Thoughts on trading out of the first round.

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by dallasfan, Mar 6, 2007.

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    Right now, with a lot of free agency remaining, I think we have holes at RT/RG, DE/OLB (several will disagree, but I think Carp should and will be moved inside), NT and FS. And outside of RT I don't think we'll sign anyone else other than for depth purposes. So assuming we resign Marc Colombo or sigh Jordan Black, would you consider trading out of round 1, even if we didn't net another first round pick?

    Lamarr Woodley and Bryan Robinson can be had in round 2, and Quentin Mosses can be had in round 3 . With Greg Ellis starting, we don't need a day 1 starter.

    DeMarcus Tyler can probably be had in the early-to-mid 2nd round. This is a guy who can develop into a top notch NT imo.

    Personally I think Pat Watkins will develop into a capable starter at FS during training camp, so I don't really feel the need to draft one high, unless a high quality player fell to us, and I definately don't want to draft one late.

    Our 22nd pick, is worth 780 pts, which means we could realistically trade with the Dolphins who own the 40th and 60th picks (800pts), the Jets who own the 37th and 49th picks (840pts) and the Buccaneers who own the 35th and 64th picks (820pts).

    This would give us 3 2nd round picks which we could turn into DeMarcus Tyler, Lamarr Woodley/Bryan Robinson, and Mason Crosby (because I'm not sold on gramatica)
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    I would be all for moving out, however the Jets are out because they dealt that pick yesterday. Also, Crosby is not worthy of a 3rd round choice IMO.

    I'd definitely look to see if a guy like Hughes slipped or possibly one of the upper echelon WRs dipped as well.
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    Trading out depends on how we feel about FS(Watkins) and Henry(CB). If we feel good, I say trade back. If we think Watkins needs more time and we are uncomfotable with Henry @ CB, then draft Aaron Ross @ 22 and move Henry to FS. Henry can play out his contract and we can move Watkins in.

    My Draft if we are comfortable
    2nd-Victor Abiamiri DE/OLB ND Back up Ellis and Spears/Ellis could be gone next year
    2nd-Joe Stanley OT C Mich Back up Adams/could be gone next year
    2nd-Chris Houston CB Ark Back up Aaron Glenn/could be gone next year
    3rd-Ramirez OG Texas Tech Back up Kosier/could lose starting job next year
    4th-Marcus Thomas DT Florida Back up Ferg/could replace down the road
    5th-Dustin Fry C Clemson Back up Guorde/could replace down the road
    5th(traded 2 7ths to move from 6th to 5th-Dallas Baker WR Florida
    6th-Zak DeOssie ILB Brown Back up James
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    Dallas or any team should be open to trading out of the first round. Studies have shown that the value for the salary cap dollar isn't there.

    However, Dallas is in a unique position this year in that they have multiple late round picks without the available roster spots for those picks to make the team. Dallas' best option is probably to package those late picks together to move further up in a round to target certain players. Dallas' 3rd and one of the 6ths to move up in the 3rd round is going to be the way to go.
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    Houston Ramirez and DeOssie won't be available that late and I have my doubts about Thomas and Stanley. Other than that I agree it would be a sweet draft.

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