Those interested, Bryan Broaddus is going to work for Cowboys at

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Apr 20, 2012.

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    Wow. I, too, received a couple of PMs from Broaddus after I disagreed with him on a couple of occasions. He never responded to my replies, which were simply asking for more information. It gave me Tuesday impression that he was a little bit thin skinned and more concerned about being right and a step above rather than engaging in actual football talk.

    I agree with the overall sentiment about him in this thread. If he was a good scout at one point, he stopped and became just like the rest of the media out there with an agenda.: stopped taking him seriously. I much prefer and value insight from SDogo and couchscout around here more than I ever did with Broaddus.
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    I understand.........I really do. What? ;)
  3. Hostile

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    Well, I like and respect both guys. I'd gotten to know them beyond the forums. I knew nothing about PMs others got. I do agree, that is thin skinned. You'd certainly never hear of JFE, JJT, Archer, or the rest doing that I don't think. I guess I would need to know if people made it personal or not. It has happened to me quite often, so I know it could happen to someone else.
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    I don't visit his site at all, but I was directed there earlier this week.

    You really done pissed him off.
  5. iceberg

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    then he should be mad at the person who got themselves banned.
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    Broaddus was only here in the first place because of DCF. When DC got the boot he took his buddy with him. Broaddus used to do DCs show all the time. Broaddus is knowledgable and I think a good guy. My only issue with him is around draft time he puts out info he cant possibly believe like the whole Costanzo thing last year. Hurts his credablility a little and makes me think the team wants him to spread disinfo, and now they will be paying him to do it.
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    He posts a lot of good videos, and there's some pretty good content. But he's also extremely biased and opinionated, he gets a bit petty, and he some strange vendetta toward Dez Bryant, because he rips him to no end. Oh, and he's like Taylor Swift in the sense that, if you can get on his bad side, you can be sure he'll use that forum to vent his anger toward you. I think it's like therapy for him.

    It's too bad. I always liked what he brought to the forum, but he does have trouble handling opposition.
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    For some media has to be a one way street. There is a guy on here doing a more honest radio show. I think he has loads more talent and is much more canny than DCF. To each is own. I did like Broadus, but I didn't think he was much more than the average scout.
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    Should have figured that might have something to do with it. To listen to so many of his blogtalkradio shows, DCF has Broaddus on his shows with him regularly and refers to BB as his really good friend, so it makes perfect sense that DCF's banning would have something/ a lot to do with it. Thanks for answering.

    Sorry to read about how you've kept trying to take the high road, yet haven't been getting your calls answered/ put through when you've called in to his show. I would like to have heard your insights on so many subjects I've heard discussed along the way. Sounds like you've tried to do the right thing, no matter what past problems arose while DCF was a member on CZ.
  10. Idgit

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    SDogo? Seriously?

    I wouldn't read dcf's fan blog, because I don't care what he thinks about anything, but why would anyone have any issue with SDogo? He's easy-going, informative, and generally just a cool guy. What's there to overreact to?
  11. Hostile

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    I am not trying to brag, but I was a good guest on his show. I always made people laugh and I always got people fired up.
  12. Idgit

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    Just bothered to look it up and read it. I shouldn't have bothered. The man's an emotional child. Just silly.
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    What was Broaddus' username?
  14. SDogo

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    I tried to email him and work it out. I guess he has no interest because he went back at it shortly after. Problem is, if you read his blog you only get one side of the story and he keeps it that way because any comments to the contrary seem to get deleted.

    For example, his rage when I commented on Brian only shows a portion of the post. He took one comment at the start of a thread where Brian was misquoted and ignored my comment later when Brian's comment was quoted correctly and I gave him kudo's and said Brian mad ea lot of sense.

    I mean if that does not spell blatant agenda nothing does.

    Oh well, I hate that it's got to be that way but I won't lose sleep over it.

    I'm just some guy from South Carolina, what do I know. I never realized you had to live in a bubble in the middle of Texas to know anyone or anything about the Cowboys. lol
  15. Idgit

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    I'd forgotten what dcf was like. He's got interesting takes from time to time, but he's self-important, and he sensationalized everything. A drama king.

    Anyway, not worth its weight in digital ink. We're better off with the drama elsewhere.
  16. 67CowboysFan

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    proscout I think
  17. Bluestang

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    Here is a clear cut example of one of the things where things got "messy" between DCF, Broaddus, and other posters. At the time the Cowboys were playing terrible and alot of people were on edge about the whole situation in general. Posters wanted answers and Broaddus took a very firm role on Wade as a HC not getting it done and had been on the radio alot saying this. Then it got to the point where his writing was being attacked and called sensationalism, blah, blah, blah and DCF got involved and it went south from there.

    I like Broaddus and his breakdown's of game film is very insightful and fans on other teams don't even get that type of in-depth information. Some people do not agree and that is ok but again it doesn't give them the right to start projecting that person as a certain way because they disagree.
    Broaddus has to write stuff so that even the average fan can read it, understand it, and take away some key points from it. (hence the "buzzwords") Alot of us Zoners are not the average fan, alot of us understand Xs and Os more than the average fan so that is where the root of the problem is I think. We are looking for clear cut answers and Broaddus' style of writing is not meant to be. I'm sure Broaddus could get alot more detailed in his film breakdowns but then the average fan wouldn't understand it and that isn't his goal to begin with. Media folks are always trying to attract viewers and readers, that is the name of the game for them. Controversial headlines will always get attention so just like we say Broaddus should have a thick skin the same should apply for us.

    As far as DCF goes, well that is another issue in itself.
  18. Bluestang

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    I find it ironic that he calls himself an "insider" because of his relationship with Broaddus.
  19. SDogo

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    I just find it ironic he can have a relationship with Broaddus and not understand how anyone else could ever find themselves in the same circumstance.

    It's also a little weird how he will take a video from NFL Network and as soon as it hits his site he believes he somehow owns all rights and credit for it. Just always found that a little strange.
  20. Bluestang

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    That was one of his issues here as well because the forum rules clearly state that you must give credit the original source and he never did and got called out for it.

    He did the same thing for the ESPN podcasts (which were great BTW) and then he got a ceast and desist order from ESPN and had to stop doing that.

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