This story cracked me up: Man eats 28 raw eggs and eggs-pires

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    Man eats 28 raw eggs and dies

    A 20-year-old man in Tunisia died after eating 28 raw eggs in a bet with friends, news reports say.

    The man reportedly ate more than two dozen eggs in one sitting after friends dared him to do it, according to Shortly after swallowing the raw eggs, the man complained of severe stomach pains and his friends called an ambulance to the scene just outside of Kairouan, Tunisia.

    Tunisia’s Shems FM radio station said on Wednesday that “doctors were called ... but he died before medical assistance could reach him.”

    The official cause of death has not been determined.

    Apparently officials are still scrambling for more details.
    Guess the yolks on him?
    His friends were all broken up about it however.

    Ok, I could go on all day, but I'll leave some for you guys. Besides, I gotta run, my brain is fried. :p:
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    Not as bad as this guy...


    I wouldn't touch a roach with anything other than the bottom of my shoe, let alone put it in my mouth. Ugh. I'd rather die from eggs.
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    what about roach eggs?
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    Hadn't thought of that. If I had my choice it'd be salmon eggs.
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    Hey, have I told you about my new iphone?
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    Organic eggs?
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    If you enjoyed this story about a man dying, then your sure to get some entertainment from The Darwin Awards. It's all about death and people enjoying it.

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