This will be a signature game for Demarcus Ware, good or bad

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by erod, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. erod

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    I'm about up to here with Demarcus Ware.

    A week after he set the Cowboys career sack record, he gets stoned by backup and third-string offensive tackles against San Diego. Until he jumped offsides on a key third-down late in the game, I never heard his name.

    I watched King Dunlap do the same thing to him last year, and this was before he got hurt. Dunlap is a journeyman on par with Alex Barron.

    Far too many times, Ware just completely disappears. He'll nab two sacks in the opening drive of a game, then go unnoticed for the next three quarters. After the first play of the Giants game when he intercepted Eli Manning, he then proceeded to record ZERO tackles and no sacks the rest of the game. That's hard to do as a defensive end.

    The Cowboys have a good chance against Denver if Ware plays like an elite player.
    Sunday will be a perfect example of great players showing up in big games. This is a big game for Dallas, which can either take a stranglehold on the division the next three games, or fall to the abyss.

    Romo has to match Peyton, which he's done before. But Ware has to lead a defense that needs a compass from their supposed best player. There has to be pressure on Peyton, and it's got to be spearheaded by Ware.

    It'll take at least two stops and two field goals to give Romo the chance to outscore the Broncos. It's not asking much for Ware to kill a drive or two on his own.

    That is, if he's as good as superstars are supposed to be.
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  2. AmberBeer

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    He's battling injuries. Probably has something to do with his performance.
  3. SDCowboy85

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    I just don't know if the guy can stay healthy anymore. I still wouldn't be shocked if this is his last year.
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  4. erod

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    It's been a career-long problem. The brighter the lights, the harder it is to find him.
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  5. 187beatdown

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    That's not even remotely true. I really hope this is a troll post because I don't feel like looking up the stats for you.
  6. jimnabby

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    It's a strange but very common phenomenon that disgruntled fans blame the best players for the team's poor performance. I remember when Philly fans used to boo Mike Schmidt.
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  7. erod

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    This is a WIDELY held opinion among DFW fans, media, and local scouting experts. Too often, Ware is an empty stat guy. He racks them up in first quarters and against inferior opponents in blowouts, but when you really need a play in a key moment of a big game, he disappears.

    Charger backup linemen owned him last week. So did the weak Giants tackles.
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  8. BAZ

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    Well lets all hope he snaps Mannings turkey neck to win the game for Dallas *fingers crossed*
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  9. AdamJT13

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    Ware has been one of the best in the league at getting sacks late in close games. The only people who criticize him for failing to do that are those who lack knowledge and/or perspective.
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  10. 5Stars

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    The dude is a bust! Can't you get with the program!

  11. TheRomoSexual

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    Sure, some people believe this. And some people believe the moon landing was faked. I pretty much lump both groups into the same category of idiocy.
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  12. 5Stars

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    Dude....Manning had surgery on on his neck twice! Do you know how hard it is to transplant Giraffe tendons onto his neck! Stop making fun of him!
  13. 5Stars

    5Stars Here comes the Sun...

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    Look Adam, you know as well as I do that Ware should have at least 14 sacks these first 4 games. Hell, even in Madden you can make him have those 14. You and your stats...
  14. Lodeus

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    Our DB's wont be able to cover anyone long enough for anyone to get a sack Sunday.
  15. jimnabby

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    "Widely held"? I don't believe that. And "widely held opinion" isn't compelling evidence, or, well, any sort of evidence. And who are all these "local scouting experts" who say this?
  16. big dog cowboy

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    Holy moly. Just when you thought you've read it all.
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  17. WoodysGirl

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    Y'all killing me with these weekly signature/statement games.

    Every game is equally important.
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  18. Sarge

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    Actually - he hasn't really played in any truly big games. Sadly.
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  19. bark

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    I agree he often gets his stats at meaningless times in the game. Just like last week, down by two scores , last possession and he dinks and dunks the ball to his bf wit.. I mean come on chunk it deep for crying out loud.. Wait .. What .. Oh my bad wrong stay padder...
    Jeez fellas ....
  20. tko112204

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    So, one of the greatest pass rushers in recent history has to have a great game in a Week 5 game we probably won't win anyway, or... what?

    It tarnishes his legacy? Means he was a fraud all along?

    I just don't get it sometimes around here. Between this and the "Romo stat padding" thread, I'm beginning to think we should start having to apply to start threads around here. It's ridiculous.

    And sacks in the 1st quarter count too, right? Sure, he hasn't played like 2006 Demarcus Ware, and he's banged up, but he still flashes a few times a game. And frankly, when I watch other great pass rushers (Smith, JPP, Mathews) it's what I see from them too.

    Guess what? The other team knows he's good. And tries to block him.

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