Those interested, reports, Redskins have met with Cowher twice

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Dec 31, 2013.

  1. Tawney88

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    Good point, our problem start and finish with Jerry Jones.
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  2. Szczepanik

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    True but there are multiple reasons why those 2 coaches never found success. It was mostly personnel. Half of the board would love to have Parcells and Jimmy back.

    Shanahan is not a bad coach by any means. Neither is Gibbs round 2. Many redskins players loved Gibbs the second time around.
  3. coult44

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    If we had a good GM he would fix our problems in two years!!! A good HC will fix theirs immediately, ie; Andy Reid in KC
  4. burmafrd

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    I question whether Cowher really wants to coach again; and whether he will trust Snyder to really stay out of things. But to me if Cowher takes the job he will make it very clear there is no backdoor to the owner for RG111
  5. black label

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    So Cowher so great, does Jason get another 10 years? cowher had 15 to do it answer son

    Cower is the couch Gm choice, can you wait another 15? he is the god of football

    Ill wait till 2029 then
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  6. black label

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    btw cowher is so great he doesnt even need the refs help OWNED SON
  7. black label

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    as aweful as garret is id love to see chicken legs and cowher for 15 years begging the refs for a win. Doods that would be Christmas pudding
  8. Fredd

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    Cowher would be very good for some teams, I just don't think he is a good fit in DC...but, you have to give the little bitty owner credit for recognizing that problem and at least TRYING to fix retrospect, the RG3-13 decision has set this team back for a while with everything that they gave up to get him....think of what a guy like Cowher could do with the #2 pick in the draft? He would likely trade back a few spots and pick up some resources...
  9. theranchsucks

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    Funny, last time Jerry hired a real coach was Parcells. A lot of reports say that Jerrys main reason for it was to get his new stadium which he has and the last 7 years we have gotten nowhere with 2 guys who are not head coaches but puppets.
  10. cml750

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    And it is much worse when the "problem" in the organization is "training" his "pet project" head coach.
  11. Venger

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    If it gets him off the CBS panel, I am for it... that group is TERRIBLE.
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  12. FLcowboy

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    I'd agree with this. He's been out of combat for several years, watching from the tv booth. I think the Chip Kellys are the future. New ideas, no established NFL pre-conditions, etc.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    No coach has every won Super Bowl with two different teams (well Holmgren did but was admittedly robbed by referees)

    Bill Cowher WILL NOT be the first one to do it. (He too, benefitted from referee help to win the one he has).
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  14. big dog cowboy

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    Andy Reid finished the season 2-5 only beating WASH and OAK.

    If that happened here the screams to fire whoever was HC would be heard in China.
  15. coult44

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    Andy Reid coasted into the playoffs.
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  16. Randy White

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    Well, little Danny has made those proclamations in public, but going by his actions, he sure acts like it. I'm going on internet rumors only on this one, but it's said that it was he who insisted on getting RG 3 at any cost. As we can see now, RG 3 might turn out to be special someday, but two top 5 picks ? and maybe another top 5 pick next year as well ?
  17. hornitosmonster

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    The Rams have the Redskunks #2 pick .Just a little FYI to ruin your day
  18. fifaguy

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    yes, i think you are right; he has engineered a few acquisitions. maybe Haynesworth too?
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  19. khiladi

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    You mean multiple playoff appearances is bad?
  20. ninja

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    I would love for Cowher to go to the Washington Team. That way, I would never ever have to hear people here clamoring for him as the next Cowboys coach. Cowher is old news. Is he going to bring DC Dick LeBeau with him?

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