Those for JGarrett in 2013

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DenCWBY, Nov 29, 2012.

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    how's he screwing up the personnel? oh yeah, conveniently lets place all the blame on JG. because coaches yield a lot of power over Jerry. and I guess parcells wanted Ware since he yielded his power over Jerry to make that pick too, but then again, everyone likes to diss parcells over this one...
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    I'll plead somewhat guilty to this judgment, but I have reasons for what I see happening. Sorry it makes you have issues with me. I promise not to have issues with you just because you have issues with me.
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    the problem with the anti-JG crowd is they think he is the only problem with this team, yet with 6 different coaches under jerry jones we have had the same result. so what's going to be different with #7?

    the problem is that the anti-JG crowd thinks another coach is going to come in and turn shiet into filet mignon.

    well fact is that we are not a very talented team, specially along the OL and DL, areas that have been ignored for years. no coach will be able to fix it, no matter what they do....

    until and unless we realize that, next coach will come in and we might be a whole game better, and then back to the same thing and in three years everyone wants the next coach.

    that's not the problem. unfortunatley the problem isn't going to go away. another coach is not going to fix this team and its time to accept that as long as jerry jones is the GM, this is as good as we get.
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    You know I don't have issues with you personally.

    We just disagree on this subject.

    We can do that respectfully.

    I would actually like to know what tangible evidence of improvement you see that keep you optimistic?
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    Only because we don't follow the norm wherein disagreement means hatred.

    By the way, when I am proven right about Jason Garrett, and I will be, I hope nothing will still change.
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    Good stuff, Thanks
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    Absolutely not.

    And for the record, I hope you are!

    I'd be glad to offer up a ton of these if it means that the Cowboys are winning.

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    I totally see your point however look a SF, new coach brought in new staff, inherited crap and totally changed the environment overnight. Harbaugh with Ravens as well. A Reid did it when he came to Phili. Chucky at TB but he inherited a great D.
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    I'll repost me concerns about Garrett from the other thread:

    My problem with Garrett is, what I believe to be, a lack of pragmatism. It doesn’t matter what occupation you are in; if you cannot adapt you will be left behind. From what I have seen this season, Garrett seems to refuse to change it up. If something is not working, he seems to keep pounding the same drum regardless. I have noticed this in line-up decisions, play-calling, and his overall mentality regarding football and this team.

    I feel that there are many thing that he could do (try) to help alleviate some of our deficiencies and play to our strengths, but I have yet to see a substantial adaption on these fronts.

    With that said, I do believe that the team will fight for him and I have like some of his personal decisions. I think there is little chance that he is fired this year.

    Garrett on why he isn't playing the first half like the second half when we seem to start coming back:

    "You certainly don’t want to just give up on things when they don’t work the first time,” Garrett said. “You want to be persistent with them, particularly the running game. The residual effects of the running game are really positive; they’re positive for your offensive line, for your quarterback, for your defense."

    "Game circumstance plays into it, but you have to be careful throwing the ball all the time,” he said. “You have to be able to run the football, you’ve got to be able to play north and south, let these linemen come off the football. It makes everyone’s job better.”
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    The thought of garrett being back next year makes me physically ill.
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    that's right, we will get into the playoffs with JG(it just may take 10 yrs)
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    I keep hearing, even from the anti JG crowd, how the roster has gotten better since he became HC.

    I have a hard time believing JG said lets get Carter, Wilbur, Crawford, etc. The choices he has made is Canning the old Oline, and replacing it with undrafted FA's and JAGs. Outside of Tyron what has he done? The rest of the O has been here for a while now. In fact he didn't want Hanna this past season. Demarco looks like a stud, but I don't think he will ever make it through a 16 game season.
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    I'll take dead horse topics for $500 please.
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    No kidding.

    First, if the talent is better, why can't he win with it?

    And second, who thinks he seriously makes picks like Bruce Carter anyway? Jerry plainly told us that was Lacewell and old crony Butch Davis.
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    Very well put response...Thank you

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    This is how I feel. If the Cowboys going 8-8 or better keep him. If they go 7-9 then Jerry should have a tough decision. If they got 6-10 or worse get his arse out of town.
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    I've got bad news for you.
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    I love how you make it seem like your side is using logic and factual data while we aren't. It's amazing how delusional some of you can be.
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    Lacewell also believed in giving away your draft for a franchise QB, he tried to advise this two times when the Manning brothers were entering the draft and he got "laughed out of the room". Lacewell understood what a franchise QB meant to an organization.

    Pardon me, but despite what people think of Lacewell he sure has some very sound ideas when it comes to drafting.

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