This won't happen but curious if it's legal

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Reverend Conehead, Jan 13, 2014.

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    The downside would be way too big of a risk to Jerry to do something like that. He would probably get suspended like Steinbrenner did in baseball.

    I'm sure some under-handed things to happen in trades. I can't prove this story so don't ask for a link, but a huge issue between Jerry and Jimmy occurred when Jimmy made a trade with his buddy Dave Wannstedt. Jimmy gave him a young player that they had just drafted and some picks for some marginal veterans that the Bears were probably going to cut anyway.
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    No. He just owns the team. He doesn't act like the head coach, too.
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    Allen is reportedly worth $15.8 billion. Jerry Jones has $2.7 billion to his name... pocket change to Allen.
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    I wish Jerry would up and take his franchise somewhere else...Then Roger would be forced to give us a new Cowboys franchise. New owners, new coaches, new players. Hmmmm, I'd only miss Dez, Tyron, Fred, and JW. He couldn't take anything to do with the name Cowboys with him, the NFL wouldn't allow it. I bet we could rebuild the Cowboys from scratch before JJ could ever win a playoff game!!! This would prove the Cowboys were bigger than JJ and his family!!!

    Ok, I'm awake now!!!!
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    Power to the zone
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    I like that.

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    and i dont think its legal to pay money to another franchise to push a deal.

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