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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by mrecktid, Nov 21, 2005.

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    This was my first Cowboys game ever, actually, my first football game ever!! I was quickly getting ancy just walking over the bridge to Texas Stadium. As we entered it was overwhelming, but these thoughts soon left my mind when I noticed how many seats were not filled by the time kickoff came around, and how quiet the stadium got in between plays. I was with my GF so I didn't get SUPER rowdy, but I yell and clap almost before and after every play, it's weird when you're the only one in your section yelling ^_^

    Anyways, here are my thoughts on the actual game.

    1) I'm not sure if it was Bledsoe holding the ball too long, our receivers not getting open, or our offensive line sucking it up, but other than the first drive, our offense sucked it up.

    I was sitting next to a great Detroit Lions fan, very cordial and knowledgeable (actually held a football conversation with him for a good half of the game), and he acknowledged that we should be trying to test the corners or continue to pound the ball on them.

    2) Our defense seemed out of sync, no rush, if it was any other QB other than Joey Harrington, I think we would've been sliced and diced. Joey would be sitting in a nice 5 yard pocket looking for a receiver, and then he'd overthrow/underthrow/give up the ball. Our coverage guys held up for a good 5 seconds, but after that it's 50/50 on what happens next.

    3) Bledsoe looked real off today, I'm guessing it was from that "concussion" he had sometime in the game, but his throws were all over the field. He underthrew Glenn several times, and overthrew a sure (99%) touchdown pass to Witten on that misdirection play.

    4) Julius looked great on the first drive, and ALMOST looked like his old self. I can't stand the way he runs now though, I hate how he cradles the ball with two hands. I don't care that he fumbled earlier (I'm sure Parcells had some words for him), because it takes away from his ability to cut and juke. He looks like he's running so defensively with the ball.

    5) Barber looked good, very evasive and good control of body, he contorts and twists his ways for extra yardage.

    6) It didn't look like we did any blitzing either, perhaps I wasn't paying close enough attention, but it seemed like we'd send only 4-5 guys every play.

    That's all I can think of right now, it's pretty late, maybe I'll add a few things later.

    Comments are always welcome :)

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    Cool, thanks for sharing.
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    BP is so far into JJ's head that he can look down the back of his T Shirt.
    Unfortunately that is not of the good. JJ needs to establish some independence and show that he can use his own judgement about when to take risks, when to follow the play, and how to hold the ball.
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    good posts...agree with all of them...

    the part about the crowd thing is just horrendous and something I've been frustrated about numerous times when going to games there...other than perhaps Jacksonville or Arizona (where maybe only 20-30k people show up) its the easiest away game for any team in football right now...and for a winning franchise, Cowboys fans at games are the worst in the league

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    I'm jealous. I told my wife that we're going to Dallas one day to catch a game. I've been a fan since 78 and have yet to see a Cowboy game live.

    We've been alittle out of synch for two straight games. Denver sliced up the Jets. If we don't get out of our funk, then we'll be looking up at the Giants again after Thanksgiving.
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    Yup you pretty much seen what everyonbe else seen. Even though I didnt see the game the stats speak for themselves.
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    You HAVE to get to Texas Stadium at least once. I've been there for a Redskin game a few years ago.

    It was a blast to be able to comfortably root for the Cowboys..unlike what happens if you go to the Meadowlands.

    But the real mind blower is when you see the hole in the roof for the first time.

    As an aside, yeah, it'll also shock you to see how quiet these fans are.

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