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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ddh33, Aug 26, 2006.

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    After three preseason games, I sure see a ton of reasons to be optimistic. This young Cowboys team looks to have a ton of potential. Of course, all enthusiasm must be tempered by understanding that this is still only the preseason.

    At quarterback, Drew Bledsoe continues to show why this is his team. Bledsoe has been very sharp in his two appearances. When given time, he's able to march his offense up and down the field for points. He and Terry Glenn have obviously never lost a bit of the chemistry that they have together.

    Behind Drew, Tony Romo continues to cement himself as the future Cowboys quarterback. Beyond the accuracy and ability to move in the pocket to avoid the rush, it's the other things about Romo that get me excited. I watched Romo get drilled on his blindside before his back foot even hit the ground on a three step drop. The very next play, he stands in the pocket for a long time and throws a nice pass for a first down completion. The ability to forget the last play and move on to make a good play is something that means a lot to me. He did the same thing later on after a couple of drops that should have been completed. He even got charged with an interception that wasn't really his fault. That didn't stop him from staying in control of the game and completeing several passes on the last drive that took ten minutes and killed the clock. Even though he had awful field position all night, he did a good job with what he had to work with. He continues to impress me.

    By the way, that doesn't mean that I think Romo should start over Drew or anything. I just talked more about him because he's still the unknown at this point.

    I sure wish we could run the football. That seems to be all I've heard lately. I just can't go along with that though. Dallas was able to control the clock again in this game, and that's not something you can do without having a solid running game. Tonight we saw what can happen when a team doesn't load up and commit to stopping the run - they get run over. Julius Jones and Marion Barber look like they are going to be a fine duo, and Tyson Thompson still has plenty of raw ability to keep me interested.

    I thought the O-Line did a very solid job tonight. The first thing that stood out to me was that the OL controlled this game even without Flozell Adams. Now, I know this was just the 49ers. They aren't exactly juggernauts yet, but some of the young guys more than held their own. Pat McQuistan, in particular, was impressive considering where he was drafted and his inexperience. There's no way he isn't on this roster. I think Andre Gurode completely sewed up the starting job at center tonight too. Kozier and Rivera were both good. They had their misses too, but I think you have to be pretty pleased with how the line played.

    I liked how the receivers played tonight too for the most part. Terry Glenn, as mentioned, is a complete stud. I still say he's the most underrated receiver in recent history. Sam Hurd was a little quieter tonight, but Jamaica Rector made up the difference. He's another guy who just punched his ticket on to this roster. Skyler Green didn't help himself tonight, but I was more interested in some comments made by the tv guys about how he might have some maturity issues. I didn't know anything about that, so someone feel free to clue me in.

    The tight end position kind of concerns me at this point. Witten is a pro-bowler. We know that. Fasano seems to be doing well at this point. Polite has this team made. Hannam probably does too. Even Curtis has shown signs. I guess I'm just a little concerned because this team does seem to want to define itself with a two-tight end offense. To do that, you have to have some quality depth. When I see Hannam and Curtis drop passes they shouldn't, I get worried.

    McBriar was very good tonight. I think he can just about safely stop worrying about Fredrickson, if he ever was. Suisham did a very good job on his kickoffs, but he probably has to keep sweating. I'm sure that Bill hates the idea of keeping three kickers, and when Suisham missed that field goal, he probably gave Bill more ammunition to use against him.

    The defense didn't seem quite as dominant tonight, and I have to admit that it seemed to me that they were bored at times in the game. They also continue to play a very vanilla defense in this preseason.

    Jason Hatcher stood out again tonight. He's not there yet when it comes to stopping the run, but he can already put pressure on the quarterback. He kind of flashed tonight though, I thought. Demarcus Ware was also able to get pressure on the quarterback when he was turned loose.

    Bobby Carpenter hasn't been talked about a lot. I like his blitzing ability though, and he did a nice job in pass coverage too. Considering that he is a rookie and learning a new position, I am encouraged.

    I don't remember hearing Pat Watkins name much. I'm considering that a good thing. Terence Newman didn't have his name called either. Anthony Henry did, but only because he had a nice interception.

    All in all, it's hard to remember a Cowboys team looking this good in the preseason. There is a lot to be happy about, and there's still room for this team to grow. Some of the roster decisions still look cloudy, but I think some of them are starting to sort themselves out.
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    Jason Hatcher looks eerily like Michael Strahan.

    He is big and quick.
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    Thanks for the recap. Didn't see the game. Was waiting for a post like this to give me an idea how it went. Excited to see it tomorrow afternoon.
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    Thanks for an update.
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    Well hopefully hell get some braces to fix that godawful gap.
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    Hatcher has a gap?

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