Those for JGarrett in 2013

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DenCWBY, Nov 29, 2012.

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    Please. Of course the HC has significant direct input in draft picks. And also in what side of the ball the picks are being spent on. He's responsible for all three units, and the fact that fans who are unhappy with some losses want to make up excuses for minimizing the head coach's involvement has no bearing on what actually goes on.

    And the OL problems we've had this year are so overstated. Pass protection matters more than anything else, and we're able to move the ball. We don't score enough because we kill drives with turnovers and penalties and can't run in short yardage situations to extend drives when we have to. Some of all of that is on the OL, but it's not an excuse for insufficient performance.

    He's retooled almost the entire secondary, the ILB corps, special teams, the OTs (who've fallen apart on us), the OGs, bolstered backup QB and added Demarco Murray. What hasn't he done personnel-wise? He also churns the practice squad, STs coverage units, and the bottom of the roster in general. We've been active on that front the last two seasons.

    For crying out loud, give the guy credit where he deserves it, and slam him where he does not. Being unhappy with the coach does not have to mean that anybody's an idiot or has made a mess of everything he's touched.

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    All the hundreds of posts throughout this forum proving what you're asking for yet you're still asking for stats and facts to support Garrett?

    Do you have stats and facts to prove someone new who comes in will do better with this unfinished roster?
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    Oh please. Quit making him out like he made all of these decisions. "He's retooled the secondary". :rolleyes: Give me a break. Rob, Jerry, and Tom did that. I don't like him, but I can be open minded.
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    Honestly I'm trying to come to the middle the best I can. I'm simply asking for a concrete factual argument to keep JG. Evidently you have none so I struck a nerve. There is a lot of data on this sight provided that proves he's been ineffective to run a offense while coaching a team well enough for a playoff birth and beyond.
    Delusional? At this point I would say that's the pot calling the kettle black.
    Just sayin!!
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    Lol you didn't even come close to striking a nerve my man. The FACT is that you guys live in a bubble and dismiss FACTS that don't fit into your agenda/argument. There have been plenty of posts providing FACTS about what JG has done. The Garrett supporters are just tired of repeating themselves. Talking to you guys is similar to talking to a wall. That's why the majority of the supporters stopped posting. Your bubble is impenetrable.

    I guess time will tell who is delusional and who is not. THE END
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    Being open-minded hardly helps when your eyes are closed.

    Of course the HC is heavily involved in which positions get addressed. Especially since it obviously means other positions--some of which you're even willing to credit him for having some say in--will then go unaddressed or under addressed.

    There's no chance Jason Garrett wasn't heavily involved in the decisions to sign Carr, extend Church, let Jenkins walk, and draft Claiborne. Honestly, I can't even believe you actually think he wasn't.

    Though, if you do, and if others agree with you, it explains a lot of what I'd normally just consider posters being blinded by their own dislike.

    The coaches define the players they want in order to accomplish what they want in their schemes, the scouts find that in the college ranks, and score the current roster and NFL free agents relative to the talent we've got in-house, then meet with the coaches to recommend best-fits and discuss whether or not the prospects are actually fits for what was wanted. Once they get their priority targets set, the front office works with them to figure out what can be accomplished and what's the best set of options to pursue, and then try to get the deals done. The HC is involved in just about every stage of that process, with the coordinators and position coaches participating where it affects their respective areas. This means Garrett's got an extra coordinator to work with on the defensive side, but the process is otherwise the same as it is on offense where he's acting as his own coordinator.
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    What I thought. Thanks for making my case.
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    No problem! Whatever I can do to keep you in your bubble. :D
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    anti-JG: So what improvement has there been?

    pro-JG: lists five things

    anti-JG: give me a break because
    a. someone else deserves the credit for that such as the assistant coach or coordinators that he hand-picked
    b. our won-loss record isn't better

    So there is absolutely nothing that the anti-JG crowd will accept until point b is fixed so there is no point having this argument at all because your minds are already made up and you will skew any arguments to point b as proof that nothing is better even if it is.

    This whole thread is stupid.

    Let the season play out and you'll get your answer in the off-season as to whether Garrett is back.
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    lol.... Ok, I understand the thread now.
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    Spot on.... this is the truth.
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    If Jason Garrett weren't the former clip board holder and Aikman butt slapper, would any of you be so vehemently defending him?
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    My opinion of him has nothing to do with his time here as a backup QB. So, yes.
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    Yeah, there is a strange sort of matrix logic going on here: Jason should get credit for bringing in good players, but how could he possibly judged by the success of the team because the linemen are so terrible?

    Jason probably has done some things better at the personnel level than his predecessor, but his team, especially his offense, plays terribly, week in and week out, with little exception. They are incredibly sloppy and mistake-prone. How is that a good thing, and how does the blame for their lack of execution not fall on his shoulders?
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    a hundred threads and ten thousand redundant posts recycling cyclical arguments all summarized. nice.

    can you do one for the jerry threads to?
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    The whole OL debacle smacks of a Jerry Jones financial/aging linemen decision gone wrong. He got rid of the old, expensive guys but only came up with one viable lineman in the draft and a bunch of scrubs patched in together since. I assume the next draft and free agents will be dedicated to fixing the OL, unless Jerry thinks having the worst running game in the league, and a QB who has to risk injury to take a five step drop, is the ticket to the promised land.
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    Reasons why I love Jason Garrett and wish he stays for another 10 years:

    1. He always has our players prepared to play a 60 minute ball game from the opening whistle, to the last hut. He has this team playing smart consistent football for 16 games a season, every season.

    2. He emphasizes health and conditioning in practice and in the lifestyle at valley ranch, making sure that the players have the experienced personal trainers to meet their needs and ensure we maximize each players health over a 16-game season.

    3. Jason Garrett recognizes that every team has strengths and weaknesses and his Cowboys are no exception. As such, he works to hide our weaknesses by not wasting any time calling short passing routes to get the ball out of Romo's hand and getting our more mobile lineman out in space by calling plenty of screens which favor the speed and strength we have at skill positions.

    4. Jason Garrett's managing of the clock so far has been impeccable, showing a true wisdom for game management beyond his years. Late in the 4th, I can count on Garrett to put us in a position to win, every time.

    5. Jason Garrett brings a culture of accountability to Dallas not seen in a while. Players know that when Garrett claps his hands loudly that they better never put that football on the ground again.

    6. Jason Garrett knows that in this modern day NFL nothing is a better asset than a versatile, diverse gameplan. Garrett runs a plethora of different run schemes and pass plays because he knows that running HB dives and go-routes every play is not a recipe for success.

    7. Jason Garret, being from Princeton, recognized that if the Cowboys have had a weakness over the past couple of years it has been along both offensive and defensive lines. Being the great coach and leader of men Garrett is, he told his GM that he would not rest until he was given legitimate NFL talent at the 5 OL and 3 DL positions the Cowboys needed.

    Just a couple of reasons off the top of my head to keep JG here for the long haul, he gives this franchise hope it has not seen in many years.
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    What the hell?

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