Three Bad Games: What's Wrong?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by HDC, Dec 26, 2006.

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    The Cowboys looked like a bad team yesterday in an important game at home vs the Eagles. There wasn't a single part of their game that looked anything but bad. We've seen them play much better games this season. But let's remember the important Giants game at home and the important Saints game at home. That's three big games at home this season in which the Cowboys simply stunk the place up. We saw them play much better against the Giants in NY, against the then unbeaten Colts; so, we know they can play better against good teams..

    Is there a common cause to the poor play in these three bad home losses? They looked very similar to me. Do you thing the coaching prepared them poorly for these three importnat home games? In what way? Clearly, the team wasn't ready to play, a coaching responsibility. If we could determine how the coaching went wrong, we could correct it.

    Any ideas on this?
  2. Bleu Star

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    Poorly coached and executed defense. We don't have the type of offense that can compensate for what is lacking on the defensive side of the ball. Thus, we lose.

    Some would like to think we have an explosive offense but the Eagles showed yesterday that a perfectly disguised blitz plan (something totally alien to Zimmer) can throw our offense off guard enough to take control of the game.
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    BS, Do you have blinders on?

    Yeah the defense sucked, BUT

    Seven freakin points ain't gonna win :choke:
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    Roy looks lost--and I never say that about him
  5. Bleu Star

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    The question was asked "what's wrong" einstein.

    In the three bad games we've had there has been one constant. Badly coached, prepared, motivated, executed defense.

    Feel free to deflect blame elsewhere while the largest glaring problem continues to stick out like a sore thumb. Fire Zimmer or ask him to turn in his resignation today.
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    Roy is trying to do everything and in turn does nothing.

    He has to help a rook FS and cover himself, but also support the run.

    He looks slower and possibly favoring that shoulder as he doesn't pop guys anymore.
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    Yeah, that was the question Dr Watson...Yet the ONLY problem you see is the D?:lmao:
  8. HTownCowboysFan

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    What's wrong? Bottom line, they are what they are. And that is a vastly overrated team that can't beat good teams.
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    You obviously haven't read many of my posts. There's lots of blame to spread around. However, once again, all roads lead back to an underwhelming defensive effort game in and game out.

    Does my post look better if I pretend to laugh in it every time too? :rolleyes: ok let's see. :lmao:
  10. HTownCowboysFan

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    Perhaps, but maybe they aren't that talented. You can run any D you want and coverage you want -- but if you can't rush the passer then QBs will pick you apart.
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    I honestly believe Zimmer is gone...whether he deserves it or not. Someone has to be the fall guy for this kind of collapse. He's it. It's time for a change.
  12. Cbz40

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    I certainly hope you are correct..............
  13. ZeroClub

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    Yeah. I agree.

    I tend to think that Parcells calls most of the shots on defense and so I don't think Zimmer is chiefly responsible for the problems on that side of the ball.

    But I think we are at the point that the Cowboys need to hire a defensive coordinator with 3-4 credentials who is brought in to run (with greater autonomy than Zimmer has had) this defense.
  14. Bleu Star

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    It's not far fetched at all to believe Parcells is "guiding" Zimmer. if this is the case then time has passed the Tuna by and he, along with Zimmer, need to exit stage left.
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    It looks like New Orleans discovered, and exploited a weakness in the D that other teams are taking advantage of it, and the Cowboys have yet to find a patch for it.
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    I rarely post so I hope I do not get eaten alive. I have read this board for a couple of years and I keep reading how poorly coached this team has been. I truly do not believe that the coach's are bad and are being outdone. BP has been a coach for many years and his coach's that have been on his staff that have been promoted to a head coach have gone out and been pretty successful. (most all of them and give thanks to BP for showing them the ropes) BP knows how to put a game plan together and what it takes to prepare for a game. And to be honest it is not rocket science take away the other teams strength and make their supporting cast beat you. The problem the past three games is their supporting cast are beating us, tight ends, fullbacks etc. (And I am not saying I could coach this team, because I couldn't)

    With that said I do believe that we do need a new head coach. The reason is because the players on this team do not have vocal leaders to help kick players in the rear when they are NOT executing to the game plan. I believe BP when he says people are just missing assignments. But when I have been to the games live or just watched on TV no one on the sidelines is yelling at one another or showing any emotion. When BP kissed everyone was the only game where I really saw some emoiton from everyone. Think about that, we had one of his ex-players Burt jumping up and down and screaming getting the team fired up. That is what this team needs, they know how to prepare for games, they know they have talent, but what they do not have is someone getting them fired up and yelling at them when they make a mistake on National TV. BP "look" is not cutting it and players do not fear his look anymore.

    I feel we need a "players coach" like a Fisher, Cowher someone who jumps up and down and shows emotion and lets the players know that they are going to be held accountable no matter if it is practice or National TV. And if you really think about this, BP had that energy when he was younger as well. He is not a bad coach and is not being outcoached, his players just need a different style of coaching since no one on this team wants to step up and be a real leader. (which I feel is a huge problem as well)

    One last thing I do feel TO really should go as well because if I am going to pay 10 million a year he better catch a ball and never take one play off. Reality he has not caught the ball as well as TG who makes less and yesterday he took many plays off. There is no excuse especially since all his cries in the past were for money and now he has it and he is still not getting the job done consistently? Becasue he feels betrayed because of a "leak" give me break!
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    The patch is to be more creative. When they blitz other teams know and ususally comes exactly the same way most of the time. Teams know most of the wrs routes are going to be to the side line. The boys don't use the RBs in the passing game. Simply put they run a vanilla off and def.
  18. eduncan22

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    Teams are now throwing at Henry.

    He cant cover and he's slow.
  19. dguinta1

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    Unfortunately, the Boys and many of us bought into the "cheese" bout this team and as the season ends dispair grows. As many say, you can' just flick the switch when the playoffs start. They made the playoffs and turned this team around but I think the Boys ran out of gas. Unfortunately better luck next year.

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