Tickets: Anyone get their invoices yet?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Rogah, Mar 30, 2014.

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    Interesting page here:

    Looks like only about half of the teams have a waiting list so I'm not sure if there is really anything we can take from it. I guess one could say that we are the biggest "name" team among the group of teams that don't have a list (I know the 49ers have a waiting list for Levi's Stadium). But it's also hard to know how much the monstrous seating capacity of Jerry World comes into play.
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    Got an email for my tickets this morning. Pumped for the Draft and Season opener.
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    There is absolutely not a waiting list for tickets at the stadium. In fact, I just got my third free upgrade since the stadium opened.
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    Good link. I wonder how stub hub and other sites affect PSL'S I mean having the same seat every game is great but I'm sure you can find seats to every game without the psl fees and sometimes get a better seat depending how the team is doing and opponents
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    thanks for the list. Its disappointing to see Dallas is only team in division without a waiting list. The eagles, redskins, and giants all have had extended waiting list. We can't blame it on capacity either.

    Washington = 91,000
    Giants = 80,000
    Cowboys = 80,000
    Eagles = 68,000

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