Thoughts on trading one of our first rounders

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Displaced Cowboy, Nov 18, 2004.

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    I was looking over the draft order and thinking about how much talentless this roster really is.

    My thoughts are this:

    I would explore the possiblity of trading one of our current firsts, i figure both should be top 10, to San Diego for their two firsts.

    If the Giants slide continues they should have a pick in the teens and then San Diego if they manage to stay hot and make the playoffs i figure they will be in the early 20's.

    I think we'd be much better off with those 3 than just the 2 top 10s.

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    Jerry, after the 2004 draft, seemed to suggest the two first rounders would enable Dallas to pick up a lot of extra picks. I don't think your suggestion is off base, especially if we don't want to pay for two high picks. We have a lot of holes but it seems we are hurting badly for diffence makers too.

    Something to consider is if one of the picks ends up being the 2nd or 3rd overall, we could trade down just 2 spots and pick up a high 2nd round pick (using the draft pick trade chart). That would give us 4 picks in the top 40 and maybe another at the top the 3rd if we trade down a little with the second 1st.
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    It does seem enticing but we need so many impact players right now that i dont know if i would pull the trigger on that move. Then again the giants are sliding like you said and with Manning starting maybe they will slide a hell of a lot more. But then you have to look at it and say if the pick does get too high for SD from the giants they might not want to get rid of there 2 first rounders,maybe just the one and a high second. It is kind of a loaded question right now.

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