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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by theebs, Nov 23, 2006.

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    Got home about an hour ago. Lot of fun in the stadium again.

    First couple of things that you probably didnt see on tv.

    After kelly clarkson was done singing the national anthem parcells walked about 10 feet down the sideline and tracked her down to shake her hand and then pointed at her and smiled. Pretty interesting! I remember him doing this 3 years ago with the guys from boys 2 men.

    Inside the stadium a group of fans in a suite in the first level hung a white paper cutout that read "9 Tony Romo" in the blue area of the ring of honor. It was taken down during the first quarter, but funny while it was up there and romo acknowledged it.

    Vanderjagt was kicking the ball harder and with more power than I have seen this season during warmups. He looked mad or upset, he was just setting balls up with the big tee and kicking, the ball even looked different coming off his leg? Who knows what that means, thank god he didnt have to try a long one. He did get a kneel down in the endzone today, that is a first!

    On the radio broadcast during the 4th quarter Kristie Scales made me laugh pretty hard when she proclaimed "Yes, I have lousaka polite on my fantasy team and he is in running now!" all in fun of course.

    Bruce Gradkowski has a stronger arm than I thought, at least during warmups.

    Matt bryant has a big leg, he was making them from all over in warmups even 60 yards. His kicks looked noticeably different from vanderjagt's.

    During the halftime show with carrie underwood parcells was back out on the sideline for almost the whole performance and he was peaking around to watch it I think, unless he was looking for someone!!!

    Jason Hatcher and Jay ratliff are fun to watch, they never quit and are made of nothing but hussle.

    Keith Davis provides and invaluable service to the team, him and Marcus spears are the defensive players that coming out of commercial breaks always pump up the crowd. The other players were starting to do it today.

    Tony Romo is as calm and cool as it gets. He was really on today. He looked fantastic today. During commercial breaks he looks like he is joking around with the guys in the huddle and he makes it a point to shake everyones hand coming and going off the field.

    Miles austins numbers have become eerily similar to Tyson Thompsons in regards to the kickoff return. He is doing an outstanding job. I believe he is averaging like 1.5 yards per kickoff return less right now and he did another good job today when he was given the chance. IF he keeps this up we will not miss thompson as much as I thought.

    At some point Terrance Newman is going to put a ball in the end zone and I think somewhere in the next month it may win a game for us. He had it today, made a great move inside and just couldnt break the last one. He is really dangerous back there though. Teams may have to kick away from him at some point.

    Aaron glenn and Al singleton played really well today. Singleton is solid against the run and he is not missing tackles.

    Didnt notice much of carpenter today.

    Anyone else notice tonight but in the fourth quarter we had a lineup of
    Romo, hoyte, hurd and austin. All undrafted free agent players. Interesting.

    The crowd was slow getting involved today, they were lethargic early like the team was, but once we scored the crowd woke up and then roy's interception brought everyone to their feet.

    Minny the moocher was good, everyone participated.

    The crowd did the wave which is ridiculous to me.

    Must be weird for bledsoe to stand and watch all this, again. I love the guy and I feel bad for him. At least his kids are not in school here like testaverdes were and had to be given a hard time. That was probably the lowest thing I have heard in a while when that stuff was happening back in 04

    Their is an aura in the stadium, that wasnt there earlier in the year. The crowd and the team all have one guy they can come together on and that is romo, before romo it was williams who can get the crowd going but not as much as a guy who touches the ball every play. The stadium was really different sunday and today. If we can pull out the win next sunday and come back 8-4 alone in first place against new orleans I think the stadium will be bananas, maybe the game will even get moved to the night game dec 10th

    Go titans, Go pats.

    One last thing was that I was extremely suprised that Parcells acknowledged what shockey had said this week about us not having a chance to win up there next sunday....really suprise, jen engle said to him "jeremy shockey said you guys have..." then parcells cut her off mid sentence and said I know what was said I am aware and we know who are competition is. Very suprised about that, I think maybe there are some hard feelings from that monday night game and that maybe the giants were saying stuff on the field that night and our team from the top down wants revenge.

    IF I think of anything else that was interesting I will add!!!

    Happy Turkey Day everyone.
  2. Aikbach

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    What is so frustrating is that Dallas should be 8-3 and with a little luck could even take homefield! Not likely now but a division title and first round bye are still obtainable.
  3. Boyzmamacita

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    Go titans, Go pats.

    Yes sir. This could shape up to be a great weekend.
  4. Rampage

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    were gonna go hard at the gmen
  5. MinnesotaCowboy

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    Nice post...........for the first time in several years I am really getting "fired up" again! Games seem more important now and this team seems to be peaking like it did in the old days. Hope everyone had lots of turkey and a carton of Diet Dr. Pepper :rolleyes:
  6. dmq

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    Even if we were 8-3, we need to beat the Giants in Giants Stadium for me to believe that we have a legit chance in the playoffs.
  7. Bob Sacamano

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    I think it's because Parcells may be fuming about Shockey calling him gay a couple of years ago, still
  8. theebs

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    I doubt that, I bet he wasnt too thrilled with all the celebrating right in front of him 4 weeks ago, his ears work I am sure there was some stuff said from the giants no one liked.

    The giants have alot of showboating big mouths, like pierce, shockey, arrington, strahan and burress.

    I just think the team felt embarassed that night and there was probably alot of stuff said on the field.

    I bet our guys cant wait to get there, I mean when burress says roy williams couldnt cover him if he was on a skateboard.....that is a below the belt shot.
  9. Bob Sacamano

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    I think it's both

    how the Giants were dissing us earlier this year, and BP knowing that Shockey is full of shhhh, and like everyone else, is probably growing tired of it
  10. nathanlt

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    What happened to that cheerleader that jumped out of the way of the sideline tackle? They cut away from her and never went back? She fell on a cart or something.
  11. Apollo Creed

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    Carpenter is not good... I watched him countless times today get mangled by TEs.
  12. TEK2000

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    When I was at the Colts game.. it was always fun watching Keith Davis and Ryan Fowler getting pumped and ready to go on kickoff coverage.

    Fowler is an absolute mad man out there... you can see it sometimes in the broadcast but you can see it all the time at the stadium. I watched him the entire time on every kickoff during that game and he hit at least 2 or 3 people every time and still wound up making the tackle several times. There was a game earlier this season where he destroyed their kickoff return wall on 1 kickoff and he went to blow them up on the next kickoff and they let him thru untouched. HAHA!

    I'm a huge Ryan Fowler fan these days... he's a scrapper that does the dirty work and LOVES IT! He's also got quite an ability to find the ball on every play he's in there.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Your post is funny.... why is it "not likely"?

    I posted a thread about a month ago that Dec 3 was going to be for first place.... I got alot of "not likely" or "no way"

    I think Chicago is going to slump at the wrong time... we could very well be in the drivers seat in the NFC come January....

    WE ARE the BEST TEAM in the NFC
  14. ThreeSportStar80

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    Man I was too busy drinking from the Romo Kool-Aid sorry I didn't notice Bobby boy, but he better get his act together because he'll be needed in that Giants game. I wanted to see Demarcus Ware get a sack though!
  15. big dog cowboy

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    He is my boy but I'm still scared to death when he goes back there. That hit vs. Indy was just nasty.
  16. ChldsPlay

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    The Bears would need to lose 3 of their last 6, and the Cowboys would need to win out. And also, those 3 losses need to be against NFC opponents as well. So if they lose this week to the Pats, they still need 3 more losses to finish 11-5. It's possible if the Bears only manage 12-4, but only if they beat the Pats. That's why it is unlikely.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Thanks for insider update.... good stuff. Yeah I can almost feel it through the TV... we have "IT" going on for the whole organization

    Parcells has got a extra large can for whooopas ready for next week, GREAT!

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    I hear ya and understand.... but it was only a few weeks ago that the Giants had a total of THREE games on us

    The Bears have escaped more than one close call... maybe they can hit a couple of bumps in road... I will take #2 seed as consoltation prize:D
  19. TruBlueCowboy

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    I think you fellas all have some valid points but I also think you're leaving out a big one... the Tuna New York connection. It all goes back to his first game as a Cowboy against the Giants... the MNF thriller. I think he genuinely enjoys playing his former team. We all know how much he loves the Jersey players, and some of his only media friends are from New York too. Even the coach of the Giants is a former pupil of Bill Parcells. Playing the Giants is always a big game for Bill, even if they weren't in the NFC East, although that makes it all the more bigger. I bet he feels a little like a turncoat for taking the job of the hated Cowboys. It's probably Giants/Cowboys in Bill's world, not Eagles/Cowboys or Redskins/Cowboys like it is for most Dallas fans.
  20. DallasCowboysRule!

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    Funniest thing was Parcells shaking Clarkson's hand and watching Underwood from the sidelines. Maybe he's an American Idol fan. That would be hilarious cause its completely against my mental image of what he's like. I can see this big tough coach that's known for his tough style of coaching and no nonsense personality sitting down with a sandwich and a soda to watch his favorite show: American Idol.


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