This Year versus the Future

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Chuck 54, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. Chuck 54

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    I'm sure we'll probably draft another LB or DB in round least that's what everyone seems to be thinking. I certainly see no way we select a DL since the DL has the all time bust rate in the first round, even higher than QBs according to ESPN analysts.

    Personally, I wish we would not look at this season as a desperate year to win with Parcells. I know our defense is very close to something extra special, but they are already very good. I'd much rather see us take care of our future the way we did last season on defense.

    If it were my call, I'd drop down towards the bottom of round 1, secure an extra 3rd rounder, giving us a 1,2,3,3 punch on day 1.

    I'd then select O'Neil, OT Auburn, one of the top OG's in the draft (whichever my scouts liked the best), and still have two 3rd round picks to find help on defense, a WR, or even a QB.

    But my first 2 selections would be used to land an OT and OG, both of whom would be carrying high, if not the highest, ratings.

    I'll also add that it would be a mistake, imo, to take the gamble we took on T.O. and not do everything possible to build the OL now and in the future...I think T.O. could become a problem quickly if the team doesn't make every effort to ensure that Bledsoe and T.O. are successful. Drafting a guy like O'Neil at OT would definitely give us a better backup to Fabini...he might even take over for Fabini sooner than later, moving Fabini back to his favored left side as insurance for Adams. One of the top guards might also earn a position during the season...either way we'd have better depth and guys ready to step in at RT and RG as our future OL.
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    O'Neill is a big question mark to me. I don't think the neck will be a problem- that is not a big worry on a lineman unlike on a WR. But he has a weight problem and seems to be somewhat lackadaisical about keeping in shape. He has the size, strength and quickness to be a fine tackle- but I question his discipline.
  3. ghst187

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    Davin Joseph is a better he adds versatility as he played T last year. He's probably best at G though.
    Some say he was better than Jamal Brown who went top 20 last year and has turned out okay.
  4. CrazyCowboy

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    I really believe we are going to be very tough to beat--this year!
  5. Chuck 54

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    I wish I had your confidence in the OL....but I don't.
  6. big dog cowboy

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    I REALLY hope we do that. Then finish the D (OLB, FS and NT) and fill in the rest with O.
  7. Dalmations202

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    confidence or no confidence, I hope they have it fixed from what ended the season last year.

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