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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DenCWBY, Nov 29, 2012.

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    I have been a DC fan forever and in this site for a short period of time. Obviously the big rub in this house is the problems with our Boys. I think the majority understand that JJ is the ulitmate problem but it's like your mother in law. You can't shoot her so you have to deal with her in spite of your lovely wife.
    The coach on the other hand is the hot issue that really seems to divide this house. You probably know I'm ready to move on from the JG expirement.
    My questions is to those who think we should keep JG for next year or beyond. Please tell me why you think this way using logic and factual data to support your reasoning? I have tried to understand your side but I get a lot of generalities and heresy such as "I just have this feeling" or "I just think he's good for the team" or "he's better than what we had" or "he needs a chance". Before you answer, please consider he's been the DC OCoordinator going on 6 years, all teams have injuries and his W/L record to date.
    Again, please provide statistical data or facts to support your thoughts or argument that indicate trends of success or improvement under his watch. Thanks
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    I'd like to repeat a fact about Tony Sparano, before somebody comes on claiming that one cannot distinguish between Sparano and Garrett based upon that 2007 season...

    In 2006, before JG even set foot in this organization in the role of 'OC', the Cowboys offense was 4th in scoring and 5th in yards with Sparano as their OC... So essentially JG was handed a top 5 offense, even if we count the 2007 season as his, which is a stretch by the most utmost of lengths anyways, only to send it perishing down the path of stink-dom.

    He couldn't even handle the role of OC here, with a guy like Tony Romo, so to act like he's got too many hats is right from one perspective, but it ain't right from the perspective of that this is what is killing this offense. What's killing this offense is simply JG calling plays.
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    In 2005 they ranked 15th in points and 13th in yds with Bledsoe at the controls with the same coaching structure.

    Maybe, just maybe the emergence of Romo had something to do with it?
  4. rickjameschinaclub

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    Ding ding ding... now do you understand? So Romo makes an average OC like Sparano head to the top, while JG, with that same QB, continually gets worse and worse. So why are we blaming Romo again and not Garrett?
  5. Bluestang

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    I don't ignore the fact that the 2006/2007 rosters were better than what we have now.

    More consistent players, and more importantly a better OL.

    Something else to consider, from 2007 to now is the Cowboys are ranked #8 in PPG. With an 18 pt win vs the Eagles they will move into 7th place.
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    Yea, another JG thread!
  7. rcaldw

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    Honestly, if you have been around here this week you don't need to post this thread. Just look back over the course of the last week and a half and there have been two positive JG threads, in which both sides debated, totaled over 200 responses each. You can feast on the arguments until your soul is content.
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    You shouldn't be surprised by it. It's how they roll at CZ! ;)
  9. rickjameschinaclub

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    I remember how bad the offensive line looked with Drew Bledsoe... You remember that? So then JG is screwing up the personnel even more...

    So again, why are we blaming Romo and not Garrett?
  10. Chocolate Lab

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    That is highly debatable to say the least..

  11. DenCWBY

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    Iknow I apologize as this is obvious overkill
  12. DenCWBY

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    Saw it but did not see any positives for JG that provided factual data or statisical data which would make a case for JG to stay. I have seen tons of data on the other side.
  13. Picksix

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    Plus, the way you present your post, it's like you're trying to get JG supporters to prove to you why he should be kept. And stats are good. They're concrete and empirical. But they shouldn't be the only basis for why you keep or don't keep a coach. I mean, after Jimmy's first couple of years, he didn't have any stats to back him up either.

    I'm not saying we should keep JG or dump him. I was very much in favor of keeping him when the season started. Now, I'm wavering (as if that mattered).
  14. Bluestang

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    Highly debatable? I'm ready when you are...
  15. CowboysFaninDC

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    what is a new coach going to bring to the table that the other 5 didn't in the past 20 years? and as you said the problem is JJ not the coaches necessarily, so changing coaches certainly won't make us better.

    this team has changed direction every few years and has lacked continuity. on top of that it has lacked team building by missing on draft picks and FA signins. We are paying a high price for that now. with draft misses in 2008 and 2009 and bad FA signins on top of that, its set the team back.

    the problems with the team are obvious. the OL and the DL. no coach can fix those. we are just not talented. and I don't care if you have a ferrari body, with wide tired and fancy red color. if you put a yugo engine in it and that's exactly what we got.

    and with this core of players towards the end of their careers, we can't afford to change directions again. because a new coach. new philosophy and another couple of years and then romo, ware, witten, rat are done.

    one of hte things we have done better under garrett is better drafting and seems like a better draft philosophy.

    and plus, working under jerry who just goes wild when he feels he needs to, hasn't been easy.

    I know everyone wants peyton. right now he is the best candidate out there. but peyton is successful because he has Brees, a deep WR group, a talented TE, deep group of RBs and a top 5 OL. he has had that for 5 years now.

    romo is no brees. and our WR group doesn't compare at this time and this OL is piece of crap. his experience may lead to a game or two better at most. it ain't going to make us into superbowl contenders and in year 3, having achieved mediocrity once again, everyone will be asking for the next coach.

    and despite everything JG hasn't been as bad as the product on the field. it looks bad, because the OL sucks. on top of that the defense has folded. if anything I like our DC replaced, because I never liked him anyway.
  16. CowboysFaninDC

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    don't throw facts into this debate. it doesn't bode well for their argument and their imagination.

  17. 17yearsandcounting

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    Dont you know? He is Tom Landy, Tom Coughlin and Bill Bellichik in training.

    Pull up a chair and wait, the glory days are coming back.
  18. CowboysFaninDC

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    maybe , just maybe a little bit. not saying a whole lot, but just a little bit it has to do with a crappy OL...not sure, but just guessing it has an impact, having missed on the OL we have drafted and not having signed anyone of importance and having spent one first orund pick on an OL in 20+ years...just maybe!!!

    and I guess it kind of makes sense, because what's his name struggled in Miami with a crappy OL.....
  19. Hostile

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    The coach is not a hot issue with his players. That's the only thing I really care about right now. Fans and media pale in comparison to the men who have to play for him.
  20. stasheroo

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    I think the big issue I have with Garrett - and many of his supporters - is that they see what they wish to see.

    And that includes Jerry and Stephen Jones.

    They see what might be with Jason Garrett, not what is.

    They see what could potentially be a great story.

    And intelligent, Ivy league-educated former 'Glory Days' player returns to lead the new to a revitalization and becomes the next Landry to lead the organization for a decade plus.

    That's what they want to happen.

    It's the picture they have in their minds and what they hope ultimately occurs.

    But reality does not back this up and the hard facts paint a different picture.

    They show a guy who looks like he's in over his head and is hovering around .500 for his head coaching tenure.

    And an offensive coordinator whose offense is getting progressively worse, not better.

    And a team that, in my opinion, does not show one area where it has improved.

    I think the organization has to ask themselves what is more important, the careers of Ware, Witten, and Romo, or the hopes for Jason Garrett and his coaching career?

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