Thoughts on NFL Week 1 (2011 edition)

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    - Paging Dr. Rodgers? Dr. Rodgers you’re wanted for surgery.
    - The League MVP award is Aaron Rodger’s to lose.
    - Sometimes, I think Sean Payton outsmarts himself.
    - You have to put the deciding play into the hands of your best offensive player, which is Drew Brees.
    - Where’s the beef? In the middle of the Packer’s defensive line.
    - Jordy Nelson, the other white meat.
    - Probably the most underrated receiver on the Packers squad.
    - Fantasy owners rush to add Randall Cobb to their roster.
    - Mark Ingram’s no Emmitt Smith.
    - Who cloned Jim Kelly and suited him up in a Bills uniform?
    - Ryan Fitzpatrick, playing like a quarterback who wants to leave nothing to Luck.
    - Brad Smith has a gun as an arm.
    - Someone let the Chiefs know that the lockout has ended.
    - Talk about a club not ready to play.
    - I thought only Peyton Manning was injured. I didn’t know the entire ball club was on IR.
    - I guess it’s true. The Colts are a 3-13 team sans Peyton Manning.
    - Kerry Collins can’t find his geriatric medicine at arms-length on his nightstand.
    - Why did the Colts think he would find the ball from under center?
    - The Texans have a nice stable of running backs.
    - Arian Foster took Ben Tate’s starting job when the latter got injured last year.
    - Tate may not take Foster’s job in the same manner, but he showed he could tote the rock if Foster is out for an extended period of time.
    - Andre Johnson, big man with nice toes.
    - The AFC South is there for the Texan’s taking.
    - Uh, can we have Dominick Rodgers Cromartie back, Philly?
    - Coverage, Carolina and Cardinals might be in the same section of the dictionary, but not on the field.
    - When you allow a tight end to rumble wide open down the field, you need to address your secondary.
    - At least the Cardinals have Patrick Peterson making his impact on special teams.
    - Watch the early TD celebrations, son.
    - Special teams player of the week: Ted Ginn.
    - He might not have hands, but boy does he have feet, and fast ones.
    - Lights, CAMera , Action! Newton proves he can handle the NFL stage.
    - In his first game, Cam Newton moves passed one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history in the record books.
    - His 422 yards makes the most passing yards in a quarterback debut. The man he bypassed? Otto Graham.
    - The reports of Steve Smith’s demises have been greatly exaggerated.
    - I guess all he needed was a quarterback to get him the ball.
    - Memo Tony Schefter: Zorro you are not.
    - The Cardinals may have found themselves a quarterback
    - It helps when Beanie Wells runs like he should.
    - The Vikings are Donavan McNabb’s last stop.
    - I understand the Vikings are relying on Adrian Peterson, but 39 yards in the passing game?
    - Minnesota will rue letting Sidney Rice go.
    - It may be time to just let Chris Ponder learn on the job.
    - I knew I should have picked Mike Tolbert over Marshawn Lynch in my fantasy football league.
    - The human bowling ball.
    - The Chargers off to an uncharacteristic fast start – in the win column and on the injury list.
    - Josh Freeman, the black man’s version of Big Ben Roethlisberger, minus the rings.
    - He’s hard to bring down just like Big Ben.
    - Speaking of Roethlisberger, he’s picking up where he left off from last year – coughing up the ball.
    - If you missed Bucs WR Mike Williams’ touchdown pass at the back of the endzone, you missed a treat.
    - If Matt Stafford stays healthy, the Lions will make the playoffs.
    - Calvin Johnson in his typical beast mode.
    - Has quick-strike and Ravens ever been used in the same sentence.
    - A touchdown in two plays on the opening drive?
    - Does Ricky Williams ever age?
    - Has Joe Flacco comes of age?
    - If he keeps playing the way he did Sunday, the Ravens will be in the Super Bowl.
    - Ed Reed still got it.
    - Troy Polamalu said Reed is the best safety in the league. On Sunday, he was correct.
    - The Ravens aged defense played like they found the fountain of youth. The Steelers aged defense played like they just checked into an upscaled retirement home.
    - Rashad Mendenhall gets Nada going against Ngata.
    - The Ravens took care of their offensive line needs before the season began; the Steelers didn’t.
    - The Stealers? That might be Baltimore’s defense that created seven turnovers.
    - Is it time to call Ray Rice and elite running back if he isn’t considered one now?
    - Hines Ward gets a taste of his own blind-side blocking medicine.
    - Somebody tell the Ravens not to celebrate that division title just yet.
    - The two-point conversion was a little bit of rubbing it in that the Steelers will remember.
    - Matty Ice was cold, very cold.
    - Urlacher is healthy, I presume.
    - Matt Forte comes up strong for da Bears.
    - Colt McCoy might be best throwing on the run.
    - Welcome to the end zone, A.J. Green.
    - Carson Palmer? Who needs Carson Palmer?
    - Andy Dalton didn’t look too overwhelmed in his first start. That is, prior to his injury.
    - At least for Cedric Benson, a turbulent off season didn’t have any impact on his on-field production.
    - Skins DE Ryan Kerrigan puts in his bid for Defensive Rookie of the Year.
    - If Colts are a 3-13 team without Peyton, the Giants are a 3-13 team with Eli.
    - Except for one magical season, he would be considered an overrated, underachiever.
    - For one week, Rex Grossman can be considered a prophet.
    - Rex is the man. No Gross.
    - That “Gross” belongs to the Giants defensive performance.
    - Tim Hightower: fantasy football late round steal.
    - Scooby Doo calls him Tony Ruh Roh!
    - NFL trying to get rid of KO returns? Chillax. Three on the first week of the season.
    - Sam Bradford, the new Matt Stafford?
    - Fragile, brittle and missing a lot of time because of injury?
    - It might have been a different game had Steven Jackson remained in the game.
    - Vick won’t last the season with his current offensive line.
    - DeSean Jackson reaffirms his playmaker status.
    - As Deion Sanders would say, “Pay the man!”
    - The Eagles got two second-round steals in Jackson and LeSean McCoy.
    - Has anyone heard from Chris Johnson?
    - The end zone did hear from Kenny Britt.
    - Scooby Doo calls him Tony Ruh Roh!
    - Romo might never live down his reputation for choking down the stretch, despite playing a good game to that point.
    - Dez Bryant is a beast, when his endurance holds.
    - The first quarter it looked like Dez was the mayor of Revis Island.
    - I don’t think many teams will follow the Cowboys blueprint in attacking Revis.
    - Miles Austin shows Antonio Cromartie why you pump weights in the off-season
    - Romo ruins Rob’s reunion with brother Rex.
    - Is it just me or was there an unusually large number of injuries this first week? Danny Amendola, Nate Leading, Jon Beason, Luis Castillo, Kevin Walter, Eric Berry, and others.
    - Product of the lockout?

    Top Five (Based on Week 1):
    1. Green Bay Packers – Until otherwise beaten or shoddy performance
    2. Baltimore Ravens – This could be a signature win
    3. Chicago Bears – Defense sent chills down Matty Ice’s spine
    4. San Diego Chargers – An uncharacteristic win early in the season could go a long way
    5. Buffalo Bills – Winning in Arrowhead is tough enough. 41 points? The K-Gun is back?

    Bottom Five (Based on Week 1):
    28. NY Giants – Hard to imagine this was a Super Bowl team a few years ago.
    29. Minnesota Vikings – 39 passing yards is just pathetic.
    30. Cleveland Browns – Sorry, when you lose to a rookie quarterback in his first game and a journeyman quarterback, you deserve this ranking.
    31. Seattle Seahawks – Does anyone have David Garrard’s cell phone number.
    32. Indianapolis Colts – A pathetic showing on every level.

    All criticism, clarifications, corrections, and additions are welcomed. :)

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