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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by xwalker, Jul 11, 2014.

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    It's a high probability that if you have decent starters at all positions, that the defense will be decent. No projection is guaranteed to happen, it's just a matter of looking a probabilities. It's like buying stock in Coke. They might go bankrupt, but there's a high probability that they will be profitable.
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    Yea, I gotcha, I'm not arguing the case.
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    I dont see that as vastly inferior to the 200-2002 Dallas draft to saddle Dave Campo with. And he was 5-11 (every year).

    Joey Galloway Trade cost 2 - #1 picks

    2- Dwayne (Chicken Wing) Goodrich - (being a UT alum there at the same time he was, I knew this was going to be bad)
    4- Kareem Larrimore
    5 - Michael Wiley
    6 - Mario Edwards
    7 - Orantes Grant

    2 - Quincy Carter
    2 - Tony Dixon
    3 - Willie Blade
    4 - Markus Steele
    5 - Matt Lehr
    6 - Delroy Stewart
    7 - Colston Wetherington
    7 - John NIx
    7 - Charon Dorsey

    1 - Roy Williams
    2 - Andre Guorode
    2 - Antonio Bryant
    3 - Derek Ross
    4 - Jamar Martin
    5 - Pete Hunter
    6 - Tyson Walter
    6 - Deveren Johnson
    6 - Bob Slowikowski
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    what pass rush last year? if its any worse, then God help us. giving a QB 7 or 8 seconds is not acceptable..
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    We can trade...When I was signing up I tried 4 or 5 in 2008 and they were taken, I was watching Superbad at the time so there it is.

    When the mods opened up the name change for people with former players as names, I tried the to argue that since Demarcus "McLovin" Ware - as he was known to his friends - released, I should probably change it. Also, since Roger Staubach became a septuagenarian he stopped going by "McLovin" even for close friends and family.

    Denied...they never even asked for proof
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    ^ I'd wish they let us change names if we explained why and weren't trying to hide anything.

    This isn't me questioning the mods or board rules. Just asking for some open dialogue on the subject.

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