This Years Champions?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by vaquerofan1, Jun 12, 2006.

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    Is anyone else confused by the Cowboys moves this offseason? It seems as though everyone I read or hear says that we will probably get only this year from T.O., as next year he will pull a "49'er-Philly" on us, and be an "ex" Cowboy.

    Also, the vast majority of "pundits" and so called people in the know, say that this will be Parcells last year. If this is the prevailing opinion of so many, and if JJ and "big dollar Bill" feel this way, then why didn't they go all out this year to try to win a Super Bowl?

    If you're only going to have T.O. for one year, then you are going to be behind in receivers next year. And if "big dollar Bill" leaves, then we are going to have to go through the dreaded JJ search for a new head coach, and all that entails.

    So if both those scenarios come to pass, we will once again be years away from a title. Personally, I wouldn't have signed T.O., but since JJ did, and since he might lose his head coach next year as well, if I were JJ, then I would have pulled all the stops, and gone for broke this year for one more ring. How? The main area would have been the offensive line.

    The field goal kicking cost us at least two games last year. They addressed that by signing Vanderjagt, allthough I would have gone for Vinatieri. The play of Bledsoe was a shared responsibilty of at least two losses, and though QB wasn't addressed, Bledsoe is servicible IF he has a good O-line in front of him. Which brings us to the group responsible for at least five losses last year, the O-line. This group was not helped in free agency or the draft.

    Fabini is old and hurt, not even playing the last five games last year. Columbo has been hurt for years, and hasn't played in the last couple of years. Rivera never lived up to his billing after injuring his back before ever playing a game for us last year, and led the team in penalties. Gurode is a joke, as is apparently Peterman, "big dollar Bill" has destroyed Al Johnson's confidence after a promising rookie campaign, and the best OL we had last year, Larry Allen, is now a 49'er.

    Pettiti might be better, but unless he is REALLY better, that's not saying much. Let's hope Kozier can play guard better than Bernie Kozar, but what does it say about a guy whose team felt he was no more than a good backup, hence that is why they didn't resign him. And everyone, from JJ to "big dollar Bill" on down, thinks getting Flozell back is going to be the cure all for our offensive line woes. Listen, I was watching the O-line last year, and Flozell was not pro bowl bound when he went out.

    He was leading the team in penalties before he was injured, and he was getting beat regularly. Sure he was better than Torrin Tucker, but who wouldn't be? If I were JJ, and signed T.O., and know that Bill is probably gone after this year, I would have gone "all in", (you Texas Hold 'em card players will know what I mean).

    In other words, I would have pulled a "Danny Snyder", and signed the best OL available in free agency, even it puts me in salary cap hell, cause you're going to have to start over next year anyway, with T.O. and "big dollar Bill" being gone. Might as well take a legitimate shot at a one year Super Bowl run.

    We could have signed Steve Hutchinson, regarded as the best guard in the game today to replace Larry Allen, we could have signed LeCharles Bently, or Trey Teague or Mike Flanagan at center, we could have signed Tom Ashworth for either tackle position, and we could have signed Steve Neal at right guard, and any number of right tackles who would be better than the "three mouseketteers", Fabini, Pettiti, and Columbo.

    Yes, if I were JJ, and I had signed T.O., mister one year team player, and know that this is probably Bill's last year, I wouldn't have stopped at placekicker, I would have improved the absolute worst area on the team last year, the offensive line, no matter what the cost, because this OL is not good enough to even take us to a Super Bowl, much less win one!
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    Damn, my friend! Ever heard of paragraphs?

    If I stare at your post long enough, like a Magic Eye picture, I can somehow see a picture of Lil Danny getting spanked by a Tuna Fish! :eek:

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    First off, :welcome:

    Second... please use paragraphs. My eyes are hurting.

    Thirdly. The consensus from most "journalists" nationwide, is that Dallas has "gone for broke" this year. Say what you will about our FA signings, but TO is a game-changer. Vandy, while maybe not as clutch as Vinatieri, does have a better career percentage. I'm okay with that signing too. As for the OL, we made some improvements, mainly on the depth issues. We gained a RT, and replaced LA. Throw in a healthy Flo, a versatile Kosier and (fingers crossed) Columbo, and Peterman, and our depth is much better than last year.

    Breaking the bank on OL makes less sense than signing a big time playmaker. You can't guarantee a completely new OL will mesh and be any better. Also, if you don't have the weapons that can get open downfield, then no matter how good your OL is, your QB will get sacked. Signing Hutchinson and Bentley would have left us with little to no cap room if it was even possible with the contracts they got. I also think we're going to use some of our cap room to extend Roy and Witten. Plus we have some flexibility if someone goes down to injury. I think we handled the offseason perfectly.... obviously we won't know for sure till the season gets here. but I'm happy for now.
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    Dude that HAS to be the quote of the day.....I was thinking the exact same thing!
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    That is what I was thinking.
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    I would nt buy too much into what people say about Bill or TO!!! Bill could coach until he is 70... what else is he going to do? as for TO what he did in Philly was justified the way he went about it was wrong!!! But as u saw today the Iggs gave a first year player 7 year contract extention...

    I like what the Boys are doing but like u have to wonder why sometimes? until Vaderjack can consistanly ake kicks in DC., Philly, and N.Y. I will hold judgement!!!

    Going after Hutchinson would have been a posibilty if this team didnt waste money on Rivera. U r right about Kosier he is a backup and would have fit in nicely if we kept LA!!! I think a real OL coach would do wonders for this team... I think Sparano has too much on his plate and the OL suffers

    I wanted them to keep KEYSHAWN because Gleen is due to get hurt sometime next week!!!

    I feel like they panicked in the draft when 14 of the first 20 picks were on D... Carpenter will be lucky to start with Singleton and Ellis getting time at the position!!! 3rd string DE and a 2cd string TE are day 2 picks!!!

    all in all I like what they have
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    First, simply because I'm an Eagles fan doesn't necessarily mean that I'm disagreeing with your football logic ...but I do disagree.

    Secondly, the Cowboy's acquisition of TO versus an OL is something that your GM felt was a good long-term prospect. I doubt very seriously that they made that decision on the premise that it would Ultimately be a TO or OL decision -- but ultimately it was. Uncertain who made that decision, but you seem to agree and believe the OL will hold up just fine.

    Caveat: It's almost as though the Eagles did the opposite. We dumped a big name playmaker and built up our OL/DL on both sides of the ball. However, in our case we are the ones who have a mediocre wide-receiver corp least that's the general consenus of most.

    The war starts at the line of srimmage and spreads Out to the rest of the field. If the OL breaks down or when defenses discover a weakness in the OL that usually means that the pass play becomes jeopardized, and turnovers result frequently. "Games are won/lost at the line of scrimmage."

    Unless your OL is Better than believed, your concept is bogus; regardLess of what franchise you are.
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    lol.....that is a good en
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    Free of Charge ... vaquerofan1.
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    Ok, I put some breaks in there so it is easier to read.

    I was getting tired eyes trying to read it.:cool:

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    I always liked the one I heard during an NFL films doc about the Cowboys in the early 90's on way to first SB of that decade.

    something to the effect:

    "It was a clear indication that.... "Next Years Champions were here a year early""
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    Why do you call Parcells "big dollar Bill?"
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    Maybe you should stop listening to anti-Cowboys fans. The Cowboys were smart enough to realize the mistakes the Eagles made in handling a player like Owens and won't make the same mistakes. No matter how much some opposing fans and scandal-hungry media may hope otherwise.

    The same "pundits" said the Cowboys wanted Tim Couch. The same "pundits" said Jones and Parcells could never work together. Take these "pundits" for what they are.

    Given the number of moves they've made, I would say they are going for broke.

    Vinatieri would have been the better choice, but Vanderjagt certainly upgrades a position that clearly cost last year's team a 12-4 record.

    Inaccurate at best. Bledsoe was part of the solution, not the problem. The second best passing performance in Dallas history, despite the line woes.

    A really negative spin here - almost "agenda" quality. Fabini is a quality lineman and is certainly an upgrade. But I guess you'd have him taken out back and shot after one year of injury? Same for Columbo - a former first-rounder too?

    If you think Allen was the team's best lineman it's time to stop watching your old VHS tapes - it's not 1995 anymore. Your "Dollar Bill" reference sure indicates a bias in your opinions.

    Petitti was good enough when Adams was still manning the left side - and that was as a rookie thrown into the fire. Petitti 2006 will be better than Petitti 2005 in experience if nothing else.

    As for Kosier, he beat out Ricke DeMulling last season in Detroit. The same DeMulling that had been a starter in Indianapolis. And I'll trust Dallas' scouts before I would Detroit's wouldn't you?

    Bledsoe was leading the NFC in passer rating when Adams went down, so he was getting the job done at the very least.

    This wreaks of "Madden" thinking where some think that teams have an unlimited source of funds. If you sign one or more of these guys you'd have to let players like Williams, Witten, or Newman go. Hardly the choice I would make. And the criticisms of Fabini, Columbo, and Petitti are again unwarranted.

    It appears you haven't been paying attention to what the Cowboys have actually done. I'd look again.

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    Bill and JJ know that the boys could have gone deeper into playoffs with solid kicking a little better play of O-line(I say little better, because in spite of it all) with that line we STILL could have won 11 games or so...

    I agree. Boyz are going for broke and BP will prob leave after this year.
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    OK. I have looked again and you know what? It still looks the same to me. You have bought the company line that JJ and "big dollar Bill" are soooooooooooo much smarter than Andy Reid and Donavan McNabb that they can handle T.O. We shall see.

    As for Bledsoe getting the job done while the line was playing well, just proves my point. He needs good to great line play to get the job done. This O-line is far from being good. So you think I've put a negative spin and have an agenda against the O-line? No, just calling it like I see it Bub. I think you need to pay attention to last years tapes and watch opposing defenses running roughshod through our O-line on just about every play.

    You say Fabini is a "quality" OL. Depends on your defintion of "quality". I would prefer to label him a "serviceable" OL. And that only if he comes back from last years injury and beats out Pettiti and Columbo.

    You say I need to stop watching 1995 tapes of Larry Allen. I watched last years tape, and I didn't say Larry played to 1995 levels, I said he was the best OL we had LAST YEAR, and he was. He is just a shell of what he used to be, but even at that, he was still our best OL. A sad but true commentary on the state of our O-line.

    You said my criticism of Pettiti, Fabini, and Columbo was "unwarrented". Unwarrented? Please explain how it was "unwarrented". Many other writers, football people, and fans have said a lot worse about Pettiti than I have. But the point is, he did lead the League in sacks given up, so he is going to have to be VASTLY improved this year to be worth anything.

    As far as Fabini, we will have to see if he can recover from his injury, or if he will be a non-factor as Rivera was this past season. And Columbo? Please. Your argument is he is a former #1 pick, therefore he must be good. Ryan Leaf was a former #1 pick when we signed him. Remember how that turned out?

    And you say Kozier has replaced Larry Allen. Not yet. He hasn't taken one regular season snap for us yet, so why don't you wait until he has played a few games for us before you say he plays better than a ten time pro-bowler. So, I have looked again. The O-line still looks like crap to me.

    Why don't you look again, except this time take the rose colored glasses off first. Maybe then you want have such a Pollyanna outlook on next years chances.
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    You're so right. I've been wondering about this team, but this post sums it all up perfectly. Thank you, I had been searching for a former clarity.

    Maybe we finish 5-11.
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    Once again, paragraphs are not illegal.
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    First off - as others have said, paragraphs are your friend. It makes reading what you're writing a lot easier.

    We'll take it one at a time. You agree that when the line was intact, Bledsoe played well. This year's O-line is intact at present - and ensured that Torrin Tucker won't start at left tackle ever again. Worst case - Adams is injured? Fabini starts at LT as he has for several years. No Tucker.

    Fabini gets hurt? They still have Columbo as an option - one that didn't have. Follow me?

    Fabini started in New York for years - at the more-demanding LT spot. And he helped Curtis Martin lead the league in rushing. Unlike you, I won't write him off after one injury and neither will Bill Parcells. Worst case? Better than last year.

    Then we saw two entirely different things. Allen was surely a "shell" of his former self. And he was ill-suited for the current offense and his conditioning worsened as the season progressed. Pull out your Turkey Day tape or the game against Oakland where Sapp owned him and then tell me about how well he played.

    Petitti got the job done with help last season well enough for Bledsoe to lead the NFC as a quarterback. Without help, he struggled. A rookie 6th round left tackle struggled after being forced into the lineup at right tackle.

    Is there any doubt that Petitti 2006 won't be at least as good as Petitti 2005 was? And if he hasn't improved, the team has Fabini to start.

    Worst case? Better than last year.

    Good thing you don't own a horse. My argument is that he had the physical talent to be a #1 pick - that's all. And at this point, the Cowboys have a former #1 pick as their 4th tackle. Worst case? Better than last year

    Yet it's OK for you to condemn him for the same reasons?

    Maybe you could come clean with your agenda against the Cowboys as well.........

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