This was a successful season

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by FiveRings, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. Hook'em#11

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    Injuries didn't make Romo throw that ONCE AGAIN game killing INT again.

    The Cowboys had a shot at the NFCE because the rest of the NFCE was just as bad as the Cowboys..

    Yes, the Cowboys did a great job with the injuries. Nice. Garrett handled all of it well too.

    8-8 is still not successful..

    And, the excuses need to stop.
  2. Chocolate Lab

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    Really? Most people thought that?

    I doubt that, and I think there's a preseason poll to show it. But if they did, I have no idea why.
  3. Hook'em#11

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    You still wouldn't get it. So, no point.
  4. 17yearsandcounting

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    This season was the worst kind of failure. To come so close to the division is just going to give Al Davis Jr. the ammunition he needs to maintain the status quo for the near future.
  5. Hook'em#11

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    I saw them at 8-8. I didn't see any vast improvements at the beginning of last season to think different.

    Course, was praying I was wrong. No " I told you so's" here.

    This Dallas is what they are. They don't know how to close out a game. This year, they seem to struggle with beginning a game. Romo is still making the same mistakes, desperate throws.

    The defense was solid. not great, before the injuries. Do they take a toll? Of course, but, every team has them. Every team deals with them.
  6. FiveRings

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    Romo is not the issue here. Why isn't anyone discussing the fact that Morris rushed for 200 yards on our defense that was in shambles. Do you think he rushes for 200 with Lee or Carter and hell even Brent? NO.
  7. CyberB0b

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    When you have 1 playoff win under you belt in 15 years, I guess this is a success. It is sad how far this organization has fallen.
  8. Hook'em#11

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    No, he is part of the issue.

    I have discussed that and damn right the defense was too blame as well..

    Still, with that.. The Cowboys were right back in it until that bad throw , that ONCE AGAIN Romo made. Like he has done in most of the games of this stature he has done.

    And, this was on 1st down ? Was it not? Maybe 2nd? And he throws up another desperate pass like that?


    Doesn't help of the other two picks that swung momentum, got Dallas's defense tired in the process, but, that defense made the other two ints by romo irrelevant..

    Dallas and the fans knew what it was going to take to win this game. Keep the deadskins offense off the field and get ahead early somehow. Neither happened. And the moron Ogletree( why he is even still on the roster is beyond me) didn't help with the first INT. all on him, not Romo. But, the opposing team doesn't care. Still swings momentum. Deadskins and their Rook RB were gonna get their yards and Td's.. Dallas didn't match it.

    And, Romo killed it all with that same mistake throw he seems to make in times like that. It is what it is. I wish he would succeed. I wish he could get to the next level. He just hasn't. Maybe he can next season? I don't know.

    We shall see. but, if Dallas gets the same results next season. He is on the top of the list that needs to go.
  9. FiveRings

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    I get it, we lost, but look at the season as a whole. We saw a different team for much of the season, and the things to look forward to like Dez, a Lee and Carter D, shedding Ogletree etc.
  10. Hook'em#11

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    Non of that matters if Romo is still making the same mistakes at a critical part of a game. There is no excuse for that, it is on him 95% of the time.

    I know Romo isn't going anywhere next season. But, plans need to start about replacing him.

    I look forward to all of those players for many seasons. Just Not Romo. Why is that so hard to take? I believe he , HIMSELF, has taken the COwboys as far as he can. Now, if Dallas fixes the O-line? SUrely will help Romo, no doubt.

    My worry is. Will he still make as many mistakes? Possibly. If he can get players around him who actually know their roles. That would help.

    IF all that changes. Great, I am still scared that the same Romo will show up.
  11. Venger

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    I agree with yours sentiments OP, but not your conclusion. Success is not .500 ball, not in the NFL.
  12. Clove

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    I also picked the wrong lottery numbers, all the time. I still get pissed when I don't win.

    The bottom line is, the object of this game is to get better. We're not better, we're the same. The same sorry losing franchise that gets battered by people in the end. We have no guts, no ***ls, no brains.

    We have a nobody Head Coach, a nobody GM, a nobody undrafted QB, a nobody undrafted receiver in Austin, a loud mouth grizzly adams Defensive Coordinator, a lousy Special Teams coach, and a bunch of fans who think we're a couple of players away.

    This franchise is lost.
  13. MartinRamone

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    Sadly thats what Jerry will sell to the fans to keep us in the same position for over 10 years.

    Mediocre 8-8, not good to compete for Superbowl and not bad enough to demand drastic changes.
  14. Bleu Star

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    All the heart and fight in the world is easily negated and deflated by untimely choke jobs. We have all read this very book many times over the last several years. Pardon me if I choose to disagree, but 8-8 is not success in my book. Small victories are great if they add up to something. These aren't adding up.
  15. Mansta54

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    You're wasting your breath Fletch, some fans don't get it and don't wanna get it. I doubt we give up over 200yrds rushing with Lee, Carter, and Ratliff on the field. Injuries played a HUGE part in the outcome of our season. It's not a excuse, it's a FACT..
  16. CATCH17

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    Oh I'm sorry. I forgot everything had to be perfect for us to have a good season.
  17. stasheroo

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    Nice quote - "don't get it", very appropriate here.

    This team won the same mediocre number of games after the 'decimating injuries' kicked in as they did before.

    They were a mediocre 3-3 when they lost Sean Lee and the other injuries kicked in afterward, and ended up the very same mediocre 8-8 to end the season.

    Injuries aren't an excuse for another year of mediocrity. They were mediocre well before that.

    They are what their 8-8 record says they are an average, non-contending football team.

    That's the biggest 'fact' listed in all of this.
  18. Bleu Star

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    Actually.. It's called welcome to a grueling NFL season where successful teams prepare for contingency while unsuccessful teams pin all of their hopes in the top tier of depth. They make depth charts for good reason..
  19. ChldsPlay

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    I don't get this whole different team thing based on the team fighting. Outside of 2 or 3 games in 2010, effort and fight haven't been an issue for quite sometime IMO.
  20. jnday

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    IIRC Dallas was not doing so well when the defense was healthy. They were 3-5.

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