Thoughts On The End Of The Landry Era

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by RiggoForever, Jun 9, 2006.

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    The only reason Landry had not gotten rid of the dead wood was because there was nothing to replace them with. He had the beginning of a core of new talent (Tui, Nate, Irvin, a few others) Bill Bates, Jeffcoat, Tolbert. There is little doubt that Landry would have drafted Aikman. But there was a lot of nothing there otherwise- why do you think the boys went 1-15 in 89?
    Landry was quite aware that he needed to clean house- and I think he would have started in 89 if he had not been fired. He never hesitated to cut people before- but usually only when he had someone to replace them with. In 74 and 75 he virtually rebuilt the team- BUT he had a couple of top drafts and was able to do it. What really got him in the end was that Brandt and the scouts really were lousy for the last half of the 80's.
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    The first time I watched the Cowboys was in 1990 when I was 5. I had no idea the circumstances of Jones dealing with Landry. However, when i was older and elarbned of them , I've always held a grudge against JJ for the way he handled the situation.
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    I had great respect for the man and even met him once which I recounted in another thread. I became a fan of the Boys in the Hail Mary game and watched Coach Landry's TV show every week. The show was great as most of the show had Landry breaking down film and showing how players executing made the plays work. When Jimmy and Jerry took over I was as shocked as anyone and I was not a fan of Jimmy Johnson at all. I hated the Canes and Irvin before he was drafted by the Cowboys.
    But getting Irvin set a chain of events in place that made the Cowboys the team of the 90's. I know that Landry drafted him and I can remember Landry getting set to draft Aikman before JJ took over. I didn't think Coach Landry was losing his touch but that his staff was not what it use to be in my opinion. I also felt as though Gil Brandt and the scouting dept. had been caught up to and passed by most of the league by the time JJ took over. Getting Irvin on the team was the first step in getting players who were physical and had a swagger about them. Jimmy drafted fast players who were winners and had some of that same flair about them as Irvin had.
    Landry was not losing his touch but he was caught in a situation that a lot of coaches find themselves in now at this time. New management was coming in with new idea's and people they trusted to make the team a success. A lot of older Cowboy fans have never forgiven JJ for firing Landry but to me I thought that Landry was just fired because JJ wanted Jimmy as his coach and Landry just happened to be the coach of the Cowboys when JJ took over. I was not bitter about how it went down like a lot of older Cowboy fans and JJ should be allowed to hire and fire people as he see's fit.
    Landry will always be the coach I think of as the all-time coach of the Cowboys but JJ is the owner and he did a hell of job(along with Jimmy of course) bringing the Cowboys back to the top.
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    i think most of us were mad at the time about how it happened.

    the question is....of those of you who were mad....have you forgiven jerry?

    i mean, 3 super bowl titles (more than landry in less time)
    he put landry in the ring of honor
    he had a statue erected in his honor
    he had the 'hat patch' on dallas uniforms at his death (and extra props for not selling it...we all know jerry likes to make a buck where he can)

    imo, it was a crummy way to take out a legend, but it was the right call. but he made up for it by honoring him in a few great ways.

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    I was extremely mad but at the same time I understood why it happened. Our team was a top 5 team in the early 80's and a bottom 5 team in the late 80's. That is more than enough to justify changes being made.
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    Landry says goodbye to Albritton, Jeffcoat, and some guy I don't recognize.

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    He looks like Robert Duvall in that picture
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    I miss Landry and a part of me wishes he was the coach today because there is NO WAY the NFL will be able to make him wear Logo Gear on the sideline!!!

    I was in HS when Landry was let go and I lived in an area that didnt have Cable... we didnt even have our own Police station (they used to send state boys to break up our partys) but anyway I didnt get the details on ESPN!!! I had no idea what "really" went down till year or so later but at the time it was like lets turn this thing around!!!

    1-15 was a dream compared to 3-13!!!

    But lets give Landry Credit he Drafted IRVIN and he would have drafted ROY... other names from the Landry days were: Del Rio... Gogan... Lockhart... Jeffcoat... Herchel Walker were all key parts with the Boys after Landry was gone!!!

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