Thoughts on NFL Week 5 (2012)

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by tyke1doe, Oct 10, 2012.

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    - In a tub somewhere in Arizona, Kevin Kolb is soaking in ice.
    - In an office somewhere in Arizona, Pat Bidwell is calling Kurt Warner trying to coax him out of retirement.
    - St.Louis’ defense looks Ram tough.
    - Then again, they were facing a Cardinals team that hasn’t amassed 300 yards a game yet.
    - Larry Fitzgerald used to make those catches with ease.
    - Is the culture that is the offense-less Cardinals getting to him?
    - Jeff Fisher is in contention for Coach of the Year.
    - I wouldn’t be surprised if the Titans traded Chris Johnson in the off season.
    - I don’t know who the bigger disappointment is Chris Johnson or Mario Williams.
    - Colts or no Colts, Brady gets the best of Peyton Manning more often than not.
    - Peyton or no Peyton, Reggie Wayne continues to make spectacular catches and rack up yards.
    - I thought Superman had superb vision.
    - Denver has a Bronco on its helmets, Willis McGahee needs a goat on his.
    - I remember when Cowboys fans would laugh when it was suggested that DeMaryius Thomas was a better receiver than Dez Bryant. Now it’s the Broncos fans who laugh at the suggestion that Bryant is better than Thomas.
    - Wes Welker just might get that big pay day.
    - I know, I know, Peyton Manning is an immensely better quarterback than Tim Tebow. But I wonder whether having to compensate for Tebow made the Broncos play tougher?
    - Cam’s no Superman because he can’t even see two open men in the end zone.
    - The Bears defense is truly scary.
    - I think the NFC North is Chicago’s for the taking.
    - Their defense alone scored more than eight teams did Sunday.
    - A sight that deserves a double take. The Minnesota Vikings are atop the NFC North along with the Chicago Bears.
    - The Vikings are making the most of their schedule and home field advantage.
    - Percy Harvin is that one player who can score every way imaginable at any time.
    - I think it’s safe to say Adrian Peterson is completely healed from his knee injury.
    - Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall are playing like they had chemistry in another life.
    - They play some nasty defense in the NFC West.
    - I believe if the Bears don’t have a say in it, the NFC representative for the Super Bowl will come from the west.
    - The Jaguars need to go ahead and move to LA.
    - Michael Vick has become a turnover waiting to happen.
    - The Steelers really don’t scare anyone anymore. Too many injuries.
    - Well, well, Roger Goodell has gotten into James Harrison’s mind.
    - Rashard Mendenhall bounced back from injury rather nicely.
    - Remember when it Mario Williams and Vince Young were considered better prospects than Reggie Bush?
    - The Dolphins are two overtimes losses away from 4-1.
    - It’s a toss- up between Cam Newton and McGahee as to who was more Mr. Anti-clutch this Sunday.
    - If you like taking naps between field goals, the Ravens-Chiefs game was the one for you.
    - We know for sure Matt isn’t king of KC’s castle.
    - When your fans boo you after you get knocked silly, it’s time to find another city.
    - I doubt Cassel will last another year in Kansas City.
    - I just don’t know what to make of Joe Flacco.
    - Too much salsa in New York for my taste.
    - Andrew was out of Luck when Rick Perry trucked him.
    - But he shrugged Clay Matthews off like he was nothing.
    - He’s growing up before our eyes.
    - Luck just moved past RGIII as leader for Rookie of Year
    - Notre Dame’s rallying cry was win one for the Gipper. Indianapolis’ is win one for the Chuckster (Chuck Pagano).
    - Never doubt the power of inspiration.
    - The Packers had their own M.A.S.H. unit going.
    - Crosby Stills and Crash – Packers kicker muffs a game-tying kick.
    - RGIII is going to be running a little less when he comes back from his mild-concussion.
    - The Redskins rookie quarterbacks are having a good time finding the end zone with their first passes.
    - The Matt Ryan to Ryan Kerrigan connection sounds good in name only, at least for the Falcons.
    - Ex Ravens and Redskins kicker Billy Cundiff won’t be cruising down the Baltimore-Washington Parkway any time soon.
    - Hundred yards just wasn’t good enough for Ahmad Bradshaw.
    - Bruce Irvin playing his way into a defensive rookie of the year award.
    - Buffaloed? Frankly the Bills were Gored to death.
    - I see Michael Crabtree emerged from obscurity Sunday.
    - Chan Gailey may want to put his house on the market sooner rather than later.
    - At least Ryan Fitzpatrick has his Harvard degree to fall back on.
    - Those black pants didn’t flatter Saints DE Sedrick Ellis at all.
    - His butt seemed extremely larger.
    - Cam loaned his cape to Chargers RB Ryan Mathews.
    - Congratulations on Drew Brees leaving Johnny Unitas in his rearview mirror.
    - Still Unitas’ record was more impressive than Brees.
    - Sean Peyton can return to exile now.
    - The refs may have served up some Cajun style home cooking with a few of those iffy calls against the Chargers.
    - Within two games, Sanchez will be out as the starting quarterback for the NY Jets.
    - The Tebow-Sanchez experiment just isn’t working.
    - Antonio Cromartie would have made an even better receiver.
    - The Texans looked mighty pedestrian.
    - Paging Andre Johnson?
    - J.J. Watts is playing lights out.

    Top 5
    1. Houston Texans – The record speaks for itself.
    2. Atlanta Falcons – Ditto.
    3. Chicago Bears – Comparisons to the 1985 are a little premature but when you’ve scored 24 points in two games, you deserve this spot more than the …
    4. San Francisco 49ers – Their defense is scary too minus the points.
    5. Baltimore Ravens – Almost dropped because of a pathetic offensive showing, but defense saves the day.

    Bottom 5
    28. New Orleans Saints – Their defense is offensive.
    29. Kansas City Chiefs - We’ll be asking after the season ‘Romeo, oh Romeo, where art thou oh Romeo.’
    30. Jacksonville Jaguars – We can see now why even Tebow rejected them.
    31. Tennessee Titans – Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere will put up a better fight in “Nashville.”
    32. Cleveland Browns – Winless and powerless.

    As always, all comments, criticisms, corrections, clarifications, thoughts and additions are welcomed.
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    Enjoyed the read, thanks for posting it.
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    I like these posts, continue to do them :)
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    Good stuff.
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    Question, you say the Texans are "pedestrian looking" but #1.
  6. tyke1doe

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    They didn't look that strong against the Jets. Still they are undefeated, and I had them at No. 1 last week. So they didn't do enough negatively to drop below the Falcons, even if they did look pedestrian against NY.
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    I think Harvin is a rare player. In the right offense he would be a nightmare for defenses. Can you imagine a player like that working in New England?

    I like to watch him play, he's a serious threat in a number of areas.

    I haven't heard the quote myself but someone I was talking to told me that he replied to a question about one of his fumbles with, "it was meant to happen" or something to that extent.

    I think the Ravens are trying to force their way into being a respected and feared passing offense for some reason. I dunno why but I've never seen a team just air it out over and over in the face of piss poor results when they have one of the best RBs in the NFL in the backfield.

    I know it was penalized but that was the type of hit that people would be looking at 20 years from now on highlight reels of big hits if this were a few years back.

    I would disagree. He'll need a few more games and hope that RG3 has some stinkers to take it, IMO.

    I dunno if he should. He made a dumb decision in staying in bounds when the sideline was all his. I think he'll definitely be a little more reserved with taking unnecessary shots but I don't think he'll be any more timid in taking off if he has to or if it's open.

    I thought the push off call on Gates was too much. It only looked bad because the guy fell but that's regular contact.

    I've never seen a 3 & 37 turn into a 1st down by a penalty. That's crazy.

    Yeah he is. And I don't know if it was said before but Gruden dropped the play on his name in reference to electricity and this is probably gonna be a continuing thing.

    I can just see it now. "You're gonna need a surge protector to play against JJ Watt. Simply too much power".

    I'd probably drop the Ravens and add the Patriots. Baltimore has put up two rather ugly games in the past 2 weeks, both against teams in your bottom 5. They could have lost either of them.

    I think the Browns are better than the 3 teams above them and I think New Orleans is probably better than a good number above them.

    New Orleans can still score and there are plenty of teams who struggle more often than that. They'll be in shoot outs every game and probably a last possession type of thing but I don't consider them to be that bad.

    The Browns have played some tough games against Baltimore, Philly, Cincinnati and last week they came out on fire against the Giants. They're tougher than your run of the mill 0-5 team. I think they'll probably get a few wins. Odd that they play Cincy 2 times in the first 6 weeks.

    Good stuff. I like these recaps. Keep em up.

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    Excellent post!
  9. Cowboys&LakersFan

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    Dwight Howard didn't play this weekend. ;)
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    Excellent post.

    - The Dolphins are two overtimes losses away from 4-1.

    They also have a favorable schedule coming up. They will be interesting to watch. Then again, watch them only win one game next year.

    @hoofbite. I agree. The Browns are a lot better than people think they are.
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    The odd thing is, Griffin only ran once in the entire game against atlanta -- and it was on a passing play. No options and no designed runs etc..

    After seeing Cousins play, I started to realize what a rookie QB is supposed to look like. Griffin doesn't play like a rookie.

    I'm not a big fan of the Browns either. They have a lot of talent, I just don't like their coaching staff / front office. I think they'll be cleaning house at the end of the season. It doesn't help that they play the Steelers, Ravens and Bengals twice a year. Along with playing the NFC East.

    As bad as I think the Browns are, they'll beat someone in the NFC East. Most likely the Redskins lol

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