This will be a signature game for Demarcus Ware, good or bad

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by erod, Oct 3, 2013.

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    You know this is not true. Adam does not have throw up his quarter by quarter stats of the NFL's best pass rushers for you to realize this. This front 7 has to be more productive to have a chance against Denver but the onus is on all of them, not just the injured star player.

    I am interested in what Marinelli and Kiffen will do to compensate for the 3 step drop and the no huddle. And with Jones out and Selvie ailing, I hope Rayford steps up on the strong side. Nevis should be more comfortable now as well. Who's going to make a play? That was the mantra of Jimmy's Cowboys. Garrett's Cowboys would do well to embrace it.

    No one expects the Cowboys to win, so they have nothing to lose. Play loose and play hard. Forget about a balanced offense. Just score, score, score. In all phases of the game - offense, defense and ST.
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    I'll admit i've been a little bit concerned about Ware's injuries the past year, but i will not doubt his willingness when it comes to the toughest opponents on the schedule. I think he will show up and hopefully make Manning a little bit Jumpy. We will need him to be in the back of his Mind every throw.
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    It'll be a typical game for Ware. He'll probably get early pressure then disappear down the stretch.
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    Spoken from the blindest of the blind Garrett fans.

    Demarcus started more games his rookie season than your amateur ever did in his pathetic "my dad got me the job" life..

    We are at a sad state of affairs when you can tear down Ware and support clownshoes.
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    Hey OP, this franchise is throwing away the careers of 3 of its best ever players. Because Jason has a "process".

    You should never, ever think to start another thread criticizing a player who has made this team respectable in the face of amateur hour learning on the job.

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    I'll take two scoops of no on this idea.
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    Or jump offsides at the most inopportune times!
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    Wow you really need to relax. Are fans not allowed to be critical of players? Is it "disgusting" to state an opinion/position of his? If you don't like reading criticism I don't think the Internet is for you.
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    Just insane you can call this guy out when you are supporting Mr. 8-8.
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    Wow @ the ware hate...people do realize he was hurt all last year? even though he severely affected him.
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    I am fine. I don't appreciate the criticism of Ware when he refuses to do anything to criticize Garrett,. Trying to throw Demarcus under the bus is taking it too far. What has Garrett done in big games?
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    Am I really reading this? Smh. I remember when I had my first beer. o_O
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    more like called offsides by blind refs when the replay shows he did not
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    I think pressure up the middle is more important against Manning to be honest, but it would be awesome to see Ware get a blindside sack and strip some point during the game ;-).

    Nevis looked a little slow and rusty last week, hope he can start to make some kind of impact this week.
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    How often do premier defensive ends have big games against Peyton? The guy rarely has the ball long enough to get sacked or pressured. I agree with the previous poster who mentioned that pressure in the face of Manning would be more likely to affect him.
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    Who cares if a "host of other media and former players" agree with you, what does that prove? IT PROVES THEY'RE AS ILL INFORMED AS YOU on this topic.

    Your statements about Ware only producing against inferior teams and in blowouts in completely 100% false and baseless. The facts have been presented on this very site and they tell quite a different story. Your statements are flat out wrong.
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    Yes, call out posters last week as "know nothings" who post nonsensical gibberish with invalid points and then you give us this gem of a thread calling out a first ballot HOF'er. Priceless........
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    I'm hoping for a" totally awesome" game from Ware
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    Ware reminds me of Harvey Martin,great pass rusher.But once age took its toll he couldn't get around even average tackles and just disappeared in games.

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