Those interested, Bryan Broaddus is going to work for Cowboys at

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Apr 20, 2012.

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    Broaddus insight will be missed.......I didn't agree with a lot of stuff he said but then again everyone has a opinion. It's too bad he stopped posting here because another poster here got banned......kinda childish imho

    Btw who is DCF? of luck to him
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    A poster on here who had his own fan driven Internet radio program and posted a lot of videos. He was very controversial and a bit thin skinned. He got suspended and while on suspension he used his blog to trash this site. After we had given him traffic and exposure it was kind of a bite the hand that feeds ya move on his part and the site owner here was really offended that he did that. He was gaining popularity in large part because of this forum.

    He was a personal friend of mine. I was a regular joker on his show. Now he won't even accept the calls. I've called in to his show in recent months and been on hold the entire time. I am sure he knows it is me and that he blames me for his being banned here, but I have nothing whatsoever to do with that. He got himself banned and the URLs to his blog and videos removed by being vindictive and thinking that he was above the rules. No one is.
  3. Mash

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    Ahhh.......I remember that poster now......I enjoyed his contribution but I also remember some of the issues you mentioned.

    It's too bad....
  4. burmafrd

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    yeah I think I got a PM that was nasty as well from him. Sometimes people forget this is not exactly life and death here

  5. theogt

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    The guy has serious mental issues. And I'm not joking or being flippant.
  6. Apollo Creed

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    I woulda respected his opinion and contacts a lot more had he been right every now and then, and handled himself more professionally, if he is the professional we all expected him to be. I mean c'mon, exchanging PMs with Theogt over his opinion of Alan Ball isn't a good look.

    I always respect a man who can say he was a professional scout at one point, but I always read his work and came away very underwelmed. It's a very difficult job, but compare a guy like Couchscout's work to what Broaddus provided, even the work he was paid to do by ESPN - and it wasn't as if I thought 'wow man this guy knows the game.' Can't wait for his next piece. After a while we all started viewing his work as if he was another journalist for DMN or FWST. I just saw a lot of buzzwords that he accumulated through osmosis after years of being intimately close to a game we all understand on a similar level. Good hips, fluidity, wiggle, leverage, technique, mechanics, footwork, intangibles, vision, balance, point of attack, press, zone, tampa 2, yada yada we all get it. There are only so many different ways to explain a guy getting it done, or not getting it done.

    I'd hope with all his contacts, years in the league, he could've at least impressed a bunch of amateurs and average Joe fans like us around here, right?

    But instead he really didn't bring it, got a backlash, as most do here - then handled it rather poorly. And left when one of the biggest d-bags I've ever seen in the internets world, rightfully got banned, for constant d-baggery.
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    Well, I most likely deserved a nasty PM. But still, you gotta have some thick skin and be able to take a jab.
  8. CCBoy

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    Broaddus should expand as to depth of perceptions now. has association with the Star Magazine, there will be some good insight going his way as well. It should be a good blend developing there.
  9. BraveHeartFan

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    From DCF or Broadus?

    DCF never PMed me, we always had our arguments out in the open on the forum, but Broadus PMed me one time because I don't care for his stuff on the Galloway show.

    I'm sure at one time Broadus was quite good as his job, as a scout in the league, and I have no doubt he likely has a lot of great experience and knowledge.

    The problem with him is like it is with so many other media folks now he pushes a media agenda and doesn't give you enough of what he's actually good at.

    He's litterally, next to Ed Werder, the person I like the least that ever gives any opinions or time to Galloway and Company.

    I mean Galloway is a moron a lot of times but you know Galloway is a moron and that's his role on his show. To be outrageous and say stupid things that make people look at him like he's a moron.

    With Broadus I was always expecting a whole lot more and it just always seemed like he was way more interested in pushing the same old BS that ESPN and other media members wanted to push rather than giving us his football knowledge.

    Hopefuly with this move we'll get more of the football knowledge and quality that he once had in the past. I'm not going to hold my breath though.

    I like DCF. We had some big arguments, and got at one another, but I always respected his contributions and what he did on the forums. I still follow him on twitter and converse with him once in a while on there.

    DCF just had a real problem with being civil and being able to discuss a topic with differing opinions without resorting to name calling and being a jerk. He's probably the worst I've seen on these forums about this although there have been plenty since him that use petty much the same tactic everytime someone disagrees with them and they've managed to stay on these forums.

    I guess though they didn't go on a blog or something and trash the site afterwards. Which is a shame DCF did that. I enjoyed his videos and his work.

    Yeah it's called being an internet tough guy.

    Least that's always how it came off to me anyway.
  10. Cajuncowboy

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    I think he better change his twitter background then.

  11. theogt

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    BHF, in that quote I was referring to Broaddus.
  12. SDogo

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    Various print screens from this thread will be appearing on his blog shortly, trust me I know. I have been the target of a DC backlash for several weeks.

    Hi DC!

  13. theogt

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    I don't think I've ever even seen his blog.
  14. baj1dallas

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    I find this pretty shocking actually. ESPN *loved* him. He did NASCAR stuff for them as well. That's a big loss - whether you put any stock in his opinion or not, he filled a lot of airtime and offered a lot of knowledge that they may have trouble replacing. I would rather disagree with Broaddus' opinion than not care about some overblown knucklehead bloviator.
  15. jobberone

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    I really like the guy. I wish him the very best.
  16. Idgit

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    dcf was a bipolar kind of guy. Added a lot to the forum, was a bit of a weenie when called out. He had a bad habit of branding stolen content as his own and then getting proprietary about it. It was weird.

    I've always appreciated Broadus. I'd never heard the story of why he stopped coming here, but if the suggestions are accurate, I'm just as happy he's no longer posting. Would much rather keep the site drama-free.

    You can bet they both monitor content here, though, no matter what they say behind anyone's back.
  17. dez_for_prez

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    If CowboysZone was a movie would DCF be the King's(Reality) evil son that got bannished then decided to come back and take over the kingdom?(best Cowboys website)
  18. Idgit

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    He'd be a temperamental pawn, who thought he was royalty because he took credit for the work of others.
  19. SDogo

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    You could bet your house, wife and first born...............
  20. Idgit

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    The only thing anyone would be interested in in that group would be the house. What?

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