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Thoughts on NFL Week 12 (2011 edition)

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by tyke1doe, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. tyke1doe

    tyke1doe Well-Known Member

    32,533 Messages
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    Thoughts on NFL Week 12

    - Ndamukong Suh should look for a suspension from Commissioner Goodel, if his team doesn’t beat the commissioner to it.
    - Any chance of him claiming he’s not a dirty party went out the window with three pushes to the head and a stomp.
    - If he’s suspended for the upcoming New Orleans game, kiss the Lions’ playoff chances goodbye.
    - Matthew Stafford is an erratic quarterback.
    - Aaron Rodgers is an elite quarterback, but I wouldn’t exactly call him the best ever as some are doing.
    - Does any team have a better receiving corp. than the Packers?
    -The Miami Dolphins, no longer cellar dwellers.
    - Matt Moore may have a future with Miami.
    - It seems Reggie Bush has found himself some toughness.
    - Terance Newman’s chokehold: great move in MMA, not so great in stopping Brandon Marshall from catching a touchdown.
    - Look for the Cowboys to invest a high draft choice in a cornerback.
    - Why is Alan Ball impersonating a starting cornerback?
    - Laurent Robinson is playing better than Dez Bryant.
    - Kicker Dan Bailey has been money for the Cowboys.
    - Tony Romo giveth (two interceptions) and taketh away (a victory from the hands of the Dolphins).
    - The 49ers got jobbed on the chop block call that negated a Ted Ginn Jr. touchdown. There's no telling when Ginn will make a return visit to the end zone on a touchdown reception.
    - Terrell Suggs just doesn’t make quarterbacks feel comfortable in the pocket.
    - Frank Gore couldn’t get it going against the Ravens.
    - Michael Crabtree has not been the answer at receiver for the 49ers.
    - Give Joe Flacco credit. He’s stepping up when he has to, especially against teams Baltimore has to beat.
    - For defensive purists, this was the game to watch.
    - Houston, we’ve got a quarterback problem.
    - Matt Leinart can’t get a break – unless it involves a collarbone.
    - The hopes of the Texans are in the hands of rookie T.J. Yates. Tell me that makes you feel comfortable, Texans fans.
    - The Texans are holding a Hollywood casting call for quarterback.
    - As long as Houston remains an Arian Nation, the Texans still should make the playoffs.
    - Foster better buy him some stick em, though. Against a better team and those fumbles could be costly.
    - If there were a defensive coordinator of the year award, Wade Phillips would win it.
    - Texan cornerback Jonathan Joseph almost celebrated his interception a little premature.
    - Third times a charm? Not for Texan defensive lineman Connor Barwin who bags himself a quarterback four times.
    - The Jags aren’t going anywhere, Blaine Gabbert is the future, so why bench him, Coach Del Rio?
    - It’s not too often a high-class vehicle like a Mercedes stalls, except when one name Lewis can’t catch an easy touchdown pass.
    - Jacksonville needs to build its draft strategy around finding offensive pieces to put around Gabbert and Maurice Jones-Drew.
    - He’s not Tim Tebow, but Sam Bradford has accuracy issues.
    - Rams receiver Austin Pettis does make an outstanding stretch of a catch.
    - The Rams run defense is horrid, giving up two 200-plus rushing games to relatively obscure running backs.
    - They’ve made DeMarco Murray and now Beanie Wells look like Eric Dickerson and Jamal Lewis.
    - Cardinals DB Patrick Peterson is becoming someone teams won’t want to punt to.
    - He’s already tied Devin Hester’s single-season punt return record with four.
    - It’s simply criminal for Larry Fitzgerald to finish the game with only one catch.
    - The Jets keep their playoff hopes alive.
    - The Bills basically have to look to next year.
    - Bills receiver Stevie Jackson might want to give more attention to catching balls than end zone celebrations. Just saying.
    - I guess you could say he shot his team in the foot by drawing a 15-yard penalty for his end zone antics and dropping an almost certain game-winning touchdown pass.
    - His mocking of Plaxico Burress was tasteless.
    - Sadly, it his erratic and stupid play overshadowed him basically owning Darrell Revis for part of the game.
    - Easily the Dolt of the Week.
    - Maybe the Bills would like a do-over on that Fitzpatrick contract.
    - I thought C.J. Spiller would be better at this point in his career.
    - If I’m playing the game “CONCENTRATION,” I want Brad Smith as my partner.
    - Talk about keeping your eye on the prize. Great deflection, catch and run for the touchdown.
    - Antonio Cromartie is good for a few bond headed plays a game.
    - Burress probably hasn’t gotten all the rust worked out, but he does make some spectacular plays with the few catches he gets.
    - Last week, I think Mark Sanchez was overwhelmed by the Tebow magic. This week, he created a little magic of his own.
    - Good things happen when Sanchez gets the ball to Dustin Keller.
    - Santonio Holmes knows how to make corner catches in the end zone.
    - I’m convinced the Colts just don’t want to win.
    - It’s almost painful to watch Painter play.
    - With Manning under center, you knew the Colts would win such games. With Painter under center, you know they’re going to lose.
    - If Polian retains Jim Caldwell next year, I’ll know they were in cahoots to get Andrew Luck.
    - I guess you could say it’s fitting a guy name Luck ends up with a horseshoe on his helmet.
    - At least Reggie Wayne becomes reacquainted with the century mark in catching yardage.
    - I like Cam Newton’s end zone celebration.
    - Cam may have added some life to Steve Smith’s career.
    - I felt Smith got a ticky tacky offensive pass interference call.
    - The Panthers are finally spreading out their running game beyond just Cam Newton.
    - Good to see DeAngelo Williams find the end zone again.
    - Carolina defensive back Sherrod Martin showed receiver’s feet on that toe-tapping interception that clinched the game for the Panthers.
    - Colt McCoy’s scrambling ability is underrated.
    - Good goal-line stand by the Browns defense.
    - I’m impressed with what I see in Andy Dalton.
    - It would be shame if the Bengals don’t make the playoffs, but with Pittsburgh and Baltimore in their division, I doubt they see the post-season.
    - I’m convinced A.J. Green has extensions on his arms.
    - That man can extend to catch a high ball like nobody’s business.
    - Cedric Benson is slowly getting back his groove.
    - Peyton Hillis is back, if just to make the game close.
    - I guess Cleveland didn’t want to play field position at the end.
    - Browns coaches should have made Cincinnati march the length of the field instead of giving them a short field after a missed field goal.
    - I think what we can say is Rex Grossman is a better quarterback than Tavaris Jackson.
    - Roy raising Helu in Washington’s backfield.
    - I don’t know whether it’s the rules or not, but I’ve seen more cornerbacks and safeties fail to locate the ball in the area than any other time I’ve been watching football.
    - Case in point, on Anthony Armstrong’s touchdown catch, the Seattle defender doesn’t even bother to locate the ball until after AA catches it.
    - Marshawn Lynch is returning to beast mode.
    - I think Pete Carroll is crossing his fingers that Matt Barkley is within striking distance during the first round of the 2012 NFL draft.
    - Red Bryant with Seahawks is a field goal blocking machine, three this year.
    - DeAngelo Hall jumped when he should have stayed grounded, otherwise, he would have had a pick six.
    - Skins Josh Wilson in no way interfered with Mike Williams.
    - Pass interference calls should be subject to replay review. The refs are missing too many and calling penalties on too many non-calls.
    - The field wasn’t the only thing sloppy about the Titans-Buccaneers game.
    - Nine turnovers, many a product of the weather condition.
    - Chris Johnson had a chance to treat the football like a greased pig.
    - Albeit, Johnson finally paid fantasy football dividends this year.
    - LaGarrett Blount, leaping tall defenders in a single bound.
    - Titans put some razzle dazzle in their return game.
    - Javon Ringer lets the rain get the best of him and his handling of the ball.
    - Aqib Talib pays a rare visit to the end zone via a pick six.
    - Josh Freeman forgot to bring the ball within him trying to convert a fourth-down play.
    - Tim Tebow has made boring offensive football fun again.
    - Broncos games were rarely among the games I paid attention to via the NFL Sunday Ticket. With Tebow as starter, they’re now on my “Must Watch” list.
    - I had no doubts the Broncos would win that game once it got into overtime. Well, maybe a little.
    - Forgive me Tebow, for I have sinned. Help thou my unbelief.
    - Chargers kicker Nick Novak “pissed away” two chances to give his team a win.
    - No, he wasn’t Tebowing on the sidelines.
    - More like “Peebowing.”
    - Chargers fans were probably yelling Noooovak after his overtime miss.
    - I don’t think Norv Turner survives this year.
    - Phillips Rivers just doesn’t look like he’s playing with much confidence.
    - The Broncos and Tebow on the other hand …
    - The Chargers’ offensive line has gone through a year’s worth of injuries.
    - That was one sinus clearing block Vincent Jackson delivered on Denver’s Quentin Carter.
    - If this were a defensive league, Von Miller would be rookie of the year instead of Cam Newton.
    - He and Elvis Dumervil were playing “Meet you at the quarterback” all game long.
    - Victory via VonDoom. I can see the posters now.
    - If the Broncos win the AFC West, John Fox will be a frontrunner for Coach of the Year.
    - Sebastian Janikowski putting the foot back in football and kicking the Raiders into first place in the AFC West.
    - Someone tell Haine he aint no Marino.
    - No matter who is behind center, Mike Martz is going to have him throwing.
    - Martz might be the Bears’ worst enemy in their hopes to get to the playoffs.
    - A more conservative Fox strategy and the Bears win the Raiders game, especially with their defense and special teams.
    - Kameron Wimberly has become more of a playmaker with the Raiders.
    - Bears offensive lineman Lance Lewis got some wheels for a big man.
    - Now get that man an oxygen tank.
    - This year has been one big Nightmare for the erstwhile Dream Team.
    - And when Andy Reid awakens, he might not be coach of the Eagles.
    - And DeSean Jackson might not be wearing Kelly Green next year.
    - I doubt Vince Young and Michael Vick will be on the same roster next year either.
    - Reid’s downfall may be that he was never really committed to the running game.
    - Eagles receivers couldn’t catch a cold butt naked in a Philly snowstorm. Well, except for Jason Avante.
    - The Mad Scientist Bill Belichick again experiments with turning diminutive receivers into defensive corners.
    - Julian Edelman got his licks in on Vince Young and showed excellent technique in tackling Young in the open field.
    - Tom Brady directs his receivers like no other. He could be an air traffic controller when his career is over.
    - So the Eagles have a million dollar secondary and couldn’t figure out how to shut down Wes Welker when several teams with lesser secondaries could?
    - Nmandi Asomugha was the most overrated signing of the offseason.
    - Jared Allen does a pretty good impersonation of a long snapper.
    - Roddy White gets is hands on the ball early and often.
    - Leslie Frazier missed a critical challenge of a Percy Harvin touchdown that wasn’t that should have been.
    - Harvin is turning into the Vikings everything man now that Adrian Peterson is injured.
    - Toby Gerhart was serviceable, but he’s no AP.
    - Tyler Palko’s no Tim Tebow. Kyle Orton, start warming your arm.
    - With a Tebow performance, i.e., no turnovers by the quarterback, the Chiefs win this game.
    - For a minute there, I thought Ben Roethlisberger was a piñata.
    - Giants safety Kenny Phillips can expect a hefty fine from Goodell.
    - You just don’t want to get in the way when Brandon Jacob decides to run full steam toward the end zone.
    - Doctor Drew Brees was in surgery mode.
    - Giants defense still fat off Thanksgiving Day leftovers.
    - Good for Victor Cruz, resisting the urge to do his Salsa dance with his team behind by 18.
    - The Freaks come out at night as does the Saints offense.

    Top 5

    1. Green Bay Packers – I doubt anyone’s going to beat them this year.
    2. San Francisco 49ers – Still the only two-loss team and got jobbed on a bad call that would have given them a touchdown in a game that only produced one.
    3. Baltimore Ravens – They play to the level of their competition, which has been more good than bad.
    4. New England Patriots – It looks like their defense is coming together.
    5. New Orleans Saints – They’re unstoppable when Brees is firing on all cylinders.

    Bottom 5

    28. Philadelphia Eagles – What a waste of talent.
    29. San Diego Chargers – What a waste of talent.
    30. Jacksonville Jaguars – After this season, this team will have its bags packed ready to move.
    31. St. Louis Rams – Aren’t you supposed to be coached by a defensive guru?
    32. Indianapolis Colts – Among the other things they’re lacking? Bags for the fans.

    You know the drill. All comments, clarifications, corrections and additions are welcomed.
  2. yimyammer

    yimyammer Well-Known Member

    6,808 Messages
    2,023 Likes Received
    tyke1doe putting in work!

    :laugh2: Good stuff!
  3. CowboyStar88

    CowboyStar88 Well-Known Member

    9,483 Messages
    5,533 Likes Received
    Nice job!! Yes I agree with you about the Broncos and the ticket. I tune in myself to watch Tebow. It's a crazy thing. I hate the broncos but I am rooting for Tebow to be a successful NFL QB. I just think he is something else and no one brings that infectious personality to any other team like Tebow does with the Broncos
  4. tyke1doe

    tyke1doe Well-Known Member

    32,533 Messages
    9,651 Likes Received

    I share my thoughts to two other forums. After I finished and posted, I was taken aback at how long it was. I guess I got a lot of room in my head for thoughts.

    Some may think that's not such a good thang. :laugh2:

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