This was a successful season

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by FiveRings, Dec 31, 2012.

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    Quite frankly, when Romo has a bad game, nobody and I mean nobody, steps up to make plays. Not being apologetic but I do realize that there is absolutely nothing there to bail us out if he has a bad game. The run game is not there(although) I do think this has to do with how often we give up on it, people not getting their blocks, absolutely no pass rush, and although the corners are good, they will get regularly beaten if there is no pressure on the cornerback. You would think with the lack of pass rush to compensate for broken coverage the safeties would step up and cover of make a play on a ball, but no. If we really have to live and die by the play of our QB, then we don't belong in the playoffs, and it is obviously a team problem that we have. Other teams could have bad QB play but have a defense to bail them out, or at least some sort of pass rush, or even a stellar run game. There are 52 players on the field game day and we should not have to live and die by 1 player.
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    What are you talking about? Did you not see the defense give us opportunity after opportunity in the first half when the OFFENSE COULD NOT DO SQUAT? Did you not see Dwayne Harris yesterday. That offensive line was amazing, even though they did send more than we had to block.

    Collectively, our sense of reality is starting to sink like the Titanic.
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    Ah yes, another one has fallen into Jerry's trap. Complacent fans are a gold mine in Jerry's world.
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    Yeah, Jerry has done such a good job that now 8-8 seems to be good for some people. Lets fill the stadium next year, Superbowl coming!
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    And this is week 17. This isn't a new thing, this has been happening all year. I'm sorry if we cannot create turnovers, I'm sorry if we cannot pass block for the life of us. With all that being said, if we run these old style offenses with long developing plays, we should probably have an offensive line to block. So there is some time given to make the plays. This is the exact same stuff we talked about last season. Bad offensive line, bad safety play, no pass rush. Also, there is something to be said for allowing 200 yds of rushing offense to one player. 8-8, 9-7, we wouldn't have gone anywhere in the playoffs, as was evident when more and more players start to drop in the game, we wouldn't have survived. Also, I'm tried of these week 17 win and in games, this team is gonna have to do more early in the season if they want to even consider a run at the super bowl.

    I'm not making an excuse, hells naw! lol

    But I do realize until we build the trenches, which we have not done yet, any qb put behind that line will pretty much fail us in some way, some how, and at the most crucial time, because teams will adjust to that and exploit it constantly. I'm sorry if I want to hold out until then, but that's just how I feel. These are the same problems that we've had for years now, and not once, other than Tyron Smith, have we addressed that seriously. This is a team problem. With that being said, Romo was given a chance, he messed up, nobody is disputing that fact, but to not recognize that the problem is more than the starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, is a little crazy.

    Lets just, me and you, agree to disagree here, I'm not one for debating on message boards because it can really consume my time. But don't worry I hear you, I understand your sentiments, but the reality of the situation is somewhere between what you perceived this year and what I perceived this year is where the problem lies.
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    I'm pretty excited for next season. This season showed A LOT of promise.

    Lee and Carter are arguably the best LBer duo by next season's end

    Dez is elite

    Tyron got a lot better as the season went on.

    We had the same record with SEVEN defensive starters out at some points

    Scan has been really serviceable lately in the slot prior to his injury

    Hanna looks pretty damn good out there

    Hatcher is on fire
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    I see someone started hitting the sauce early for New Years EVE!!!! Gauge the direction of this team...what way is this team going...Please elaborate!!!
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    i stopped reading after i read the title
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    ...won their Superbowl with 8 starters penciled in from the start of the season unable to play in 91 games for the year.

    They also started that season with 5th youngest roster and many of the penciled starters from the September start did not regain their positions with the team in 2011.

    They have what I called the 90s Cowboys effect. A talented team loaded with youngsters they had drafted who were possibly better than any other team in the league and that was shown by their outstanding year in 2011.

    Their backups were better than most of the league's starters. Look at the 2012 season. From top to bottom from 2010 to 2012 do you know of another team that has had as much success as the Packers in the modern version of football using primarily their own draft picks?

    Dallas' problem was that we did not have quality people at back up positions when the injuires started to mount. To overcome that kind of situation the corrective action starts years and drafts before with qualtiy backups.

    Every year they talk about the "talent" we have loaded in our starters, but what happened to that resource this year when the "talent" got injured.

    We had no back up resources!!!

    Who's responsible for that?

    IMO this had been a particular trait of the Cowboys going back to the Johnson days. Outside of the Walker bonanza we never drafted to make sure we had starters top to bottom on the roster.
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    This entire thread is Exhibit A for why this franchise will continue in mediocrity for the now foreseeable future.
    Jerruh doesn't have to do anything, the fans are doing it for him. He'll sell a C-minus as an A-plus, and our browbeaten fan-base will eat it...and like it.
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    Sounds like a lot of sad excuses for not having/training adequate depth. Thats ok though, go get another flashy position player Jerry.
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    Look forward to all the debates this offseason on how this 8-8 season was more successful than last years 8-8 season.
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    So 8-8 is now the bar of what is considered a successful season for the Dallas freaking Cowboys...................WOW.

    Jerry loves fans like yall.

    :bang2::bang2: :bang2: :bang2: :bang2:
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    It's not a successful season. I pray people just ignore any and all threads which want to discuss how this was successful.

    Honestly, any new thread pertaining to the love or hate for Romo/Garrett/Jerry/Ryan should be ignored and just replied with a link to the 50 that were started this week. These have been beaten to death and nobody likes zombies, so let's stop bringing them back to life. lol
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    How many teams honestly just give up?

    I can't believe that the "heart and fight" aspects are now some proud accomplishment.

    Wade Phillips really lowered the standard for this team.

    A coach so bad that getting the team to put forth an honest effort is now applauded. If Wade wasn't so bad nobody would mention the "never quit" aspect because the team wouldn't have quit on him to show us how it looks.

    A truly sad thought considering a 60 minute effort is undoubtedly Garrett's greatest accomplishment as a coach.
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    :lmao2: :lmao2: :lmao2:
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    This is one of those threads where I have to conclude either a) many posters are young or b) we now have a pathetic fan base that accepts mediocrity as the norm.

    In the 70s it was Super Bowl or bust and expecting excellence. This was in the midst of a record 20 straight winning seasons

    80s was same for half of it as we reached 3 NFC Champ. Games. 20 straight seasons ends. Heck, this expectation led to the firing of a legend.

    90s it's still expecting excellence and SBs

    Now...8-8 is a success and trying hard is what matters? We are so close is a mantra? Pathetic if you think 8-8 is ok. Pathetic as a fan base. I don't care about injuries, etc. All teams have them. Packers won a SB with a record number of them. The Skins lost their 2 most dominant defenders for the year and succeeded. Excuses. They didn't stop us from being in games.

    You are the people that Jerry depends sense of expectation and that will buy into anything.
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    This is nowhere near a successful season but I do credit the coaching staff for keeping the team in the hunt with so many unusual injuries and playing with guys off the street. That's a very difficult thing to do. But successful, definately not.
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    The majority of the injuries were on the defensive side of the ball, and despite that, the offense STILL didn't score more than 10 points in this game, nor any other game this season. STILL, the defense gave Romo an opportunity with 3 minutes to go an opportunity to tie with a field goal or to win with a touchdown. There was no excuse for what happened. Every big game, the game that could get us in the playoffs... a game against a divisional rival, we come up short.
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