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Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by Crown Royal, Nov 15, 2006.

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    Mods - if this belongs in the Tailgate zone, let me know.

    I generally try to go to 1 Cowboys game per year if I can (even though I live in Dallas). I haven't had money up until this year, so usually I get it from 'connections' or friends who have an extra ticket. I am usually lucky enough that through the course of a season, I can make a game.

    For the last year, however, I have taken a job where I travel 90% or more, so I am not in town when they come. The closest I have been was the Carolina game - I was in town then, but could not make it (work).

    I am in town this weekend and Thanksgiving, but no one I know has tickets, so I have to go the regular way of getting them.

    I have no idea what is best - from the looks of it, I am apparently going to have to spend 500.00 just to stay out of the nose bleeds.

    What is the best way to get tickets? Should I scan Ebay, stubhub and ticket master? Or is it better to just go and try to find a scalper on game day? Do they rape you out there? Can I get decent seats at a decent price on game day?

    Please suggest to me what to do, folks who get their tickets the legit way!

    Thanks -

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    10 MIN before kickoff go around the stadium with your finger in the air......or arrive 4 hrs early and stand outside the players parking lot with your finger up.......players will sell extras
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    OK - Questions:

    1) is this true?

    2) Is this a good deal financially?

    3) Is this legal?
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    I would suggest stubhub. I'm looking at getting some tickets for the Xmas day game and decent middle section sideline seats are going for $60-80 a pop. That's not cheap but Cowboy tickets never are. If you're wanting to sit in the lower levels expect so shell out $150-200+.

    I've never scalped, but the games I've gone to I've seen more scalpers than you can shake a stick at. Just walk around the stadium holding your fingers up with the number of tickets you need. You'll always get the best deals right before kickoff cause folks just want to get SOME money for their extra ticket. A pitfall to this though is someone ripping you off with fake tickets.
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    Yeah - I'm pretty much realizing that seeing a game this year is probably not in the cards for me. I don't mind shelling out the money for myself, but none of my friends can afford to get a ticket as well.

    C'est la vie.
  6. Verdict

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    Tickets are usually fairly available, but parking passes seem harder to come by.
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    Especially if you're going alone. Take it from a guy who sat at the 40 downstairs for $20.00 when Emmit broke the record against Seattle.

    1. First try the scalpers along the Loop 12 south roadway (only if it is rainy) 2.Then park as best you can and go to the bridge where the Red & Yellow parking people come across the foot bridge. 3.Be prepared to wait til 10 min before KO. 4.Do not try to scalp for 3.

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    No problem at all.
  11. Crown Royal

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    Meh - I browsed. Didn't look like there was much difference in price. It sucks that it just so happens the Boys are kinda perceived as 'hot' right now and this is a big game.

    Since it's the Colts, though, the only chance would be the scalper option.

    And I have to be honest - that scares me - I'd hate to go all the way out there and either not find something, or get screwed into buying fake tickets.

    Oh well - I don't think I'll see a game this year.
  12. DA FAN

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    I met this guy and his son that drives in all the way from AZ. He buys his tickets from scalpers every year. He says he gets good deals.

    You only have a 30 minute drive, take a chance.
  13. alicetooljam

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    I think you best bet is ebay. I got 2 tickets, lower level, section 34, 10 rows above Cowboys tunnel, for $40 a piece. Its rare to find them this cheap, but you can find a decent price if you hold out. I would check the scalpers (there are tons) at the game if I lived in Dallas.
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    New Orleans is not that far from Dallas, so just like the Houston game you're taking a chance of ticket availability the day of the game. I would recommend stubhub or Ebay. You want to relax on gameday, not have to spend a stressed out few hours trying to buy tickets. Just my 2 cents.
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    Who told you that? Sorry, but I'm pretty sure that's an NFL violation.

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