Thurman's Thieves

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    From Left to Right

    1st Row: Ron Fellows, Dennis Thurman (middle) and Everson Walls

    2nd Row: Ricky Easmon, Victor Scott and Dextor Clinksclae

    3rd Row: Michael Downs and Bill Bates

    - Mike G.
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    Some of their exploits:



    They got their name from Danny White, a guy most of the members just didnt like. After thumping Skins 44-14 in 1985 and picking off Joe Theisman 6 times, Danny White would say after the game, "Man, they are like theives, Thurman's Theives".

    6 of the 8 of these guys (Walls, Thurman, Downs, Fellows, Bates and Clinkscale)are in the top 30 Cowboys All-Time Interceptions list and they all played at the same time :eek: .

    - Mike G.
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    Great links...ya know, alot of us just took all the success of those years for was so "easy" back then...My how things have changed...
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    Don't remind me juke...Man I hate you...errrr.....
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    I'm hoping the Cowboys' D can manage 6 picks for this year. :(
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    Ha! I went on the filed in both 75 and 78. Both years they played the last game at Shea and Jet fans storm the field. Im in the 78 nfl films tape (barely)
    The one player I gave a real good up close pat on the back to was Dexter Clinksdale.

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