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    I'll go on record right now as saying that we will win on Thanksgiving Day.
    I know Denver is a pretty good team, but they have some weaknesses too.
    We can and we will beat them.
    I just want to say, also to stop worrying about Tucker, he will be alright, we need to hope that Pettit's ankle or knee will be ready.

    Tucker will be fine, he has been playing good, so far I do not think he has been at the root of what has been going on with our offense.
    I believe that it is BP, and his style, is the problem with our offense.

    If BP, just let Peyton call the plays the way he likes to call plays, there would be no problems.

    I really believe BP hurts the teams rhythm, he needs to let go and let the OC call the plays the way that he sees fit.
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    Wow, how long has it been since we won 4 in a row???

    After the bye, I predicted we'd go 2-1 over the following three games. So I guess this is our loss game.

    But as all great analysts do, they revise their predictions. I say we go 2-1 over the next 3 games (Denver, NY, KC).

    We can afford to lose against Denver or KC (not both though), but NY is a must win game.
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    You're wrong, sorry to tell you that. The rest of the post I can live with, but Tucker is consistently getting beat. When we're on offense, he's the first person I'm watching when a play starts. He has shown nothing but a lack of ability against the DEs that hes faced. He's done well with help, is what you should have said. He cant push a guy to the inside. He gets beat to the outside everytime!! As far as BP and his style, whens the last time we were ranked this highly in offense? Its been a while, or whens the last time our QB was the highest rated QB in the NFC?? Not since the late 90s at far as your assessment of BP vs Peyton, maybe..........

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