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Thoughts on NFL Week 4 (2012)

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by tyke1doe, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. tyke1doe

    tyke1doe Well-Known Member

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    - The Vikings and Lions are moving in opposite directions.
    - Minnesota’s special teams lived up to their name Sunday.
    - The Vikings punt return for a touchdown was as close to an on-the-field convoy as you’re going to see.
    - The Lions must have thought Percy Harvin had the Coodies because no one on its unspecial teams wanted to touch him on his kickoff return for a touchdown.
    - Ponder this: the Vikings quarterback has disposed of two playoffs teams in consecutive weeks.
    - Paging Ndamukong Suh.
    - The Bills simply gave up after they got up by 14.
    - I was ready to say the Patriots are falling back to the middle of the pack and then Brady and Co. explodes for 35 unanswered points.
    - Scott Chandler’s no Rob Gronkowski, but he was a factor for what little offense the Bills could muster against the Patriots.
    - Thurman Thomas isn’t the only one who can’t find his helmet in Buffalo.
    - Paging Mr. Brady.
    - Forget Malcolm in the Middle. Woolfolk in the Middle was the top rated show in Buffalo.
    - Hope Donald Jones got the license plate numbers to that truck that hit him for insurance purposes.
    - The Patriots have found themselves a running game.
    - Nice to see Wes Welker back in the mix.
    - Mario Williams needs to be investigated for theft.
    - Think he regrets leaving Houston?
    - Speaking of Houston, congratulations for clinching the AFC South.
    - If this team stays healthy, Houston may have its first Super Bowl team.
    - Dallas’ loss a few years ago was definitely Houston’s gain.
    - JJ Watts is playing lights out. Early Defensive MVP candidate.
    - Recall the search party, Chris Johnson has been found, just not in the endzone.
    - The league’s elite quarterbacks – Brady, Brees, Rodgers and P. Manning – all had monster days.
    - The Jets never left the terminal.
    - Sanchez may be grounded for good with an outing like Sunday’s.
    - Is it Tebow Time in New York?
    - Or maybe McElroy’s Moment?
    - Whoever it is, Sanchez just isn’t getting it done.
    - The Jets players are dropping like, well, flies.
    - Rex Ryan might be reaching for that phone to call T.O. or Ochocinco.
    - Santonio Holmes must have been in major pain because he sure did acted like securing the ball was the least of his worries.
    - I’m still trying to ponder how Minnesota’s second-year quarterback beat the ferocious 49ers defense.
    - After their hiccup in Minnesota, the 49ers defense returns to form.
    - Colin Kaepernick probably didn’t expect his first TD to be a run.
    - Jim Harbaugh’s wildcat was a “Take this” shot at Rex’s Tebow package.
    - If you’re happy in the corner and your holder throws a scorer, if you’re happy and you know it say Amen(dola)!
    - Detroit has Megatron, the Rams have Legatron (Greg Zuerlein).
    - Don’t look now, but Jeff Fisher has the Rams playing decent football.
    - Rams playing better under Jeff Fisher and could easily be 3-1.
    - Seattle TE Anthony McCoy tripped up by the dreaded invisible defender.
    - Cardiac is so close in spelling to Cardinals and Arizona’s games are too close for fans.
    - Brian Hartline (12 for 253, 1 TD) was hardly flat in the Dolphins loss to the Cardinals.
    - He was so underrated the Cardinals forgot to cover him for most of the day.
    - The Dolphins have found their quarterback of the future.
    - Wow! Kevin Kolb actually looked like a starting quarterback.
    - The Falcons might wrap up the NFC South before midseason.
    - Matt Ryan is pushing for an MVP award.
    - If I’m coach Rivera, pink doesn’t must mean Breast Awareness Month. It means a one-way ticket out of Carolina to the doofus safety (Haruki Nakamura) who let Roddy White get behind him.
    - That’s like Free Safety 101.
    - Who did he think he was? A centerfielder?
    - Haruki Nakamura, Kealoha Pilares, Kenny Onatolu, Amini Silatolu? You need a master’s in linguistics just to get through the Panthers roster.
    - Memo to Cam Newton: Superman comes through in the clutch.
    - The Panthers didn’t want to tackle Michael Turner.
    - Matt Ryan saw a bit too much of Panthers DE Charles Johnson (5 sacks).
    - This looks like the Falcons year where everything seems to go right.
    - The same for the Cardinals.
    - A.J. Green is one bad cat.
    - Andy Dalton aint that bad himself. An underrated quarterback for sure.
    - In the battle of the ferocious felines cats, the Bengals established whose roar is louder.
    - On any other Sunday, Maurice Jones-Drew could trip and get 38 yards.
    - Peyton Manning looking like his old self.
    - The Oakland Raiders are looking like their old selves.
    - Carson Palmer is shot.
    - From Hartley to Heartbreak, Saints go 0-4.
    - I don’t see this team rebounding to get to the playoffs.
    - Packers almost done in by the refs again – the regulars not the replacements.
    - That Darren Sproles sure is fast.
    - Both the Saints and Packers defenses are very suspect.
    - Malcolm Jenkins does his best Moe Stooges impression on Aaron Rodgers.
    - Joe Morgan drags him a Packer defender into the end zone; Jordy Nelson does him one better.
    - I like Robert Griffin’s poise.
    - I say he has the inside track on Rookie of the Year.
    - Redemption, thy name is Bill Cundiff.
    - He went from on his way out of Washington, D.C. to on to next week’s game?
    - LeSean McCoy puts a “Barry Sanders ankle breaking move” on Kenny Phillips.
    - Hopefully for Philly fans, Michael Vick has finally learned he’s never going to be strictly a pocket passer.
    - I don’t think I’ve seen a quarterback this side of Dan Marino who at the flick of his wrist can throw a ball with such straight-line velocity as Vick can.
    - Eli Manning is good for one bone-head decision a game, even as he is the late game heroics.
    - Sunday night was not Lawrence Tyne’s time to be a hero for the Giants.
    - Is it time to freeze freezing the kickers, coaches?
    - The Bears were simply too physical for the Cowboys.
    - Chicago just outhit and outhustled Dallas all night long.
    - Jay Cutler is so immature.
    - But he looked like Joe Montana connecting with Jerry Rice against the overrated Cowboys defense.
    - Brandon Marshall seems to have found himself.
    - He might be named Carr, but the Cowboys $50 million was getting run over by Marshall for most of the night.
    - Romo will take a beating, but the first three turnovers were not his fault.
    - Dez Bryant: 10 million dollar talent; 10 cent head.
    - Dallas likely will never return to the Super Bowl as long as Jerry Jones is the owner.
    - I think we’ve found Al Davis Jr. and he’s not dressed in black and silver.
    - I’m hoping Jones takes a page from the 49ers and heavily invest top picks on the offensive line, but I doubt it.
    - It’s all about the bright lights and the Benjamin’s for Jones.
    - Thoughts, prayers and blessings to Indy Coach Chuck Pagano who is battling leukemia.

    Top 5
    1. Houston Texans – No. 1 ranked scoring offense. No 1. Ranked scoring defense. Undefeated and blowing teams out? Yeah, they deserve the top spot.
    2. Atlanta Falcons – That was a gutsy comeback by the Falcons, served up by a critical Cam Newton fumble and a safety who doesn’t know the meaning of not letting the receiver get behind you.
    3. Arizona Cardinals – If Kevin Kolb can continue to approximate a quarterback, the Cardinals could be going places.
    4. San Francisco 49ers – Last week was merely a blip on the radar.
    5. Philadelphia Eagles - They may be ready to take the NFC East.

    Bottom 5
    28. Kansas City/Carolina Panthers – Only victories are against the 0-4 Stains, I mean, Saints.
    29. Oakland Raiders – Simply no consistency.
    30. Jacksonville Jaguars - When are they ever going to right the ship?
    31. Cleveland Browns – Few expect them to do anything this year, including the Browns themselves.
    32. New Orleans Saints – WhodatsaytheygonnabeatdemSaints? Everybody.

    As always, all additions, clarifications, corrections and comments are welcomed.
  2. FootballFan1

    FootballFan1 Member

    307 Messages
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    Every once in a while I check in here even though I stopped posting. Got harassed too much, hard to deal with.

    I have to say, you people do not appreciate the time and effort put in by tyke1doe to post these weekly updates. It is actually the only post I look forward to - and read every week. The rest, well. It is what it is. I do not read them. You MAY go to the playoffs, but your team is a non-factor. Not sure about the Pats right now.l But I never count them out. And in particular after last year with ZERO defense.

    Saying that, I will say the game with the Bears, Romo was playing good, not great, but certainly he tried to force the game toward the end, leaving him with the 5 int - but really, look at your team. The OL and this DEZ kid who could not even read the play. Sounds like Ocho - and why we got rid of him. Bum, can you not read the defense and come back?? What?? That is not on Romo, sorry.

    So, I DO appreciate tyke1doe the effort you put into your post.

    As a Patriot fan, I do not care to read about the problems of the Cowboys. I have enough problems to deal with as a Patriot fan. But the insight you give tyke1doe gives me a good idea about what is going around the league.

    Much appreciated.

    IAMKING Benched

    1,253 Messages
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    First lengthy post I was able to get thru on this forum. Job well done.
  4. tyke1doe

    tyke1doe Well-Known Member

    32,552 Messages
    9,662 Likes Received
    Thanks, guys.

    These are just my musings. Sometimes, I'm on. Sometimes, I'm very off.

    But I try to make them entertaining. :)

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