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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Pats Fan, Jan 4, 2006.

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    I posted a few weeks ago about my thoughts of Bledsoe. None of them positive by the way. I have been watching this game of football for so long, well, it is coming into perspective.

    1. Forget stats. Stats are wonderful for WHAT??? Bledsoe has great stats, but yet he will never, ever win the big one. Period. Not going to happen. Never, not ever. There is not even a single thought in my mind that he will. Pressure = fall apart. Just the guy, nothing you can do about it.

    2. Everyone remembers SB wins, forget even about AFC or NFC championships. Oh, another year, all forgotten.

    3. Luck has nothing to do with it. People say we are lucky to have Brady, but if you look at our draft, year end and year out we seem to draft a QB. Sometimes I would say why are you drafting this guy???? Bottom line, Brady will be gone soon enough, and the QB is the most important guy on the team -- the leader. OK Pats, keep drafting a QB.

    4. Parcells is an old style coach who has entered the modern age. Bring in the old guys, the guys I know. That's enough. Well, forget it. Not going to happen. Brady would have never played under Parcells. That much I know for sure. Actually I credit Weiss with that decison. No knowledge, just a gut feeling.

    As a side note, I was lucky enough to see Glenn when he was a rookie in New England. If you do not go to the games, you really do not get a feel for it. TV does not do justice. NOPE. Glenn in his rookie year was one of the most amazing WR I ever saw. He floated on air. He blew it. I really feel if his heart was in it, he could have been the best ever. I am not joking, I saw this kid, and my eyes went out. Floated, he was simply amazing as a rookie.

    So, bottom line, Parcells will put you in the playoffs maybe, Bledsoe will blow it, and Glenn never reached his potential. Luck has nothing to do with it.

    I write this stuff, because as a Pats fan I went through the same feelings you are having.

    Parcells, for me, get out of town.

    Bledsoe, please don't let the door hit you on the way out.

    Glenn, oh, gee, I still would like to see you in a Pats uniform.

    Luck, no way. Forget it.

    Oh, and Montana was the best QB that ever played the game. Those of you posting that don't think so, you were so young you never saw the guy play. He was amazing. Simply amazing. So is Brady. Luck, no way. Draft a QB every year, and commit to play him when he shows the talent.
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    Lots of smoke and bs

    Those that saw Glenn in person in that era? I was one of them and have posted past two years here how uncoverable he is. Its amazing in person.....

    Teams that beat us double him and take him away.....
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    Just think if Tom Brady had Jerry Rice.
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    Nice job of attacking the one part that was not against your agendas.:D
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    Yeah, we all know you hit the lottery with Tom Brady! Enough already! Who ever said they thought Drew Bledsoe was a dominant QB? He's a fine passer who needs protection to succeed and is worthy of being chosen as the #1 pick overall. He's not Montana, Brady, or Elway. But he has a champion's heart and leaves it all on the field so I'm glad he's our quarterback.

    As a New England fan you haven't recently had to deal with the horror that was Quincy Carter, Anthonty Wright, Ryan Leaf, Tony Banks, Clint Stoerner and an ancient Vinnie Testaverde-- thanks to Bledsoe and Brady.

    Be grateful you had Drew, because without him you would not have had a Superbowl appearance after the 1996 season and a Superbowl trophy after the 2001 season.
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    Oh thank you for sending us your pearls of wisdom from the Ivory Gates oh great Patriot fan.
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    Saw enough of Bledsoe during regular season games over the years to call him beating out Henson. And he will for as long as both are on our roster. Simple math.

    Romo may have a chance in 2007.
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    Bandwagon Pats fan, winnig 3 SB's in 4 years............bandwagoner:laugh1:
    Thank you for the post al mighty Pats fan:)
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    Agree! What's the point of this thread?
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    He makes a very valid point tho - and he is somewhat whacked....

    Glenn in person is a stud. Dude is uncoverable. If he had his grill screwed on he'd be in hall. Amazing talent that has underperformed for his career.
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    I was just looking at your posts, and I have a question, is this your work also:

    Bingo. Hey Dallas fans, do you feel like your offensive line suddenly got 100 times worse OVERNIGHT??? It's called the Bledsoe syndrome. You're going to feel it all year long. There's no known cure at this time. Last night was a perfect microcosm of what Bledsoe brings to the table. He is slow to read defenses, has little (if any) pocket presence, and doesn't protect the football.

    What Bledsoe DOES give you (on a positive note) is durability (he never seems to get injured...which might get annoying as the year goes on and his inability to lead the offense gets more and more profound), and he can still throw the deep ball, which I didn't see him do last night. He still has a pretty deep ball.

    Sorry. As a Bills fan I once went through what you're all feeling now. Pats fans came to our board and told us almost verbatim what I just told you all. We didn't believe it one bit...then the season started and for about 8 games Bledsoe proved the Pats wrong. Then he came back down to reality and just hasn't been the same since.

    I'm not here to talk smack, but just to lay it on the line, this is EXACTLY what you have in Drew Bledsoe:

    -Good person
    -Good arm, nice deep ball
    -okay leader

    -can't play-action
    -can't throw screens
    -struggles to read defenses (needs no less than 4 seconds to read a standard D)
    -can't throw hot routes
    -little pocket presence
    -doesn't protect the ball
    -seems to get lazy as the year progresses
    -can't improvise

    What annoyed me most about Drew's tenure with the Bills is that he came in talking the same big game that he's talking for Dallas right now...about how he is motivated to win a ring yadda yadda yadda...but he just doesn't play with the same fire and enthusiasm he shows in his introductory interviews. He seems snakebitten, rattled, and dumfounded after every negative play, and ends up walking off the field with this 'deer in headlights' glaised over look. It's HORRIBLY FRUSTRATING.
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    Sorry folks, I am no bandwagon fan. 30 year season ticket holder of the Pats. You think you are going through ugly, you don't know ugly. PLEASE. We were so bad for so long and yet I renewed my tickets every year. Love of the game, and the Pats.

    I stand by my comments. Firm. Bledsoe in my eyes was and is a bum. Long before he was injured I wanted that guy sitting on the bench.
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    Bums dont put up numbers like Bledsoe did.......
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    Didnt Bledsoe win the AFC Championship game the year that Brady was out?

    Thats a pretty big game.
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    Kilyan - nope, but my feelings exactly. Gee, did I write that???? Could have Bills fan, my feelings - right on the money.
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    So if you got what you want then why are you hanging around the Cowboy's board??

    Go find some Lube-up-Brady site and have your jollys...

    This is NOT the site for you!!!
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    Dude, I'm in CT and I have lots of friends that are Pats fans...surrounded with Giants and Jets fans too...My roomate is a Buffalo fan.

    They ALL feel the same way about Bledsoe.

    Your post was spot on. Being here I've seen Bledsoe play 30-40 times in my lifetime (Live and TV).

    Some here just haven't really watched him except for this year with the Cowboys.

    Good post and thanks for the input.
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    So how bad were we???

    Yep, we were bums.

    New England Patriots Football - Schedule for 1991

    Sept 15th -------------Little Sisters of the Poor
    Sept 21st -------------Cub Scout Pack #122
    Sept 28th -------------Boston Home for the Blind
    Oct 5th ----------------New England Home for Crippled Children
    Oct 12th --------------Spanish-American War Veterans
    Oct 19th --------------Henderson County Home for UnWed Mothers
    Nov 2nd --------------Providence VD Clinic #69
    Nov 9th ---------------Brockton Boy's Choir
    Nov 16th --------------Korean War Amputees
    Nov 23rd --------------VA Hospital Polio Victims

    Special Monday Night Games

    Dec 1st ---------------Providencetown Home for Retired Gays (not politically correct today, but I will throw it in)

    Rule Changes from Last Year

    1. When playing the polio patients, Patriots must not disconnect leg braces.
    2. When playing the Girl Scouts, keep your hands off their cookies.
    3. When playing the Home for the Blind, don't hide the ball.

    Name Changes

    The New England Patriots will hereafter be referred to as the New England Tampons since they are good for one period and they have no second string.

    Coaching Change

    Rod Rust will be replaced by Linda Lovelace. She will no doubt blow a few, but she won't choke on the big ones.

    Season Tickets

    Ticket Agent: K-Mart Discount Store $19.95 (during the Blue Light Special, Buy One, Get One Free!!!)
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    I agree with you....Just remember who came in and beat the Steelers in that AFC Championship. Ok.

    You guys got lucky with Brady. And I like hm as a QB, and you seem like you haev seen your fair share of QB' a winner, Brady ranks right up there with Montana, Aikman, etc. but just remember, he leads his team to winning FG"s, Montana leads them to TD's...though you did say Montana was the best ever, and I agree.

    Glenn is one of the top WR in the NFL. Thats for damn sure. Numbers dont tell the story with him. His numbers are split up with Witten and Johnson. But you are right, look at the teams that beat us up, such as Denver, they took him out the game, and stalled our offense. Look at last year when he got hurt, the offense stalled. He still has the speed, the hands, and the knack for the big play.
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    And where is your proof? I love when people spew opinions out their A and act like it's a proven fact but provide absolutely no evidence. People like you would say Drew would NEVER have won at Pittsburgh in the 2001 AFC Championship game. You just never got over that did you? 3 SB's later you're still trying to prove you were right on talk radio in 2001. Tell me again why that win was so much less difficult than a SB would be? Brady is better, I'll admit it, but people like you make me sick.

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