is a need, but SOLB is much more important.

    I'd rank them:

    1. OLB

    2. OT

    3. ILB

    4. K

    5. FS

    6. OG/C

    And depending on the Glover/Ellis situation NT and DT/DE move into the picture, as well.
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    Our RT and LT were 1-2 in sacks allowed. Hotel will be back. We need a RT in the worst way. Center is not to far behind. I dont care where or what round they come from. ILB is a legitimate need as is FS. I believe we are close, real close.
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    FS is the biggest need.*** An even mediocre FS frees Williams up to help the LBs more.

    K is next because the only way to win games when you play not to lose is a solid kicker and a little luck.

    ILB is third because Dallas only has one NFL caliber ILB on the roster and he's not exactly a world beater.

    OG is next in line because there's one player that doesnt' "fit" with the others, preventing devotion to a particular scheme.

    *** A new starting QB is the biggest need but I've resigned myself to the fact that Bledsoe will start when healthy as long as Parcells is in Dallas.

    I also think that SOLB doesn't really matter because I can't see him making a difference in the vanilla defense.
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    I think this is a pretty accurate list and hopefully we can address 3-4 of the six positions through free agency to free us up to address the other two in the first 3 rounds of the draft.
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    So what reach would you not be surprised to see us make?
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    Gee we need quite a few players considering most of us believe we not to far away from going all the way. Your dead on for the most part about positions of need but if we realistically think we can go all the way this year or more likely year we have to take care of business as much as possible now. BTW: Somewhat concerned about ILB but Cowboys will know closer to draft. Parcells planned move Burnett to ILB when he got hurt--problem is not sure if he will be ready by TC nor how quickly he progresses at the rate we need.

    We've got 3 picks on 1st day of draft & same on the 2nd. Realistically we get only 3-4 starters & 2-3 backups IF scouting department does same good job as in 05. Of course, addint another pick on 1st would help a lot. Here's my ideas:

    FA: Sign Hartwig (doubt Bentley available) as new starting Center; either Longwell of Packers or Vanderjagt of Colts as PK; RT Ashworth of Pats (don't want RT Runyan (he's old & overrated) nor Detroit's (Bachus, overrated); and a vet ILB experienced in the 3-4 (just in case Burnett not ready).

    Draft: 1st) Lawson or Carpenter
    2nd) OT (Scott, Winston, Colledge--can play LT/RT & replaces Adams in 07) or WR (Chad Jackson),
    3rd) FS (Watkins, Jason Allen, Greg Blue) or DT (Kyle Williams, Dusty Dvoracek) or ILB (Parham, Wilkinson) or WR Jason Avant
    5th) FB/TE/HB Garret Mills, DT John McCargo
    6th - BPA
    7th - BPA
    Gotta tell you another 3rd rounder or a 4th would sure help. Maybe Cowboys can do like few years ago when we traded down to KC and picked up a 3rd rounder but still got Roy Williams. BTW: Need for another DT necessary if Glover is traded or released; not sure we need add another DE if Ellis traded cause Parcells picked up a DE off PS from another team--but don't know if he anything but fodder. There not many DEs with size we need in 3-4.
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    Hmm, ILB is way down the list.
    In order of biggest offseason need:
  11. Rogerthat12

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    OLB would be first IMO
  12. Manster68

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    I don't have a problem with this post. However, good inside linebackers will be available int he second round.

    If there is a blue-chip player in the first round (say Manny Lawson), then grab him first. You just cannot get enough quality pass rushers these days. Especially seeing how the defensive backs are virtually handcuffed with the new bogus rules.

    Pass Rush should be everyones highest priority because of this.
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    Sorry but ILB didn't cost us any games this past season.

    Kicker did.




    and again.
  14. big dog cowboy

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    Everyone has their own opinion of what our greatest need is. I think that we all agree on what positions just not the order of importance. I don't care which is more important, I just want them all upgraded.
  15. silverbear

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    No, though ILB is indeed a need, it's secondary to the need to build a strong OL, the line was the reason the Cowboys did not make the playoffs last year... in fact, ILB even ranks behind kicker in importance... maybe even FS is a greater need...

    But just to make you feel good, Jerry has apparently been telling folks that the Boys will focus on LB, FS and WR early in the draft this year, so it looks like you'll get your wish...
  16. Clove

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    k/RT/C/FS/OLB/DT/ILB/WR/PR..... IN no specific order.

    We need atleast 5 of these position seriously corrected via FA or Draft.
    My order of need would be this.
    OLB-Defense wins championships/I start here on defense
    OT - Cannot let this position hand-cuff us this year
    K - No more cheap kickers Jerry - show them the money
    DT - Stopping the run starts here, and Ferguson was average.
    ILB - Burnett has first shot/then Fowler/then cheap FA or late Draft.
    FS - If for no other reason than letting RW hang out around the LOS
    C - Bledsoe cannot step up when the middle is clogged/hard to run as well
    WR - Speed speed speed - Sinorice Moss/Chad Jackson/ guys like that
    G - LA is getting worse and we must look at this position soon.

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    I see your point about OL being our biggest need. It can be argued. Hwever, I still feel ILB is tops because of the way we were losing games down the strtch. Other teams started running on us pretty easily -namely divisional opponents. They would control the clock with the run, score points and foirce us into second-half play-from-behind passing situations. And it was then when our OL problems were most exposed. By the way, i think OL is our second most glaring need.


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