Three reasons the Cowboys lost that haven't had as much press

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by perrykemp, Oct 28, 2013.

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    I know a loss is like the one yesterday is an accumulation of mistakes and bad plays, however, these three bothered me A LOT:
    • Tyron Smith's holding call was an absolutely bone-heading play that didn't need to happen -- these guys have to keep their wits and understand the situation
    • Scandrick getting burned by a journeyman WR like Durham in the last minute for the most critical play of that drive
    • The defensive line just standing around on the 1 yard line when Stafford lunged for the winning TD. He is quote from PFT on the play "But in the split-second before Lions center Dominic Raiola snapped him the ball, Stafford noticed that the Cowboys’ defensive linemen weren’t getting down into their stances. That made Stafford think if he just lunged forward, he could stick the ball over the goal line before the Cowboys realized it had happened."
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    Oh well it happen ... What now ???

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Let's add it to long list of crap that's wrong with this team,
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  4. CATCH17

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    Tyron Smiths call was why we lost that game pretty much and I can't see us ever getting a favor like that from the officials.

    Those kinds of holds happen all the time. I don't know how many times i've seen Demarcus Ware get tackled to the ground and it wasn't called.

    The only reason the ref called it was because of the situation. Otherwise it would've been a no call. Especially from a side judge.

    2. The Cowboys never have any urgency. IT doesn't surprise me about the D Line. Dez actually shows urgency and half the fans call him a baby.

    This team needs more babies then because im sick of the robot bull crap. I see Tom Brady flipping out basically every week and it's "good leadership". This is why we play to the level of our opponents instead of just kicking their ***.
  5. Future

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    There never should have been a flag thrown on Tyron in the first place. Was it a hold, probably, but at that time of the game, with the implications of a hold, ref needs to put the flag away.

    Its almost the exact same thing as the call on Barron in the Redskins opener. Tony threw the game winning TD to Roy Williams but they called the hold. You don't call it is such important parts of the game.
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  6. Idgit

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    Anyone have a gif or a link to a shot of that actual penalty? I was so incredulous at the time, and Fox's coverage of the game-turning play so bad, that I didn't even see an isolation of it. How legitimate was the hold? Blatant? Obvious? Sufficient? Ticky-tacky?
  7. perrykemp

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    #1 and #2 can happen. #3 - DL standing around not ready for the snap of the single most important play of the game -- that one is harder to explain.
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  8. MagicMan

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    Actually one thing no one has discussed is the last Cowboys play-----desperate hook & lateral which is usually used when you're void of any other option. I believe they were at their 33 yard line with 12 seconds left and TWO timeouts. A 15-20 yard sideline or even slant with Dez, Williams, Harris or anyone with two hands would have been better------call a timeout immediately, and then go for a 60-65 yard field goal with a hot kicker who is booming FGs. I would put my money on that instead of a play you probably have never practiced or used since being HC.
  9. Denim Chicken

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    That Barron play is a bad example. It was one of the most blatant holds imaginable.
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  10. Staubacher

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    No excuse for it. How come me on the couch with no NFL experience knew there was a good chance Stafford would fake a spike. I thought he would fake it and throw to Megatron. how is the defense not doing their simple jos and being ready for the play?? And where is the HC calling a timeout if he sees what may happen like stupid me on the couch did?

    There is zero excuse for this loss
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  11. Staubacher

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    They had only 7 seconds left. Thanks to another bonehead play the squib kick return by scrub LB Bosworth who thought he had to run it out of bounds.

    Another intelligent Garrett kind of guy I guess...
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  12. Wheeltax

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    I'm actually more annoyed about the ridiculous PI call that moved the Lions all the way down the field than about any of those things.
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  13. Dcowboy84

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    one thing i've been wondering about the run where Smith got called for holding...since they never gave a replay and i haven't gone back and watched it...but it seemed like the play was meant to be an inside run and tanner bounced it outside, probably hoping to get the 1st? i just wonder if the line was blocking like it was an inside run and when Tanner bounced it outside Smith's man adjusted to go wide which "exposed" the hold (we all know there is holding on almost every play).

    it doesn't matter in the end but i just have a hard time thinking Smith deliberately held or wasn't aware of the game situation like he's being accused of....b/c he was really playing a great game.
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  14. Dcowboy84

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    i agree...i think we all have a tendency to go with the last play we remember and blame it all on that. in this instance either the long pass down the sideline or the holding penalty...but i really think the PI call was huge b/c they were down 10 at the time and that gave them a ton of free yards. at the very least even if they eventually scored on that drive without the penalty it would have used up more clock time.
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  15. MagicMan

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    yeah, you're right......then I would just rather have them Hail Mary the thing and hope for a PI......anything but what they ran. Seriously, does anyone think we were going to take it to the house on that one? Oh well, back to the drawing board for this team.
  16. Staubacher

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    Yup and that play was EXACTLY like the one where the refs met and picked up the flag against the Lions earlier in the game.
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  17. xwalker

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    I saw that one coming. I don't know how the Cowboys DL were not aware in that situation.
  18. CaptainMorgan

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    Ya this team is just dumb. Perfect example.
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  19. morasp

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    To me that was the difference in the game. It looked the same as the one they picked up the flag on with Terrance Williams.
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  20. BoysFan4ever

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    We play stupid.

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