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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by sago1, Sep 11, 2007.

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    Came across the following analysis on the Dolphins play against the Redskins. Admit I didn't know much about the team except that they signed former KC QB Trent Green as their starter, that his WRs dropped several passes, that they have a good defense but lost to the Skins 16-13 in overtime. Sounds like the Dolphins have a good passing attack but running game has its problems. If Cowboys can't tighten up their defense, particularly their pass coverage and put more pressure on Dolphins QB, it could be a messy game next Sunday.

    Dolphins' pass offense farther along than running game
    By PFW staff
    Sept. 10, 2007

    The Dolphins’ offense had almost a 2-1 pass-to-run ratio in a 16-13 overtime loss to the Redskins on Sunday. QB Trent Green completed 24-of-38 passes for 219 yards, with one touchdown and no interceptions. WR Chris Chambers was Green's primary target, hauling in six passes for 92 yards, but Green also utilized his backs often in the passing game. Meanwhile, Miami's ground game mustered a paltry 66 yards on 20 carries. Starting RB Ronnie Brown gained only 32 yards on 11 carries, with a long gain of 12.
    The PFW spin
    New head coach Cam Cameron was brought in to resuscitate a flat Miami offense, and as he did as offensive coordinator in San Diego, he was expected to showcase a balanced offense. So, the fact that Miami went to the air so frequently was quite surprising. After seeing what Cameron did with RB LaDainian Tomlinson in San Diego, RB Ronnie Brown was justifiably excited about Cameron’s arrival, but 2005’s No. 2 overall draft pick has to be frustrated about the current state of affairs. Brown averaged just 2.9 yards on his 11 carries and failed to find the endzone.
    The primary reason for the Dolphins’ lack of a ground game remains a meek O-line, but their incompetence against the Redskins is particularly troubling. The Redskins allowed 137.3 rushing yards per game in 2006 — 27th in the league — and coupled with a strong secondary, most teams will try to lean more heavily on the run against them.
    To compensate for the lack of a ground game, Cameron got Brown and fellow RB Jesse Chatman heavily involved in the passing attack. They each caught six passes for a combined 88 yards.
    The good news is that when looking at their AFC East brethren, only New England offers a stiff run defense. The undersized front sevens of the Bills and Jets means that with continued maturation, the Dolphins' O-line can still find success through the course of the season.
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    zzzzzzzzzzz. If we focus and wrap up better, this game shouldnt be close. Just like the Giant game wouldnt have been if we tackled better. I dont know why yall keep gettin worried over these inferior teams. I dread to see this board when we play the bears.lol
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    We have a history of overlooking the so-called inferior team (Miami) & looking ahead to the next, better team (Chicago). Our defense hasn't proven it's that good yet & our offense shouldn't take anything for granted.

    All we can hope for is that your attitude that the Dolphins are an inferior team isn't pervasive on the Cowboys team.
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    I agree that the defense needs to play smarter and tackle better. As for the Dolphins I don't take them lightly at all and the Cowboys better not be taking them lightly. You expect a team to be pumped up aginst top teams but it is the underdog that ends up biting you if you are not careful. I have seen it way too many times.
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    no how bout patriots
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    I don't care how bad the Dolphins may be. If Dallas doesn't bring their "A" game for the Dolphins home opener then they will be leaving Miami with a L.
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    After our defensive debacle last week I don't see Dallas overlooking anyone. Would be a much more dangerous game had we came out destroyed the Giants on both sides of the ball.
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    i expect a complete 180 from our front 7. The Giants oline is a pretty good unit. Miami has Carney and a bunch of scrubs.

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