Thoughts on Cornellius Carradine

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by hra8700, Jan 2, 2013.

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    I think we should franchise Anthony Spencer again this year and not sign him long term. So, we need a replacement.

    Since we're going to keep Spencer this year, we'll need to look for a player with 1st round talent that is either very raw or has an injury that we can draft in the 2nd-3rd round and groom for a year.

    Carradine was widely talked about as a 1st round pick after his impressive 2012 season, but suffered a torn ACL in late November which will keep him from working out for teams (a Bruce Carter sort of situation). Kiper had him 19 on his big board before the injury.

    The question is whether he can play a stand up outside linebacker.

    Some quotes from various sites:

    "Should be able to play either end position and possibly grow into a 3-4 OLB role. A bit too tight in his lower half to be a natural in pass coverage."

    "Lines up at both RDE and LDE but plays strictly with his hand in the dirt. Did not observe him dropping into coverage through three games of film study. Appears to be at his best when playing forward and able to 'hunt'. Appears to have enough athleticism to stand up as an OLB for a base 3-4 front but will need time adjusting dropping into coverage and feeling out throwing lanes."
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    I would take him if available in the 3rd. He might not be as good as some others in coverage; however, I think he'll be better against the run than some of those players.
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    Carradine probably makes no impact in 2013 because he got injured so late. If I could get him in the 4th or later I'd like to stash him for a year, he has a great motor. As good as Ware? Not close. As good as Spencer? Close enough.
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    Another player we could redshirt for a year and possibly get him as a UDFA is Quanterus Smith. Brandon Jenkins will possibly go in the 3rd and he was a DE/OLB and should be available for play this summer.
  5. hra8700

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    Yeah, smith is another good target, but you'd have a lot less faith in his ability to start in 2014 obviously.

    Jenkins I doubt will fall at all because of his injury, he will be ready for the combine.

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