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Thoughts on NFL Week 13

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by tyke1doe, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. tyke1doe

    tyke1doe Well-Known Member

    32,527 Messages
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    (NY Jets vs. Bills)
    - Try Morse code, Rex Ryan. Maybe Mark Sanchez will get it then.
    - What do Braylon Edwards and Maxwell House Coffee have in common? Good to the last drop.
    - A past-his-prime T.O. gets introduced to the future of the NFL in Darrell Revis.
    - Thomas Jones has to be the most underrated back in the game.
    - He just consistently produces on a week to week basis.
    - Toronto to Buffalo: You can keep them.
    - Slim, meet the NY Jets playoff hopes.

    (Saints vs. Redskins)
    - Is Destiny smiling on the Saints or what?
    - Another improbable win becomes probable.
    - Skins: fast starters, slow finishers.
    - If Shaun Suisham is on the Skins roster next season, you’d best believe some compromising photos of Daniel Snyder exist somewhere, and Suisham must possess them.
    - He cost the Redskins two games this season.
    - Sorry, but you have to make those kicks.
    - The song that should have been on Skins DB Kareem Moore’s iPod: Jungle Boogie by Kool and the Gang. The song’s opening verse: “Get down, get down! Get down, get down!”
    - You want an example of how strong a receiver’s hands are? Witness Robert Meachem as he yanks the ball away from Moore and travels down the sidelines for a touchdown.
    - That’s why coaches have receivers lifting weights.
    - You have to feel for the Skins. A few plays here, a few plays there and they’re in the playoff hunt.
    - Devin Thomas ready for Primetime.
    - Albert Haynesworth makes a big difference in the middle.
    - We probably won’t be seeing Laron Landry on “Dancing with the Stars.” Double moves give him problems.
    - Two double moves and the Saints score 14 points.

    (Bengals vs. Lions)
    - Told you Cedric Benson would get healed and in a hurry.
    - Bengals still relying too much on Shayne Graham’s leg.
    - But emphasizing the running game may play into this team’s hands should they be able to secure the second seed in the playoffs.
    - Someone tell Chad Ochocinco he’s not in college playing for a Fiesta Bowl-bid.
    - Both C.J.’s (Chad Jackson and Calvin Johnson) provide the deep-ball threat for their respective teams.
    - Bengals DE Jonathan Fanene goes all the way, way.
    - We can say that Matt Stafford has guts.
    - Don’t fear, Detroit. The future is in good hands.

    (Colts vs. Titans)
    - Vince Young and the Titans return to earth.
    - Peyton and Co. prove to be too much for Tennessee.
    - I think Peyton and the Colts secretly want to run the table and stamp that Manning is a better quarterback than Tom Brady.
    - He’s getting it done with receivers named Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie.
    - Joseph Addai decides to show up in the end zone, once and again.
    - The Colts defense is taking things personally and ready to establish itself as a young but formidable unit.
    - Chris Johnson may come up short in his bid for league MVP but he surpasses the century mark once again.
    - Nate Washington and his swiss cheese hands.
    - Milk cartoon candidate: Lendale White?
    - Where is he, especially on short yardage downs in the Red Zone?
    - No jersey necessary. The winner, Coach Fisher, is behind center throwing a touchdown pass right … there.

    (Eagles vs. Falcons)
    - Did the positive reaction to Michael Vick surprise you?
    - Not me.
    - How long had Reid and staff been planning this coming-out party for Vick?
    - Chris Redman is better in relief.
    - With Turner, Ryan and Jenkins out, the Falcons had no chance.
    - Leonard Weaver, another one-hand wonder.
    - Eagles plum the free agent wire to pick another gem.
    - Another year with McNabb, and the Eagles receivers could rival the Cardinals and Saints.

    (Raiders vs. Steelers)
    - The Steel Curtain Defense? More like shower curtains.
    - If anyone doubts how valuable Troy Palomalu is to the Steelers defense, look no further than the Steelers four-game losing streak.
    - Still, letting a rookie wide receiver school you?
    - We know the Steelers aren’t calling them the Jokeland Raiders.
    - Wow. Who would have thought Bruce Gradkowski to Louis Murphy would be a winning combination?
    - Once against Cincinnati and now against Pittsburgh.
    - I don’t think Bruce Almighty wants to give the job back.
    - I know I bag on the Raiders, but they don’t roll over and play dead like a certain team in Texas.
    - Like the Cowboys, the Steelers offense played well enough to win the game but the defense let the team down.
    - I know there are too many Steelers in the hall of fame, but on effort alone Hines Ward should make it.

    (Giants vs. Cowboys)
    - That heartbeat you heard was from the NY football Giants.
    - It’s December, so you know where your Cowboys are Dallas.
    - On the losing side of W/L column.
    - Can’t blame this one on Tony Romo.
    - Yes, DeMarcus Ware is a very good player, but he’s not a clutch player. He’s overrated when the game is on the line and you need a critical sack.
    - The Cowboys simply can’t cover Steve Smith.
    - Poor tackling and poor angles, that’s all you need to know about teaching and training under Wade Phillips.
    - My son’s 11-year-old team knows more about how to take proper angles and remain discipline to your coverage lanes than the Cowboys do.
    - The Cowboys talented trio at running back is being wasted under Jason Garrett.
    - Marion Barber picks a bad time to have a bad game.
    - The Barbarian is losing his fierceness.
    - Hakeem Nicks gets reacquainted with the touchdown – again.
    - The receiver the Boyz could have had if not for the Roy Williams trade.
    - By the way, nice TD grabs but you don’t play for the Longhorns anymore.
    - How embarrassing is it to let Brandon Jacobs race 76 yards down the sidelines and not one Cowboy can catch him?
    - The only way Flozell Adams can block Jason Tuck is from behind.
    - Expect your wallet to be lighter, Adams.
    - Look on the bright side, Cowboys fans. Wade Phillips is one step closer to the door.

    (Chargers vs. Browns)
    - Brady Quinn to Mohammed Massoquoi? Mm good.
    - Derek Anderson will be wearing a uniform other than brown and orange next year.
    - How fitting, LT surpasses Jim Brown’s rushing yards in Cleveland with Brown watching.
    - LT joins the rarified air with Jerry Rice and Emmitt Smith with 150 or more TDs.
    - If Darren Sproles gets in open space, watch out.
    - If this were any other year, Phillip Rivers would be among the running for league MVP.
    - Don’t be surprised to see the Chargers in the Super Bowl.

    (Broncos vs. Chiefs)
    - Arrowhead Stadium usually gives the Broncos fits. Not … this … time.
    - Brandon Marshall – one (hand) if by air, two (feet) if by ground.
    - I think we see the importance of Kyle Orton to Denver’s offense.
    - Brodie Croyle at punter. Rrrrighhtt like that was going to fool the Broncos.
    - Should have started Buckhalter on my fantasy team.
    - The Broncos will make the playoffs.

    (Jags vs. Texans)
    - No lucky breaks for Matt Schaub.
    - So that’s where Hex Rex Grossman is.
    - First pass, a pick.
    - Tells you all you need to know about Grossman when your starting quarterback has to be brought back into the game with a dislocated shoulder.
    - Steve Slaton: the Disappearing man.
    - What went wrong? That half-back option pass worked in practice, coach.
    - The Colts took Houston’s heart, the Jag stole their soul.
    - This team may not win another game this year.

    (Cardinals vs. Vikings)
    - Do any receivers have better hands as a unit than the Cardinals receivers?
    - Are any receivers as physical as a unit as the Cardinals receivers?
    - With protection like this, Kurt Warner may not experience another concussion.
    - Favre has defied expectations, but Sunday night proved he needs to be protected by a running game.
    - Cardinals simply stuff Adrian Peterson.
    - Larry Fitzpatrick was breaking tackles like Peterson usually does.
    - Jared Allen had a tough night.
    - I knew E.J. Henderson was out for the year after I saw his leg whip like limb rope.
    - The Cardinals have all the talent in the world on offense and defense to repeat as NFC Super Bowl representatives.

    (Dolphins vs. Pats)
    - Don’t look now but Tom “Terrific” has lost his last-minute mojo.
    - Devon Bess, Miami’s best receiver.
    - Wait until this team gets some blue chip players.
    - Still don’t think they make the playoffs, but this is the classic overachieving team.
    - Randy Moss good for at least one fingertip TD grab against the Dolphins.
    - Wes Welker got away from Miami, but the Dolphins didn’t let him get away too much on the field.
    - Someone better hip Bill Belichick to the term “a gambling fool.”
    - Take the field goal and you’re probably looking at a win.
    - Sam Aikens does steps on and over Shaun Smith.
    - One Michigan quarterback (Chad Henne) outduels another (Tom Brady).
    - Pats armor of invincibility slowly cracking.
    - No longer road warriors – except in London.
    - The Carpenter nails another victory for the Fins.

    (Bears vs. Rams)
    - What Chicago has been waiting for: An interception-free Jay Cutler.
    - What Chicago has been waiting for II: Matt Forte finding the end zone.
    - Fear not, Rams, Jimmy Clausen is on his way.

    (49ers vs. Seahawks)
    - Why is Julius Jones starting in place of Justin Forsett?
    - Federal Express Vernon Davis to the Pro-Bowl, please.
    - Seattle escapes a flagrant pass interference call.
    - Too many red zone buggles by San Francisco.
    - Here’s an Inconvenient Truth: Frank Gore – your fumble may have cost your team a spot in the playoffs.
    - 49ers blow their chance for a division title.
    - And I thought the race was over after such a promising start by San Francisco.
    - That’s why early predictions mean nothing.

    Top Five: 1.) Colts 2.) Saints 3.) Vikings 4.) Chargers 5.) Bengals
    Bottom Five: 28.) Chiefs 29.) Buccaneers 30.) Redskins 31.) Browns 32.) Rams

    All corrections, comments, clarifications and criticisms are welcomed. :)
  2. Califan007

    Califan007 Well-Known Member

    1,406 Messages
    281 Likes Received
    LOL!!...Nice job [​IMG]
  3. Avaj

    Avaj Peace Be Still

    1,700 Messages
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    I look forward to this post every week. Thanks again. :)

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