This picture is making the rounds in the office today...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. cowboyschmps3

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    Shaub sucks lol, all he's thrown is interceptions
  2. Royal Laegotti

    Royal Laegotti Dyin' ain't much of a livin', boy!

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    It's sad that a once proud franchise deserves this.
  3. jobberone

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    You can wear it as long as the avatar is within the guidelines. Perhaps it will be an improvement.
  4. Hook'em#11

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    I have seen that. It's hilarious.

    Gotta give one up for that.

    Course, next Monday, barring a miracle, Texans fans will be hurting and their team will be once again no better than the Cowboys.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    More like, "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha"! lol

    Belicheck can gameplan for a QB like Schaub and make him look very amateur out there.

    Watch! Schaub will have atleast 3 INT's.
  6. Irving Cowboy

    Irving Cowboy The Chief

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    I thought it was pretty funny and I'm not a Romo basher by any stretch.
  7. MegaMagick

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    There would probably be a Houston version of that out there, but nobody really cares about Houston so what would be the point?
  8. CowboysYanksLakers

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    LMAOOOO, sad but funny.
  9. dragon_mikal

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    Living in Houston has soured me towards the Texans because of their fans. They are obsessed with the Cowboys. I swear that sometimes I think they want the Cowboys to lose more than they want the Texans to win.

    I mean up until last year's playoff victory they still considered 19-10 to be their greatest victory.
  10. Fletch

    Fletch To The Moon

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    So is their history as a franchise when it comes to playoff success. Win one, then go home. Wow, about to be two years in a row. Success! :laugh1:
  11. Fletch

    Fletch To The Moon

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    Lame by a second tier franchise. But what do you expect?
  12. Ring Leader

    Ring Leader Well-Known Member

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    Beautifully oxymoronic that the designer botched the spelling. Burning yourself while throwing flames is front row poetic justice.
  13. Nav22

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    Poor Texans fans. They could win the Super Bowl and their inferiority complex still wouldn't go away.
  14. Coy

    Coy Well-Known Member

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    Man, another shot at Romo, this time from Don Banks from SI.

    • One I'm proud of: There is an NFC team that's taking a step back after finally making the playoffs in 2011, but it's not the 49ers, as quite a few pundits have projected. It's the Lions. Detroit will score a bundle of points in the passing game, but its secondary and running game are huge question marks, and keeping Matthew Stafford healthy for another 16 games is mandatory.

    -- Bottom line: C'mon, that was like predicting Tony Romo would throw a crucial pick in the fourth quarter of the game of the year in Dallas. Some of these are too easy. Now, if I had predicted Minnesota would take Detroit's place as an NFC North wild-card team, that would have been worthy of savant status.
  15. Hook'em#11

    Hook'em#11 Well-Known Member

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    Still accurate....
  16. MWILL

    MWILL Fear the Afro

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    If this Cowboys team would stop playing like crap (that includes Romo too). This type of stuff wouldn't happen.

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