Three moves I would make during the Bye...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Avenging Hayseed, Sep 28, 2012.

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    Peters who is a dominating LT was only worth a late first rounder. Don't think the guy from NO is worth anything more than a 3rd rounder.
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    Good thoughts. No one has touched on the reason which would give me pause......Trading a 1st rd pk for a soon to be FA is serious shift in your salarly cap obligations going forward.

    This would almost certainly be a sign and trade type deal and Bushrod would get 20-30mil more over the next 5 yrs than the RT we could draft.

    Is the benefit of having him for the rest of 2012 worth that, everything else being equal? I don't think so even though I do see us as a contender who should consider any seriously benficial move that mortgages the future a little.

    Maybe a 2nd, 5th and Parnell gets it done. Considering the cap dollars Bushrod will command, it seems like a closer value match than a 1st.
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    Lol stop crying because people don't like your idea.

    And um...if you don't take anybody's opinion very seriously, why even stay on this board?

    Trading a first round pick for a soon-to-be UFA is just plain dumb.
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    Yeah, we did just that with Roy E. Williams. Not only did we trade multiple picks for the guy, but we signed him to a $45 million dollar extension. LET'S DO THE EXACT SAME THING WITH AN AVERAGE OFFENSIVE LINEMAN.

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    Excuse all of us for not wanting to trade our first round pick this year for an average offensive lineman.

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