This story seems to be underreported?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by mmillman, Apr 28, 2013.

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    i know, this makes perfect sense BZ

    here is what is what i think the cowboys should have done to avoid this last minute confusion in the war room:

    1) the cowboys should have made it official that they fired ryan months ago

    2) they should have had a press conference about the new defensive coaching staff

    3) perhaps someone should have called or emailed the scouts

  2. Future

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    I'd bet that this kind of thing happens all the time in war rooms. I find it hard to believe that every coach in the league gets every player he wants.
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    I don't believe that it does. Most teams the owner and his son aren't making picks. They are letting the football people do that.

    Secondly, I didn't see the warroom video and I can't find that anywhere. If it has been taken down is that normal or is it in order so guys like me cannot see the dysfunction?
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    I don't know why some people follow the Cowboys or claim to be fans. Tired of folks jumping to the worst possible conclusion.
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    I was wondering if salary cap considerations may have played a role. Jerry went on in detail in his press conference how a lot of things we don't see have to factor into a draft pick. One of the main ones was managing salary cap. While they are probably sensitive to it, a coach and a scout probably aren't involved in those things in as much detail as the GM.

    Last year we used two picks on one guy. This year we used one pick on two guys. A lot of opinions say those two guys could be quality starters for us. If we only get two starters out of this whole draft it will increase our average.
  6. Future

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    I understand its different b/c of Jerry and his son, I just mean the dynamic between a coach and the GM. I'm sure there are disagreements all the time, regardless of whether a GM is a "football guy" or not.
  7. BrAinPaiNt

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    I think it was just live streaming video.

    The only chance to see it afterward is if someone recorded it and uploaded it.

    I will say this. Whether people liked, loved, disliked or hated the first pick. No matter if someone is accused of being a homer or hater with Jerry and this team...There WAS some very upset people in that war room during the trade down. To the point that Jason look dejected. Jerry and Stephen left the room for a good amount of time and when they came back Stephen and Tom C was having a VERY animated conversation and you could see Stephen trying emphatically to list off points of his arguments.

    So take it how you want. This incident was not something made up by those that just don't like Jerry. There was a situation that did not make the HC and the Head Scout happy.
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    It was blatantly clear that Jerry overruled both his head scout and head coach to trade down and again to make the pick.
  9. dogberry

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    The GM understood that his new defensive coordinator wanted DLs that attacked gaps not defended them. I see Floyd as the Siegfried Line not a Panzer Division. Kif wants Panzers.
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    look around and most of the best offenses have a lot better O line. Don't know what team you were watching last year but it was not the Boys.
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    Love the Siegfried line analogy.
    I agree completely the room flipped attitude after that event in the War Rm, and Jason looked insecure along with Tom C until the next day IMO. In my mind people were put in places by the Jones clan and there was not going to be a debate about who was in charge. Made me glad not to be in the room, no give and take happening IMO.
  12. burmafrd

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    I agree that anyone thinking that Jerruh is not the straw that stirs the drink is either a fool or completely oblivious to reality.
  13. FuzzyLumpkins

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    So does anyone have anything other than facial expressions to base these claims on?

    For all we know they wanted Eifert or any other possibility. At best you could say they were unhappy but I find it specious there is no corroborating video to go by. As to what they were unhappy about claiming that there is 'no doubt' is baseless.
  14. Rogerthat12

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    I saw the same exchange and it appeared Stephen Jones was running the show.
  15. Risen Star

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    Frederick was the top C. I don't know what the dude is talking about. Now there could have been teams who had Jones or Schwenke higher, but all the information we're privy to had Frederick the clear cut best C prospect in this draft.

    I didn't watch every moment of the war room cam but I did look at it when people were claiming Garrett was mad. I didn't see it. He looked his usual reserved self to me.

    The fact that Jerry may have overruled the head coach on a pick is a non story to me. That's what GMs do. That's the power they hold. That's why they're pretty important.
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    Do you think it was more Jerry or Stephen? I almost think it was more Stephen.
  17. kirkjrk

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    He got neither because of Jerry and Stephens incompetence.

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