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    I've noticed several threads the last couple months where people have mentioned places they habe bought their tickets online. Either at some site that jacks the prices way up, or on ebay. I even purchased some tickets on ebay this year after reading some. Also with the ROH induction going on in the Redskins game, I noticed an immediate jump in the prices on ebay for that game. The jump was big enough that it was far cheaper to just buy a two-game package from the Cowboys. So I got 2 tickets to the Redskins game, and 2 to the Lions game for $201 total. There was a pair of similar tickets I was watching on Ebay to the Redskins game that went for $335 yesterday. Now I've paid a lot less, and I can get a lot of it back by selling those Lions tickets on ebay. Just thought I'd throw this idea out to those of you looking to get your tickets now but can't afford the higher prices you'd have to pay at most places.

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