Thoughts on NFL Week 14

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    Thoughts on NFL Week 14

    - Browns linebacker Chris Gocong was King Kong on the goal line.
    - Big Ben is one tough hombre.
    - James Harrison loves contributing to the Roger Goodell charity fund.
    - He’s about to spend some time in Goodell’s holding pen.
    - I’ve been a big McCoy supporter for much of the year, but he didn’t play very well Thursday.
    - The Browns should receive a big fine if they knowingly sent McCoy back into the game with a concussion.
    - It’s great that your father is your advocate, but McCoy’s pop seems a bit like the doting daddy ball dad.
    - I wonder if there’s a cloud of secrecy in the Browns organization. After hearing more about this McCoy incident, it reminds me of the situation with Kellen Winslow III, who complained about staph infections and the Browns secrecy over it.
    - Mohamed Massaquoi with a nice reach-for-the-sky catch.
    -Through injuries, we’re seeing teams’ true MVP, such as Jay Cutler with the Bears and Darren McFadden with the Raiders.
    - With all due respect to Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson, Houston’s MVP(erson) is Wade Phillips.
    - Maybe it wasn’t all Wade Phillips’ fault in Dallas.
    - This kid T.J. Yates may have a future in the NFL.
    - Congratulations, Houston, on your first playoff birth and for clinching the AFC South division.
    - The Bengals are slumping, but I wouldn’t be too terribly upset if I were a fan. I think their arrow is headed up.
    - Do you think Tom Brady might have been a little mad on the sidelines?
    - Winning cures everything, including a spat between your star quarterback and your offensive coordinator.
    - Terrell Owens somewhere is crying foul.
    - I have no idea how Andre Carter is supposed to tackle Rex Grossman if he can’t swipe at his legs.
    - London Fletcher got a taste of what happens when you dare touch one of the league’s elite quarterbacks.
    - The NFL is just too fast a league for guys like Fletcher to pull up when he sees Tom Brady running then sliding right before contact.
    - Rob Gronkowski, tight end extraordinaire.
    - Who needs receivers when you have 6’5 tight ends who catch like Jerry Rice.
    - Nice interception by Skins Josh Wilson.
    - Santa Moss has got to make that catch.
    - Jerrod “Johnny on the Spot” Mayo.
    - The Chargers seem to have found their offense, maybe a bit too late.
    - I thought C.J. Spiller would be doing more by now.
    - Ryan Mathews had a field day against the 22nd ranked rushing defense.
    - So long Todd Haley, it was nice knowing you.
    - Say what you want about Mark Sanchez, but when it starts getting late in the season, he starts getting better.
    - I get the feeling that Coach Rivera and Cam are too enamored with his arm.
    - I don’t understand why with two stud backs in DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart the Panthers don’t run more.
    - I thought they were too much in a hurry only down by one with plenty of time in the fourth quarter.
    - I think it’s safe to say that Julio Jones’ hamstring isn’t bothering him anymore.
    - Stevie Johnson can make the difficult catches during the game, but when you need a big catch down the stretch, he hands resemble Swiss cheese.
    - Phillip Rivers channeling Landry Jones in the Big 12 Conference Championship Game.
    - Chargers defensive back Steve Gregory gets his chance to taste a pick six.
    - The Bills are having a topsy-turvy year, winning streak at the beginning, losing streak near the end.
    - I think it’s safe to say Joe Webb aint no Tim Tebow.
    - How do the refs miss the face mask on such a critical play?
    - That’s right. He doesn’t wear No. 12 and a Patriots jersey.
    - Does anyone think that doesn’t get called if Webb is Tom Brady?
    - Yeah, yeah, Brandon Pettigrew got his mask yanked, but it wasn’t at the end of the game.
    - Ponder shows all the promise you expect in a No. 1 pick but all the mistakes you expect as well.
    - He’ll have to learn to look off receivers and resist the urge to trust his arm to beat double and triple coverage.
    - Good thing the Lions jumped out to a fast start.
    - The Eagles are a different team with Vick under center. They look so much faster and explosive.
    - I’m betting DeSean Jackson is glad Vick is back.
    - I don’t know if it’s enough for Philly to retain Jackson, though.
    - Brandon Marshall is such an up and down player.
    - Devon Bess would be looked at in the same light as Wes Welker if he had an elite quarterback like Tom Brady throwing to him.
    - Reggie Bush is becoming a between-the-tackle runner before our very eyes.
    - Matt Moore needed to be more than average to beat the Eagles.
    - Eagles put it on cruise control after halftime.
    - Jake Locker has got to get rid of that football.
    - That’s a no-harm, no-foul throw that could be a game-winner.
    - Ravens relying on runner Ray Rice at the right time.
    - Raiders defense makes Ryan Grant look like Jim Taylor.
    - The man has been invisible for much of the season and there he is paying regular visits to the Raiders’ endzone.
    - I guess it’s a good time to call a punt fake inside your own 30 when you’re behind 31-0 </end sarcasm>
    - Shane Lechler discovers what the fridge cold air of Green Bay does to your punts for good and for bad.
    - Whether throwing interceptions or recovering fumbles, ball security isn’t one of Carson Palmer’s strong suits.
    - I’ve seen children catch colds better than the Raiders were catching Palmer’s passes.
    - Aaron Rodgers is so accurate that the game against the Raiders marked the first game since 2009 that he threw four consecutive incompletions. Pause to digest.
    - I don’t think even a Greg Jenning injury is going to stop the Packers from going undefeated.
    - Too many weapons at the receiver position and too dangerous a gunslinger in Rodgers.
    - Sorry, Barkley. Tebowmania has hit overdrive.
    - It’s still not too late to beg Wilfork and Mayo to end Tebow madness.
    - Tebow is Tyler Palko for three quarters, but in the fourth quarter, John Elway.
    - He only completed three passes until the fourth quarter, but he had at least five passes his receivers simply dropped.
    - The deep pass to DeMaryius Thomas was slightly out of reach, but if you’re being paid millions of dollars to catch a football, you have to make that play.
    - Fortunately, Thomas redeemed himself on the over-time game-winning drive.
    - Chalk up another convert to Tebowism in Merrill Hoge.
    - Even Steven A. Smith was humbled.
    - Matt Prater has a howitzer for a leg.
    - Robbie Gould does too.
    - Mile High must be a kicker’s paradise.
    - Marion Barber must be the loneliest man in Chicago.
    - He brought that mojo from Dallas with him; great for most of the game, collapses when the game is on the line.
    - We know Lance Briggs can identify crap, which explains his team’s two-minute defense.
    - It was nice to see him about to cry during his post-game interview. Maybe next time, he’ll keep his big mouth shut.
    - Ditto Brian Urlacher. You oughta be shamed that a very good running back beat your defense with his arm.
    - Pocket Hercules puts the Jaguars offense on his shoulders and lifts them to victory.
    - Preston Parker and Josh Freeman single-handedly let the Jaguars back in the game with turnovers resulting in touchdowns.
    - Is it me or does it seem as if Josh Freeman is regressing?
    - Someone remind the 49ers that wrapping up the division doesn’t mean you stop winning.
    - Too many field goals, not enough touchdowns.
    - At least we know David Akers is money.
    - Larry Fitzgerald back to his sick ways catching.
    - Awful tackling by the Niners secondary on the Cardinals scoring drive.
    - Where do the Cardinals keep getting these receivers?
    - This has been a tough two years for Kevin Kolb.
    - Kendell Hunter needs to make that catch.
    - Cowboys kicker Dan Bailey done in by another time out.
    - Jason Pierre Paul hands the Cowboys offensive line their behinds and the Giants the game with a blocked kick.
    - A promising, record-setting rookie year comes to an end for DeMarco Murray.
    - The secondary play by both teams was awful.
    - Eli Manning is a Cowboy killer.
    - Almost every “desperation pass” he threw was on the mark.
    - Romo had a great game, but right or wrong, he’s going to be dogged by the pass he doesn’t make versus the passes he did make to get the Cowboys in position to tie the game.
    - I wouldn't be surprised if the Cowboys finished the season 7-9. I think after this loss, they may very well mail in the season.
    - I thought Rob Ryan was hired to fix the Cowboys defense.
    - Any Cowboys fans worried about a team stealing Ryan as a head coach, relax. It aint happening next year.
    - On second thought, maybe getting a head coaching job might be a blessing in disguise for Dallas.
    - On Terance Newman’s drop of an easy pick six, you won’t get a better gift even for Christmas.
    - DeMarcus Ware is a beast, no doubt. But it’s inexcusable that he jumps off sides negating a bobbled snap that puts the Giants in 2nd and 22.
    - If you want to see the difference intangibles like hope, belief, leadership and unity make, look at the Cowboys team then look at the Broncos teams.
    - I’ll go ahead and say it. The Cowboys will not make the playoffs.
    - The coach of the year race is getting a bit muddled. Jim Harbaugh, Gary Kubiak, Mike McCarthy and John Fox all have their arguments why they could be considered.
    - This was a great week for comebacks.

    Top 5

    1. Green Bay Packers – 16-0 is a forgone conclusion.
    2. Houston Texans - They’re winning without their best quarterback, best defensive lineman and best receiver.
    3. Baltimore Ravens – The recipe for post-season success? A steady diet of Rice.
    4. New Orleans Saints – They’ve clinched a playoff spot so they’ve got to be within the top 5.
    5. San Francisco 49ers – Ditto.

    Bottom 5

    28. Washington Redskins – They’re close to victories and yet so far away.
    29. Tampa Bay Buccaneer – What a difference a year makes.
    30. Minnesota Vikings – The last non-call of the Lions game kind of symbolizes their season.
    31. St. Louis Rams – When your offensive coordinator can’t understand that on the one yard line you give it to Stephen Jackson, you’ve got problems.
    32. Indianapolis Colts – The best thing you can say is they picked the best year to be the worst team.

    As always, all corrections, clarifications, criticisms, comments and additions are welcomed.

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