Thoughts on NFL Week 6 (2012)

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    - These are not your father’s Pittsburgh Steelers.
    - Matt Hasselback still has a little bit left in the tank.
    - The yards are returning to Chris Johnson’s ground game. If only the touchdowns would, for my fantasy team’s sake.
    - You get the feeling the NY Giants can turn it on anytime they want to.
    - You get the feeling the Dallas Cowboys will find a way to lose in the end.
    - You get the feeling that even when ahead, the Oakland Raiders are going to find a way to choke down the stretch.
    - If you want to see the difference between awful and great clock management, look no further than the Dallas Cowboys and Atlanta Falcons for a case study.
    - For the Cowboys kicker Mr. Bailey, it’s not a wonderful life.
    - Jason Garrett may have a degree from Princeton University, but it’s apparent he didn’t take any courses in time management.
    - More hustle and less arguing with the refs, Dez.
    - Dez Bryant spends precious seconds arguing with the referee when his team needed him to line up and get ready for the next play.
    - Dez needs to spend more learning to catch extra points. Should had that one.
    - As fast as Miles Austin and Kevin Olgetree are, you’d think they could get back to the line of scrimmage quicker than they did.
    - If you’re looking for a lack of discipline with respect to the Cowboys, the last play before the missed field is all you need for reference.
    - Sorry, refs, but that was not pass interference by Maurice Claiborne against Torry Smith.
    - Not that it mattered any way, but Smith caught the touchdown pass without it.
    - Right now, Brandon Carr is not living up to his $50 million price tag.
    - DeMarco Murray is proving to be too injury prone.
    - I’m glad Dallas finally realized that Felix Jones hasn’t forgotten how to carry a football.
    - The Ravens are really going to have to rely on Flacco and Rice with Ladarius Webb and Ray Lewis likely done for the season.
    - Has Ray, Ray played his last down in the NFL?
    - I think these two injuries will spell the demise of the Ravens’ Super Bowl aspirations.
    - The Eagles defense really, really, really miss Jim Johnson.
    - So long Juan Castillo, high school coaching is calling.
    - The Eagles better win early because trying to win late in the game hasn’t been too good for them.
    - Andy Reid’s handling of LeSean McCoy reminds me of Tom Landry’s handling of Tony Dorsett during Dorsett’s early years. Landry was afraid to give Dorsett too heavy a load because he didn’t think Dorsett could handle it. But that strategy cost the Cowboys Super Bowl 13. Reid seemingly doesn’t want to load McCoy with runs, but that strategy is costing the Eagles wins.
    - Calvin Johnson is the best security blanket a quarterback can have, especially one without a decent running game.
    - Brady Quinn’s not going to make you forget Tom Brady.
    - In the immortal words of Mark Twain, the demise of the Jets was greatly exaggerated.
    - Mark Sanchez keeps the “Start Tebow” chants at bay for another week.
    - The Jets remaining grounded was a good thing against the Colts.
    - Alex Smith’s favorite receiver of the day: Antrelle Rolle.
    - What Rolles could catch, Carlos Rogers could not.
    - Amhad Bradshaw is off to the races.
    - San Francisco’s vaunted defense didn’t show up .
    - Frank Gore just couldn’t get ungored.
    - Welcome to the win column, Cleveland.
    - Commissioner Gordon three steps ahead of the Joker, collectively known as the Cincinnati Bengals.
    - Maybe RGIII doesn’t need to stop running.
    - RGIII is Michael Vick minus the turnovers.
    - Jay Feeley was definitely feeling that 61 yard field goal. He showed no panic prior to the kick.
    - But Feeley learns quickly you’re only as good as your last made field goal.
    - Makes the hard one, misses the easy one. The life of an NFL kicker.
    - Even the Great Tom Brady wasn’t enough for Seattle’s 12th man.
    - Seattle is now the place you don’t want to play if you have to go on the road.
    - The Patriots need to decide if they want to be a running team or default to Brady and the passing game.
    - A bit of ball control on the ground, and they may have left Seattle with a win.
    - Russell Wilson does just enough for the Seahawks.
    - The Seahawks are winning the Bill Parcells way – great defense, strong running game, bus driver as a quarterback.
    - The Rams are the best last place team in any division.
    - I don’t know who’d win a staring contest between Kevin Kolb and John Shelton.
    - Before long, Patrick Peterson will be the best corner in the NFL.
    - DirecTv’s NFL game mix was worth the money Sunday. On one channel (702), you could see RGIII’s 76 yard TD scamper, Russell Wilson’s game-winning pass to Braylon Edwards and Feely’s missed game-winning field goal all at the same time.
    - Let’s not concede the NFC North to the Chicago Bears just yet.
    - The Discount Doubt Check is back.
    - Aaron Rodger looked like, well, Aaron Rodgers Sunday night.
    - The Texans are in trouble if they have to win a shoot-out.
    - Did Brian Cushings loss mean that much to the Texans?
    - Parity has come to the AFC East with every team at 3-3. Former Commissioner Paul Taglibue would be proud.
    - Talk about the tale of two halves.
    - Denver took a break in the first half, San Diego in the second half.
    - Peyton Manning added to his greatest.
    - Nice tackle by the San Diego turf to prevent an Eric Decker touchdown.
    - Once the Broncos shut down Phillip Rivers’ security blanket named Antonio Gates, he couldn’t buy a pass completion.
    - Why does Norv Turner still have a head-coaching job?
    - So far, the NFC is proving to be the better conference.

    Top 5

    1. Atlanta Falcons – The only undefeated team left.
    2. Chicago Bears – The bye week doesn’t knock them out of the top 5.
    3. Baltimore Ravens – They’re holding on to this spot barely.
    4. New York Giants – The only thing that can stop this team is apathy.
    5. Houston Texans – They folded in the spotlight against a good team.

    Bottom 5

    28. Dallas Cowboys – This franchise is fading fast.
    29. Jacksonville Jaguars – They emerged from the bye week undefeated.
    30. Cleveland Browns – At least they’re 1-0 in the battle of Ohio.
    31. Oakland Raiders – Admit it. You knew they were going to lose.
    32. Kansas City Chiefs – The fans should boo the team off the field.

    All comments, corrections, clarifications, criticism and additions are welcomed. :)
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    thoughts on week 6 same as the other weeks do not bet on NFL games crazy things are taking place. :laugh2:

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