Thoughts on NFL Week 17

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by tyke1doe, Jan 4, 2010.

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    Thanks for abiding me this season as I spewed my thoughts on the forum. I'm going to go back to my original format sans game by game break down. I may miss some games. If you're disappointed, just SUH me. ;)

    - Several running backs not necessarily considered elite are making 200 yard games a mere formality.
    - Welcome to the club Fred Jackson and Jamaal Charles.
    - Quietly, Jackson joins the 1,000 yard club.
    - Tennesse might have worried about Y2K but no worries about CJ2K.
    - Welcome to the 2,000 yard club, Chris Johnson.
    - Best ... back ... in ... the ... league.
    - If the MVP weren't such a quarterback award, Chris Johnson would win it.
    - In a pass happy league where five quarterbacks threw for more than 4,000 yards, topping 2,000 yards is a major accomplishment.
    - The next closest back (Steve Jackson) was 584 yards behind CJ.
    - Just imagine Jerome Harrison's numbers had he started the season as he ended it.
    - 562 yards in three games. :eek:
    - The Browns have keepers in Joshua Cribbs and Harrison.
    - Now if they can settle on a quarterback.
    - Unfortunately for Browns fans, that four-game win streak may mean Mangini stays in Cleveland.
    - Mailing it in? Colts, Saints went over-night postage.
    - Memo Kyle Culter, er, Orton, Derrick Johnson is NOT your receiver.
    - A new ride at the Colorado State Fair: the Denver Bronco.
    - KC, always Bronco Busters.
    - The Broncos might just toss the Marshall Plan.
    - Jabar Gaffney makes most of Marshall's and Royal's absence.
    - Uh, Broncos DE Robert Ayers, this isn't the MMA.
    - Bill Belichick may want to rethink that resting the players thing.
    - Work horse Wes Welker's injury may mean one-and-done for the Pats in the playoffs.
    - Randy Moss as a middle-of-the-field threat? Bahahahaha!
    - Julian Edelman better fasten his chinstrap tight.
    - Pass these name-change documents to Chad Ochozero.
    - All I need from him was a measley six yards to win my fantasy league championship. :mad:
    - Luck be a Jets fan tonight.
    - A team given up for dead gets a few breaks and takes advantage of a playoff berth.
    - Brad Smith, running wild.
    - I thought Bengals were used cold weather?
    - My bad, I'm thinking of Siberian Tigers.
    - Cincinnati should have just sat Carson Palmer.
    - Is that right, the Steelers go their first pick of the season Sunday? :confused:
    - Roethlisberger sure knows how to extend a play.
    - Too little too late for the Steelers.
    - Sorry Lamar Woodley.
    - Pat White will learn to slide feet first.
    - Could the Dolphins make a play for Tim Tebow, the perfect Wildcat weapon?
    - If Eric Clapton is interested in making a follow-up to a greatest hit, "Lay Down Giants" is available.
    - 41 points and 44 points on the Giants defense?
    - Look up "quit" in the dictionary and you'll find a picture of the Gmen defensive unit.
    - McGahee scores three times for the Ravens? Watchutalkinbout, Willis?
    - As long as Raider QBs keep getting injured, OfftheMarcus Russell will have a job in Oakland.
    - Is inappropriate to say for two weeks Houston was Arian's Nation?
    - Charles Woodson deserves Defensive Player of the Year props.
    - No. 4 (Favre) throws for 4 (TDs).
    - May not ever get to Jerry's league but Sidney is becoming a rice to be feared.
    - From the "Take Your Milestones Where You Can Get Them" Congratulations Falcons for consecutive winning season for the first time in franchise history.
    - St. Louis, Null and Void at quarterback.
    - I doubt they go quarterback with the first pick, though.
    - Talk about Walking in a Winterwonderland? See Buffalo.
    - Congratulations TO on quietly (and I want to emphasize, quietly) surpassing a receiving milestone.
    - Ryan Fitzpatrick has earned the right to compete for the starting QB job in Buffalo.
    - You think the Eagles regret trading with Dallas so the Cowboys could pick Anthony Spencer?
    - I know Donovan McNabb does.
    - Didn't you used to be DeSean Jackson, deep threat extraordinaire.
    - Jeremy Maclin: a case of alligator arms and alligator eyes.
    - It was almost comical watching him star down Ken Hamlin the whole time and never even attempt to reach for the pass.
    - This may be the last year Mike Jenkins (the Cowboys corner) misses the Pro Bowl for a while.
    - Tony Romo, Mr. December/January?
    - Roy Williams demotion to an afterthought and his introspection about why he isn't getting the ball and what he needs to do to gain Romo's confidence tells you why TO is in Buffalo and what Jerry Jones means by a Romo-friendly offense.
    - Do you think TO would have been as humble?
    - Me thinks Felix Jones is healthy.
    - How does a stay of execution feel, Wade?
    - Jonathan Stewart, Jonathan Swift.
    - When DeAngelo Williams is healthy, the Panthers have the best running back tandem in the league, bar none.
    - I think they've found themselves a quarterback too in Matt Moore.
    - Don't be surprised to see a return to the playoffs next year for Carolina.
    - Caldwell will point to Welker's injury to prove his point about sitting starters.
    - Cutler improving (4 more TDs and no picks), unfortunately, the season is over.
    - Memo Tom Brady: Ray, Ray loves him some ribs.
    - So long Jim Zorn. You never had a chance.
    Top Five Teams, based on play:
    1. Chargers, 2. Cowboys, 3. Packers, 4. Colts, 5. Vikings
    Bottom Five Teams, based on play:
    28. Broncos, 29. Bucs 30. Lions 31. Redskins 32. Rams
    Wildcard winners:
    Cardinals, Bengals, Cowboys, Ravens

    Thanks for your indulgence this year and as always ...
    all comments, corrections, criticism, clarifications and additions are welcomed. :)
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    Always enjoyed your thoughts each week. Thanks for sharing!! :) Can't wait till Sept. already. :laugh2:
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    Very good as usual.

    I disagree about Chris Johnson. Yes, the MVP award is mostly a QB award, but that is not why Johnson won't win it. The Titans went 0-6 to start the season and ended up missing the playoffs. That will prevent any player from winning an MVP award even a QB. The Titans could have lost 8 games with Lendale White as their starter and main running back. Johnson was great this season and I agree that right now he is the best RB in the game; however, he is not the MVP.

    I will add one to your list. Right now the Giants are the worst team in the NFL.

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