Thoughts on coming game with Washington

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Wood, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Wood

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    after watching the Eagles/Redskins game last week:

    RG3 looks like he does two things really well.

    1) Scrambles to out of pocket and runs up sideline for extra yards. I am not sure if its defense are afraid to hit him on sideline fear of penalty but RG3 picks up alot of extra yardage on sideline either due to incredible acceleration or defenses letting up.

    2) RG3 has monster arm. He looks like he either wants to scramble or throw 70 yard bomb. He doesn't look interested in intermediate throws. Dallas should exploit his aggressiveness.

    How to beat skins:

    * The eagles were running the ball down Washington throat with basically a back-up offensive line (Eagles lost three of their best offensive lineman for year). A sound Dallas running attack exploits Washington poor run defense and keeps their most potent weapon on bench.

    * Hit RG3 on those sideline runs...especially Carter who has great acceleration sideline to sideline.

    * Play the ball on deep throws. I am not sure if its defensive backs are surprised at RG3 arm strength but they seem ill prepared to defend deep throws and we are not talking about big receiving core for Washington. Mo concerns me little here but I think Carr will defend well maybe even coming up with interception.
  2. Trendnet

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    The Cowboys secondary needs to come through with a really good game. Don't fall for misdirection plays, no blown assignments and sound tackling.

    Can't allow those deep middle passes or any huge RAC yardage either.
  3. Rack Bauer

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    Something like 40% of all RG3's passes are behind the LOS, if he play the "Deep ball" all game they will DESTROY us with their screen game. We need to get in the WR's faces and take away what he does best (Screen game) and hope our pass rush doesn't give him time to throw it deep.
  4. WV Cowboy

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    Just based on Cowboys recent history, (and not so recent as well) I am extrememly worried about this game because:
    1. It is a big game for us. We need this win to catch the Giants if we have any playoff aspirations. We haven't shown up in a big game in a while.
    2. We have won two in a row. That usually means the Cowboys are satisifed, and pleased with themselves so they let up.
    3. The Skins record is worse than ours. We seem to play down to the level of whoever we play. We should never ever take anyone lightly but we seem to, not sure why.
    These are all scenarios that seem to bring out a disappointing performance from the Cowboys.

    I will be shocked if we show up and play a solid game. I will be 'over the moon' happy, but I will be surprised.
  5. SkinsFan28

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    RGIII's more like 20% behind the line of scrimmage, and 48% are in the 1-10yd range.
    For a comparison, 56% of Romo's are in the 1-10 yd range, and 10% are behind the line of scrimmage.

    (Stats from ESPN's player splits page)

    But your point is still valid, if you let him, Griffin will throw the short stuff all day long.
  6. Rack Bauer

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    Adam has posted the actual stats a couple of weeks ago. I may be remembering wrong but though it was 39% behind the LOS. But you're probably right. It's really genius by Shannahan, he knows he has a rookie so he's limiting his reads while he develops. Not enough coaches do that.

    But yeah, I'm more worried about the short game than I am the deep ball (though he does throw deep quite a bit too, probably cuz teams have been drawn in cuz of all the short stuff.
  7. WV Cowboy

    WV Cowboy Waitin' on the 6th

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    The best thing would be for our offense to be efficient and keep the ball out of Robert's hands as much as possible.

    Don't let him go over the top, .. make him be patient and move the ball slowly down the field, hoping for a mistake.
  8. Gaede

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    Me too.

    This has all the markings of a let-down game for us.
  9. CrownCowboy

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    I don't have all that good of a feeling about this game.

    First of all, it really doesn't matter what the records are when we play that disgrace of a franchise. The games are usually close and some things happen that normally wouldn't that affects the outcome of the game.

    I have no trust at all in this Cowboy's team. The offensive line will get outplayed like they do every week. We'll struggle to get a push off the ball and we'll struggle to pass block, which will translate into our offense struggling to move the ball period. That is just something we'll have to come to terms with until this atrocious offensive line is fixed. I'm sure there will be a couple of 3rd and 1's that we'll fail to convert and Tony will get sacked too much.

    The only thing that will really tick me off is if we allow RGIII to run all over us. I know he is talented and alot of the time you can't stop a big run here and there, but if he is consistently picking up 1st downs after coverage breakdowns that's on Rob and our coaching staff. I have also had it with the turnovers at the worst possible times. To me, that's on the coaching staff too, in part. Of course, when your quarterback is getting rocked mistakes will be made and turnovers are just part of those mistakes.

    Overall, I'm expecting a lackadaisical Cowboys team to show up on Thursday. One that struggles to score and commits turnovers, because that is just who we are. If we come out with a win I will be stoked, no matter how ugly it could be.
  10. Gaede

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    I feel a huge awful disgrace of a game coming up.
  11. bula

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    Uggh, you have to be UP first to be let DOWN. Cowboys are about as low as it gets right now. Half the team when interviewed said they didnt even deserve to win against Cleveland. Fact was, they were right.

    Lets just see where this game goes.
  12. Gaede

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    Personally speaking, I've been feeling good about this team lately. I've accepted they're not that good and every win is a great thing for me. I've been optimistic for the first time since the opening game.

    But I fear my recent optimism may be dashed with a good old fashion **** show
  13. rlgiv

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    I dont see us getting more than 50-80 yards rushing unless Felix or Dunbar get lucky and break a long run. Our best chance will be to spread them out and hit alot of short to medium throws.
  14. demdcowboys#1

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    A solid running attack is something we havent had all season. We will most likely pass a majority of the game. RG3 is going to be impossible to stop, especially if we give him all day like we did Weeden. I figure it will be a shootout, but that all depends on if our makeshift OL can provide enough time for Romo...

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